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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 13 Recap

Bao Xue and the others were eating together, Dai Xiaoyu suddenly remembered that Chai Yong was going to have a banquet tomorrow, and the fish that he brought to the restaurant should be handled properly, so he turned around and contacted Feng Xi. Liu Liang Zhou felt that Chai Yong had always been selfish towards Dai Xiaoyu, but Bao Xue firmly believed that Dai Xiaoyu would never follow Chai Yong. Liu Liangzhou was relieved.

It was late at night when Du Shijun returned home. Si Meng worked hard to rub his clothes. Du Shijun was drunk and sleepy. He took off his clothes and fell on the bed. Si Meng found that Du Shijun had a lipstick mark on his collar, and became suspicious. He again questioned Du Shijun about the participants in the dinner tonight. Du Shijun was honest and did not think of Wei Lan at all. Si Meng thought Du Shijun was still concealing and wrinkling. Frown and leave.

Bao Xue asked why Dai Xiaoyu refused Liu Liangzhou’s invitation. Dai Xiaoyu believed that Liu Liangzhou could not give her long-term stability. There was a difference in the three views between the two. Bao Xue insisted on persuading Dai Xiaoyu to look around now, and the attitude was very eager, but Dai Xiaoyu still insisted, Bao Xue could only jump in anxious manner.

Feng Xi also insisted on waiting for the fresh fish express in the restaurant. Zhao Henan confessed that Feng Xi must be in charge of the new refrigerator at the right time, plug in the electricity after an hour, and move everything to the fresh-keeping cabinet. Otherwise, it will not be open at all the next day. Li Xiang called and suddenly mentioned the breakup.

Li Xiang, who was in a foreign country, learned to take care of himself, only to realize that he didn’t love Feng Xi at all, but simply depended on him. When her life was filled with studies and trivial matters, she thought again that Feng Xi had become a burden. Feng Xi put the fish in the freezer and slumped on the sofa, listening to Li Xiang’s intermittent words on the side of the phone and after the disconnection. The voice, crying and fell asleep on the sofa.

When Zhao Henan rushed back to the store early the next morning, he found Feng Xi asleep on the sofa with a pile of tissues and opened wine glasses. When he returned to the kitchen for inspection, the very expensive fresh fish was already After becoming a corpse in the freezer, Zhao Henan scolded Feng Xi fiercely.

You Shanshan and Dai Xiaoyu came after hearing the sound. It was originally Dai Xiaoyu who slapped her chest, but now it is messed up by Feng Xi, and Dai Xiaoyu is even more angry. Not lightly, pointed at Feng Xi’s head and cursed. The two then went to Chai Yong to plead guilty. The Malay fish prepared for the distinguished guests finally got over.

Now things are about to be messed up, Chai Yong threatened the two of them to find a way, otherwise they would quit their cards and resign. Malay fish can’t be bought in Beijing. You Shanshan can only buy a bunch of high-end ingredients to replace it. At a critical time, Zhao Henan showed off his housekeeping skills and performed a hydrangea tofu in front of the distinguished guests. The guests were amazed and the atmosphere on the table relaxed. Several people finally breathed a sigh of relief.

When the meal was over, only Feng Xi and Zhao Henan were left in the restaurant. Zhao Henan found Feng Xi alone in the kitchen washing the dishes, his heart softened, and offered to send Feng Xi home. Thinking of today’s rescue skills, it turned out to be a trick taught to Zhao Henan by his father, a chef. Zhao Henan apologized for losing his temper today, but also advised Feng Xi to pay attention to his work and not to be influenced by other things.

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