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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 3 Recap

Father Lin and Mother Lu and Mother Lu were busy earning money when they were young. They were rarely at home every day, so Lin Yang always took care of the young Lu Zhengan. However, the little boy Lu Zhengan often made trouble for Lin Yang. Mother Lin and Mother Lu always protect each other’s children.

Ma Le arranged for Lu Zhengan to eat with the media, but Lu Zhengan anxiously refused because he could not contact Lin Yang, and told Ma Le that the person in the interview was not his mother, but his wife. Lin Yang returned to the clean house cleaned by Lu Zhengan and drank the medicine obediently. Mother Lin heard that Lin Yang was hospitalized and called angrily, stating that she was going to buy a train ticket to see her tomorrow.

Lin Yang’s mentality was a little broken. She had to take care of Mother Lin’s emotions and solve the messy things. She was really very happy. tired. There was a knock on the door, it was Lu Zhengan who was here, and he said to take care of Lin Yang. Lin Yang coldly called Shenanke and asked him to take Lu Zhengan away. Lu Zhengan thinks that Lin Yang needs someone to take care of him, but Lin Yang is accustomed to a person, and Lu Zhengan will find something for her as soon as he comes back. Lu Zhengan grievedly counted Lin Yang’s status quo.

It’s also good that the house is made like a pig’s nest? Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan had a quarrel. Over the years, she was used to relying on herself for big and small things. It was really unaccustomed to have so much caring suddenly. It is not easy to take care of herself these years, and no one can be the savior of others. . When Xie Nanke came, Lu Zhengan lowered his head, and talked loudly since he was a child when Lin Yang did something wrong, and it hasn’t changed for so many years.

Lu Zhengan took Shenanke to drink, and Shenanke said that it was really difficult for Lin Yang these years, and no one can make irresponsible remarks without participating. Lu Zhengan knew that Lin Yang had a bad life these years, so he came back. He was the person who knew Lin Yang best in the world. In the past, Lin Yang would pull Lu Zhengan for a drink while yelling at the scumbag. Lu Zhengan would always appear when Lin Yang needed it most. Later, when Lu Zhengan became an adult, he accompanied Lin Yang to drink. Lin Yang cried and did not forget to warn him not to become a scumbag.

Lu Zhengan would go to see Lin Yang when he was free, every time he caught up with her broken love, and then cried and said that he never believed in love anymore. Lin Yang kept getting injured, and then devoted himself after healed, always believing in love, Lu Zhengan regretted that the person next to her was never himself. That year, Lin Yang took Lu Zhengan to see her new boyfriend, and Lu Zhengan went to the rental without looking back, watching the figure Lin Yang chasing behind weeping. After coming back this time, Lu Zhengan found that Lin Yang really didn’t want to love anymore.

She must have been seriously injured in the past four years. Lu Zhengan was sensitively aware that the person who hurt Lin Yang might be Shenanke. When asked whether he liked Lin Yang, Shenanke wanted to escape, but he said that it was his brother’s liking for his sister. Lu Zhengan threatened to let everyone know that he loves Lin Yang, not his brother to sister, but the kind of love that men have to women.

Lin Yang apologized to Mother Lin, saying that she was really fine, so she could rest assured that she would take care of herself. Shenanke looked at the photo of himself and Lin Yang in memories. He was the first to tell Lin Yang on the day he was promoted to a partner in the law firm. His dream is to enjoy life and fall in love, while Lin Yang’s dream is to get married. She I don’t have any big dreams, I just hope that someone will be by my side and lead a plain life. Li Tian couldn’t get through Lu Zhengan’s phone. She always thought that Lu Zhengan came to Qingning for her own sake, and the wife he was talking about was also a fake. Unexpectedly, all of this was true.

Lin Yang was the wife he was talking about. My sister is very calm. Li Tian is a latecomer both in love and work, and she is embarrassed to go to the hospital to make trouble. Li Tian begged her sister to expel Lin Yang. She really liked Lu Zhengan. But my sister knew very well that if Lu Zhengan liked her and they would have been together for the past four years, President Hua was also a very picky person, and Lin Yang’s recognition by him means that he is a very good person. My sister advised Li Tian to be an assistant to Lin Yang and look at her shortcomings.

Father Lu called Xie Nanke to ask if Lu Zhengan was in his house. Father Lu and Mother Lu scolded him. Lu Zhengan lightly listened to it and decided to move. As soon as Lin Yang saw Lu Zhengan’s wandering circle of friends, he knocked on the door. Lin Yang subconsciously thought it was Lu Zhengan. Unexpectedly, it was Yao Dan and Cao Ling. The two keenly noticed the disappointed expression on Lin Yang’s face. . Lu Zhengan ran to the company to sleep in the utility room, saying that it was for better creation and for his love.

After Yao Dan and Cao Ling heard about Lu Zhengan, they started to gossip mode. Lin Yang emphasized that it was her younger brother. Lu Zhengan thinks that since Lin Yang regards himself as a younger brother, it is better to follow the trend, and pretend to be in despair, playing the role of the younger brother who cannot be separated from Lin Yang. Lin Yang said that her biggest problem now is not Lu Zhengan, but Li Tian.

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