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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 26 Recap

Now that Zhu Tiande is dead and the password has been robbed, Ali suddenly doesn’t know what to do. Ma Tianming told Ali to be calm, the more calm he is at this time, he believes there must be a way. Ma Tianming feels that the most urgent task now is to retrieve the password and use Tao Chengkai’s power when necessary. Ali suspected that it was a member of the Green Gang who had snatched the password, which Ma Tianming didn’t think.

Bai Zhuli went to treat Zhu Tiande, not wanting Ma Tianming to stop her from the door, saying that from now on, no one but herself could enter this ward, and Zhu Tiande was responsible for all treatment and care. Bai Julie solemnly told Ma Tianming that he was a fake doctor and could not make fun of the patient’s life or death at any time.

Ma Tianming said blankly that he knew that he was the attending doctor appointed by Tao Chengkai himself, and no one could question his decision and treatment. Tao Chengkai went to Dean Su and once again suggested that no one can go to Zhu Tiande’s ward. Dean Su reminded him to remember his original promise.

Tao Chengkai said that he would transfer Zhu Tiande away at an appropriate time, but now he still feels that it is better to let Zhu Tiande closed treatment. Dean Su was worried that Zhu Tiande’s situation had to be checked in person, and Tao Chengkai stopped again. At this time, Bai Julie ran angrily to complain to Dean Su, Tao Chengkai expressed support for Ma Tianming’s opinion and believed that Zhu Tiande should receive treatment in a quiet environment.

After Tao Chengkai left, Dean Su told Bai Julie to respect Tao Chengkai’s opinions and learn to trust Ma Tianming, because he and Hengshan Hospital were already integrated. During the meeting, Dean Su again emphasized to everyone that they could not enter Zhu Tiande’s ward, which made Bai Julie dissatisfied. Xiaolin saw Bai Julie come out and hurried to catch up, and asked her if it was because of Zhu Tiande. Bai Julie naturally wouldn’t admit it. Oda went to the pharmacy to get the medicine. Xiaolin asked her about Zhu Tiande’s medication. Oda said that Ma Tianming asked her to get more every time.

Cai Likun’s condition seems to have improved a bit, and his flu symptoms have gradually eased. This is not the same as the second lieutenant’s previous onset time. Cai Likun believes that penicillin and other drugs in the second lieutenant’s body have worked. Just when Ma Tianming felt that success was in sight, Cai Likun had symptoms such as fever and pain again at night. Experts concluded that his previous treatment only delayed the first course of the disease, and he was still not out of danger.

Nakamura went to the Japanese consulate. He asked to give the password to the consul general in person, but was told that the consul general had gone back to report on his duties, and he might not come back later. They also had evidence that Ding Siye used opium for profiteering. Si Ye was originally recommended by Nakamura.

Nakamura originally agreed to Kobayashi, saying that he has the right to deal with the money, but now he has to reluctantly hand over the password. Xiaosi made a new smoke soil, which tastes exactly the same as before, but the profit can be increased by three times. Ding Siye was still worried, Xiao Si said that this method was learned from his father when he was practicing medicine, and Ding Siye was relieved and asked him what reward he wanted.

Bai Julie wandered outside Zhu Tiande’s ward, and Ma Tianming stopped her. Bai Julie was worried that Ma Tianming didn’t understand treatment at all, and wanted to go in and help him, but Ma Tianming refused. Bai Julie said Zhu Tiande needed to draw blood, Ma Tianming left her outside, cut her hand and took the blood to her. Bai Julie asked Cai Likun why he didn’t come back. Ma Tianming lied that Cai Likun needed to stay at the patient’s house for a few more days, but Bai Julie directly exposed his lie. Cai Likun was a driver to the outside world. How could a doctor return and the driver stayed there.

Ma Tianming deliberately asked her if she liked Cai Likun, so angry Bai Julie turned around and left. When Xiao Lin heard the conversation between the two, he said that the only way for the rumor to be self-defeating was to let people see with their own eyes. He was willing to be the witness. Ma Tianming said that he didn’t care what others said. After returning to the ward, Ma Tianming squatted down on the ground, beckoning Ali not to speak. Xiaolin eavesdropped outside the door for a while, but found nothing but left.

Cai Likun was still busy in the isolation ward, Tao Chengkai called and said that he should be a doctor. Cai Likun still refused to admit it, saying that his memory had not recovered. Tao Chengkai really wanted to know what kind of faith and power it was that allowed him to walk into the ward without hesitation and stay in it. This is not what an ordinary citizen would do. Cai Likun said that this is what ordinary citizens should do, as long as they still love their country.

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