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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 34 Recap

The glasses followed Li Yimeng to the nursing room. Li Yimeng was worrying about how to throw off the glasses. At this time, Ou Kexin also came to the hospital. She deliberately pulled the glasses to chat, and Mu Qing, who was dressed as a doctor, also took the opportunity to help Li Yimeng to cover The child who took Xiaoyue away, but there were too many men under the glasses, and Mu Qing was scratched while fighting with them. Mu Qing was seen by the glasses while escaping, and the glasses doubted Mu Qing’s identity. Li Yimeng and the others successfully rescued Xiaoyue’s mother and son. Ou Kexin also took away the injured Mu Qing.

The glasses sent a large number of hands to Li Ruosheng’s home to arrest Mu Qing. On the other side, Ou Kexin was bandaging Mu Qing’s wounds. She told Mu Qing not to touch water in the near future to prevent infection. At this time, Li Ruosheng asked Mu Qing to meet at the Hot Spring Club. Ou Kexin guessed that this must be related to what happened today. Mu Qing told Ou Kexin that if someone asked about his whereabouts, he would say that he accompanied Kexin to the hospital to see the gynecology department today. Mu Qing is going to the hot spring club for an appointment. He feels that he will be more suspicious if he doesn’t go.

Onion saw Xiaoyue’s mother and son at the police station. Onion blamed himself and said that what he promised Xiaoyue had not been realized, but Xiaoyue said that no matter how long Onion was detained, he would always wait for him to come out. After hearing this, Onion was very moved, and Xiaoyue persuaded Onion to confess everything to the police.

Mu Qing came to the Hot Spring Club to look for Li Ruosheng. Li Ruosheng learned that Mu Qing had gone to the hospital today. He asked Mu Qing to explain what was going on. Mu Qing said that he had accompanied Ou Kexin to the hospital for a routine gynecological examination, and happened to encounter glasses while doing errands. But first the glasses lost the onion, and then the Xiaoyue mother and son were lost. He couldn’t explain to Mr. Ou, so he wanted to plant and frame Mu Qing.

Li Ruosheng thinks that the glasses should not be so blatant, but Mu Qing said that the glasses just want to leave a scar on his body as evidence that he is an inner ghost. Li Ruosheng said that now there are people with glasses outside, as long as he finds that Mu Qing is injured, he will kill Mu Qing. Mr. Ou called to inform the glasses that if Mu Qing is really a ghost, then don’t have any scruples and get rid of Mu Qing directly.

On the other side, Ou Kexin was connecting with Glory. She said that Mu Qing had been asked to go to the hot spring club, and it was very likely that she would be exposed. Glory said that Mu Qing’s task of separating the K organization has been completed, and now that something happens, he should retreat to the network. But Ou Kexin pleaded with Glory to rescue Mu Qing first.

Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing exchanged clothes and left the hall. Although Li Ruosheng succeeded in taking away some of the subordinates of the glasses, several people still went to track Mu Qing. Mu Qing and them fought fiercely, but they were outnumbered, and Mu Qing’s abdomen was severely affected. He stabbed fiercely, but he tried desperately to subdue the gangster, and then ran away injured. The police also rushed to the hot spring club, but they did not find Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng. Glory sent people to seize the time to find Mu Qing, but the search was still unsuccessful.

Li Ruosheng went to Mr. Ou’s house to explain the situation. He said that the glasses framed Mu Qing in order to escape responsibility, and then he called the police to arrest himself. Mr. Ou said that Li Ruosheng thinks too much and he knows the personality of glasses very well.

Glory was still looking for Mu Qing anxiously. Liu Ju said that he contacted various hospitals but he did not find Mu Qing. Mu Qing knew that it was Glory to rescue him, but he escaped and did not contact the police station. This shows that Mu Qing deliberately did not want Honor to save him. Glory told Ou Kexin about the current situation, and he asked Kexin to go to Mr. Ou’s house to inquire about the situation.

The glasses came to Mr. Ou’s house to report on what happened tonight. The glasses said that the police only caught a few novices tonight, which is harmless to collective interests. Spectacles thinks it is a play performed by Mu Qing in collusion with the police, and he believes that all of this is a divorce between Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng. Afterwards, Mr. Ou called out Li Ruosheng to confront Mu Qing. Li Ruosheng and the glasses were unable to talk about who is the inner ghost. Li Ruosheng said that the surface of the glasses is a group, but now Dakun, Tieguanyin and Onion Head are all down.

Now, he still wants to harm himself and Mu Qing, and then further replace Mr. Ou and become the boss of the K group. After hearing the glasses, he furiously took a gun and wanted to kill Li Ruosheng. At this time, Ou Kexin came. She said that Mu Qing called herself and said that the glasses were going to kill him, and that Mu Qing had been asked out by Li Ruosheng. Ou Kexin said that Mu Qing was not an undercover agent. He accompanied himself to the hospital for a physical examination, and only then met glasses working on business.

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