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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 33 Recap

Mr. Ou questioned whether Onion Tou wanted to retreat. Onion said that as long as the glasses can return his wife and children, he is willing to continue to serve Mr. Ou. After the onion was gone, Mr. Ou slapped his glasses and blamed him for not doing things well. After that, the glasses cast the anger on his subordinate Shao Nan, and he instructed Shao Nan to find Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng as soon as possible.

Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng locked the door before leaving Ou Kexin’s studio. Mu Qing connects with Glory. He asks Glory to persuade Xiaoyue to work for the police. Before leaving, Glory asks Mu Qing to take care of Skylark. Mu Qing said that Skylark is smarter than himself, and his level is higher than himself, so there will be no accidents.

Xiaoyue was about to leave when she suddenly found that the door of the studio was locked. At this time, Li Ruosheng just rushed back, Xiaoyue took the opportunity to knock Li Ruosheng unconscious and fled. Li Ruosheng was dizzy and sent a text message to Mu Qing to report the situation. Mu Qing told Kexin that Xiaoyue had been lost, and he decided to go out to find Xiaoyue by himself. At this time, Onion Tou called to meet Mu Qing.

After Xiaoyue left the studio, she borrowed a passerby’s phone to call Onion Tou, but Onion was rushing to the outskirts to meet with Mu Qing. The phone was not in the service area. In desperation, Xiaoyue went to a restaurant, but was discovered by the younger brother of glasses. After knowing that his subordinates had found Xiaoyue, the glasses hurried over. Ou Kexin took the opportunity to glue her mobile phone on the spectacle car, and then she borrowed Mr. Ou’s mobile phone to call Honor, and hinted that Honor could find Xiaoyue by tracking her mobile phone.

Glasses ordered his men to send Xiaoyue aboard immediately. At the same time, Ou Kexin’s cell phone on the spectacles car was dropped, and the police lost track of the spectacles. However, Zheng Ke traced the glasses to Yungang Wharf, and Glory guessed that the glasses wanted to take Xiaoyue away. He sent Li Yimeng and the others to rescue Xiaoyue as soon as possible. Glory made Mu Qing prepare to arrest Onion in advance.

Subsequently, Mu Qing called to meet onion. Onion handed the source information to Mu Qing. At this time, the police arrived and they arrested Onion. On the other side, Li Yimeng and the others are preparing to rescue Xiaoyue at Yungang Wharf. At this time, the glasses had already boarded the ship with Xiaoyue, and were about to leave.

Bao Yunhai went to inspect the ship, but the glasses recognized Bao Yunhai as a member of Team 84, so he shot and wounded Bao Yunhai, then sailed away. On the sea, the glasses were at large while sailing, and the police chased them in the rear. Soon, the ship with the glasses was stopped, but the ship did not have glasses and Satsuki. It turned out that the glasses and the police played a golden cicada, but they did not board the ship. However, Xiaoyue was about to give birth. Xiaoyue threatened the glasses that if she and the child were not kept, she would tell about the accident involving Ou Kexin three years ago.

As soon as he heard the glasses, he got anxious. He almost shot Xiaoyue to death, but Xiaoyue was still valuable to him. He didn’t do it, but sent Xiaoyue to the hospital. The glasses told Mr. Ou that Oniontou frequently exchanged money recently, and he thought Oniontou had already joined hands with the police, otherwise, the police would not be able to find the address of himself and Xiaoyue so quickly. Mr. Ou said that the onion can’t be kept now.

Li Yimeng reported that Xiaoyue was discovered by the police’s Sky Eye system as soon as she entered the hospital, and Xiaoyue has now given birth safely. Glory immediately sent someone to protect Xiaoyue mother and son. In the hospital, the glasses are telling the doctor that Xiaoyue’s mother and her son will be transferred to the hospital, and Li Yimeng dressed up as a nurse and Xiaoyue said that he was a policeman and came to protect Xiaoyue.

Xiaoyue immediately pretended to be unconscious and cooperate with the police, pretending to be a doctor. The officer’s police pretended to take Xi Xiaoyue to rescue, but Xiaoyue had been sent to the basement to join Glory. On the other side, Li Yimeng came to take Xiaoyue’s child to breastfeed, and he should follow Li Yimeng with his discreet glasses.

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