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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 2 Recap

Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan’s parents are very good friends and neighbors. The four agreed that if they have children in the future, they will be friends if they are of the same sex, and they will be married if they are of the opposite sex, and they will be relatives. Father Lin and Mr. Lin Mother came to Lin Yang and grew up year after year. Father and Mother Lu have not conceived a child for a long time. Finally in the seventh year, Mother Lin became pregnant and gave birth to Lu Zhengan. Lin Yang always thought that Lu’s mother was carrying a younger brother, but he did not expect that he was born. This was the first time they met, and it was not very pleasant. Fortunately, their parents made this agreement.

Lu Zhengan hugged Lin Yang into his arms and comforted her that everything would be okay. Lin Yang screamed pain when he fell. Lin Yang insisted that he was crying because of the pain from the fall. Lu Zhengan didn’t say anything, and she didn’t know how to take care of herself even if she went home and was so boring. Lin Yang lay lazily on the sofa, while Lu Zhengan sat there looking at her affectionately. Lin Yang asked him why a music student wanted to return to such a deserted stage as Qingning, thinking that he was in love. Lu Zhengan just stared at her, saying that she was fat, and unexpectedly pressed Lin Yang under him. Lin Yang kicked Lu Zhengan with anger, and warned him to change the name of his wife. Although they were nothing, it was too inappropriate to be heard by others.

Xie Nanke called, and Lu Zhengan answered the phone for Lin Yang and said that he would not go back tonight. Lu Zhengan hoped that Lin Yang would care so much when he sent messages to him, and don’t always ignore it, making him like talking to himself. Lu Zhengan was staying at Lin Yang’s house, and Lin Yang barely tolerated him for one night. Lu Zhengan was lying on the sofa and tossing in excitement, Shenanke sent a message to Lin Yang a little worried, and Lin Yang stared through the screen on the other side of the phone.

Li Tian got up early in the morning and asked her sister if she knew Lin Yang, the former assistant of her brother-in-law, but her sister thought that Lin Yang and her brother-in-law Hua always had something indescribable, so she drove Li Tian and President Hua out for breakfast. Li Tian inquired about Lin Yang’s boyfriend in the company. Everyone thought that Lin Yang had a strong work ability and was very hardworking, but he was also very gossip about the relationship between Lin Yang and Mr. Hua. Li Tian quietly went to Lin Yang’s desk and found a photo of her and Lu Zhengan’s family. Lin Yang received a call from the hospital early in the morning saying that her examination results had come out and asked her to go back to the hospital. Lu Zhengan had already prepared breakfast and went to work.

When Lu Zhengan was putting on makeup, he received a call from Lin Yang. Lin Yang’s hysterical voice came from the other end. Lu Zhengan made her home like a model room. She couldn’t find anything. Fortunately, Lu Zhengan’s cooking was delicious. . When Lu Zhengan was interviewed, he answered every question very straightforwardly and said that it was for a person to return to Qingning, but Ma Le believed that this person was his mother. Li Tian was discovered by her sister while driving Hua Zong’s car. Li Tian thought she wanted to watch Mr. Hua and said that as long as she was there, she would not let the old woman Lin Yang succeed.

The doctor said that Lin Yang had some serious chronic diseases, but Lin Yang disagreed, that’s it? The doctor told Lin Yang a lot of words, because her daughter was as old as Lin Yang and passed away last year after two or three years of illness. Lin Yang quickly obediently promised to pay attention to her body. Li Tian came to see Lin Yang as Mr. Hua’s new assistant and Lu Zhengan’s girlfriend. Unexpectedly, Mr. Hua arranged for Li Tian to be Lin Yang’s assistant. Li Tian didn’t know what the relationship between Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan was. He arrogantly warned her not to pester Lu Zhengan. He also satirized her that she was too old to be worthy of him, and told her not to return to Ruiye. . Lin Yang tried hard to control her temper, and she could see that Li Tian was not Lu Zhengan’s girlfriend, and immediately went back. Even if she was not with Lu Zhengan, Li Tian would not get Lu Zhengan’s people like Li Tian.

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