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Make a Wish 喵,请许愿 Episode 10 Recap

Lin Mo and Chi Yan were vying to hold Xiao Xiu upstairs. Chi Yan took Xiao Xiu back home. Lin Mo looked at him with bad intentions. Chi Yan couldn’t write a manuscript. Sitting next to Xiaoxiu watching TV with her. Xiaoxiu was watching the story of the mermaid princess. She wanted to know exactly what love is and what love is, and asked Chi Yanxi if he likes him. Chi Yan froze for a moment, how could he like taking a short break. Chi Yan told me not to ask such questions after a short break, and then rushed back to the room to lie on the bed in a daze.

Chi Yan took a break to review, and he recovered very well. Chi Yan is very supportive of Dr. Luo, after all, he has helped him a lot before. Chi Yan pushed Xiaoxiu home. Xiaoxiu discovered that a skater boy had surpassed them and asked Chi Yan to speed up to pass him. Although Chi Yan disliked being naive, he still did. The two met Uncle Fu by accident. Uncle Fu knew Chi Yan’s grandfather. It turned out that his grandfather gave him a cookbook when he first arrived in the human world.

Uncle Fu gave a few fishes he had just caught for a break. Xiaoxiu was very interested and wanted to go fishing with him, and Chi Yan went with him. In the sea, Xiaoxiu competed with Chi Yan for fishing, and Chi Yan hooked one by one. Xiaoxiu was envious and jealous, and only got up with excitement. It turned out that her legs were already healed. Chi Yan also knew early on that Xiao Xiu’s leg was healed, but he didn’t expose it. After all, she saved himself.

Lin Mo’s revenge failed, and there are also medicines that are prohibited from circulation in Maoxing. Lin Mo asked him to find enough, and money was not a problem. Zhang Yi wanted to hold an autograph meeting and decided to do it in Chi Yan’s bookstore. Chi Yan received the rejected manuscript. This is the most difficult manuscript he wrote. The publisher also said that he was slow, but Chi Yan thought it would take time to write good things. The landlord called to urge Chi Yan to pay the rent.

At this time, someone came to talk about the signing of the sales meeting here, but did not reveal who the contracted writer was. Because of the embarrassment on hand, Chi Yan agreed. In order to sign the sales meeting, Xiaoxiu cleaned the bookstore inside and out, and told Lin Mo that if Chi Yan could hold the signing meeting anytime, Lin Mo didn’t expect that Chi Yan would also write a book. Lin Mo heard that they did not provide beverage service, so he submitted a plan to Xiaoyu, the owner of the beer house, and Xiaoyu was very interested in it.

Zhang Yi came to the bookstore early in the morning to hold the signing event. Chi Yan and Xiaoxiu were dumbfounded. They had no choice but to agree to them and could not regret it. Chi Yan calmly told Xiaoxiu that the gentleman would take revenge, and it would not be too late for ten years. During the interview, a reporter asked Zhang Yi if he had any thoughts about the decline in the quality of his novels online, and also asked him how the novel was conceived.

Zhang Yi hesitated to answer. Chi Yan couldn’t stand it and appeared to answer this for Zhang Yi. The problem, after all, “Dark Lane Thug” was written by himself. What Chi Yan did made Zhang Yi a little flustered, but Xiao Xiu was very happy, boasting that Chi Yan did a great job.

Lin Mo came to take charge of the wine service, but secretly changed the wine for Chi Yan. Fortunately, Chi Yan was a little annoyed and didn’t drink this glass of wine, but ran to the rooftop to watch the scenery. Zhang Yi asked Xiao Xiu where Chi Yan was, but his tone was not good, so Chi Yan quickly appeared to protect him. Zhang Yi was upset by what Chi Yan said just now, and warned him that all the fans of today were watching him, but Chi Yan didn’t care. He never regarded Zhang Yi as an opponent. Chi Yan took a break and left.

Zhang Yi was so angry that he drank the wine he put on the table, and finally fainted on the spot. Zhang Yi was sent to the hospital immediately. Qin Mingming and Xu Zihao came to see the situation. Xiaoxiu asked Xu Zihao to stay to see the store and went to the hospital with Qin Mingming.

Chi Mu came to the hospital and ignored Chi Yan, and immediately ran to ask Zhang Yi what was going on. She was so angry when she learned that Zhang Yi had drunk Chi Yan’s wine. She pointed to Chi Yan’s nose and cursed for a long time, and took a break for Chi. Yan first said that he didn’t know that the person who came was Zhang Yi.

Chi Yan was already numb. Facing Chi Mu’s suspicion and accusation, he said frustratedly that it was the wine he fed Zhang Yi to drink. As Mother Chi was crazy, he called Chi Yan a bastard, and Qin Mingming hurriedly stepped forward to stand in front of them. Knowing that Zhang Yi’s problem was not serious, Chi Mu chased him to the ward. Doctor Luo explained that Chi Yan, don’t take this matter too seriously. Whether it is before or now, he believes in Chi Yan’s character and believes that everyone will pay him justice.

In the hospital just now, Qin Mingming remembered about high school. At that time, Chi Yan was misunderstood to abuse cats, but she did not stand up to help him. Qin Mingming blamed himself and felt that he should apologize, but Chi Yan told him that he met high school classmates on the day of teacher Yu’s funeral. They chatted with him as if nothing had happened. Since those people have selectively forgotten, Qin Mingming Why do you have to embarrass yourself.

Chi Yan understood that he was a stranger to everyone at the beginning, so he was squeezed out. Xiao Xiu and Xu Zihao secretly listened to them. Qin Mingming said that she believed in Chi Yan’s character before and now, and Chi Yan also hoped that she could help herself find out the truth. After a break, Xu Zihao quickly stood up and said that they would also help.

Mother Chi came suddenly, Chi Yan asked Xiao Xiu to go upstairs first, Xiao Xiu went up with worry.

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