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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 31 Recap

Stuart expressed support for Li Zongren. Even if Chiang Kai-shek refused to give up his position, they still had a way to get him to step down. After meeting with Stuart, Li Zongren couldn’t wait to call Chongxi to inform him that the United States had made a clear statement and told him that he must be optimistic about the troops in Wuhan. At the same time, Chiang Kai-shek also learned that Li Zongren had met Situ Leideng, Song Ziwen, He Yingqin and others. Knowing that he wanted to oust himself, he told Mao Renfeng to find someone to watch Li Zongren. Ye Zixiang was a literati. He couldn’t see Li Zongren, so Jiang Jieshi asked Mao Renfeng to look at him instead.

The Kuomintang army wanted to save Huang Baitao, and Mao Zedong instructed him to stop it with all his strength. He must not be allowed to save Huang Baitao. On the periphery of Nianzhuang, Su Yu and Tan Zhenlin said that he led the order to stop Qiu Yu’s regiment and let Tan Zhenlin continue to attack on the periphery of Nianzhuang. That night, the People’s Liberation Army dug the trenches under the walls of Nianzhuang, and the guns launched an offensive against Nianzhuang. They quickly attacked and took down the outskirts of Nianzhuang. At the same time, Du Yuming ordered the Communist base to be covered with artillery fire, and then tried to break through them to help Huang Baitao. In order to prevent Qiu Qingquan and Li Mi’s army from advancing eastward to aid Huang Baitao, Su Yu ordered Song Shilun and Liu Peishan to command Huaye’s 7th, 10th, and 11th to block.

The three columns were blocked by flesh and blood. One side desperately moved forward, and the other side desperately blocked. They attacked for three full days and advanced less than ten kilometers. Both sides paid huge casualties. Under the stalemate of the war, Su Yu planned to send an extraordinary force to Pantang Town, threatening Xuzhou Airport and distracting Qiu Yu’s main force. Du Yuming here also thought of hitting Su Yu from the rear by surprise, and Liu Zhi agreed with his plan. With the entire Xudong battlefield at a stalemate, Su Yu and Du Yuming unanimously adopted the tactics of attacking the enemy’s flanks and roundabout, trying to reverse the situation through surprise attacks.

As a result, on the fierce battlefield, a spectacle appeared. At both ends of the east-west highway, two hostile armies were rushing forward at the same time, both marching in concealment, and the destination was Pantang Town. Wei Guoqing discovered that the enemy had a unit in Pantang Town, which seemed to be the main force. He didn’t dare to act recklessly, but called Su Yu to report. In Pantang Town, Qiu Qingquan learned that the 74th Army had already fought with the Communists, so he hurriedly called Liu Zhi and asked them to send troops to support him. Du Yuming didn’t understand why the communist army appeared in Pantang Town. He had been thinking about Su Yu’s purpose of sending troops to Pantang Town.

On the other hand, the five secretaries studied the war situation map. The Huang Baitao Corps had not yet taken the battle, and Su Yu had to divide his troops to deal with Qiu Qingquan and Li Mi. This was the result of one enemy and three, and Su Yu was under great pressure. On the other side, the plane kept bombing the Communist positions. Battalion Commander Lu Rui took a soldier to hide. He said that it’s best to wait for the enemy’s bombing to end, otherwise it would be a blown-out end. . When the bomber is gone, they wait until the enemy touches and then fight, and they can be caught off guard. The soldier was a little scared, but after listening to Lu Rui’s words, his nervousness slowly disappeared.

After the bomber left, they saw the outpost where the enemy commanded the bomber. Lu Rui took a squad and slowly touched it and took the outpost away. The bomber lost his “eye” and many bombers directly bombed the outpost. They are on their own. Later, the enemy found them and attacked them. Lu Rui was shot and the soldier’s leg was injured.

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