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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 1 Recap

Qiuyin Town, this is the place where Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang grew up together. They are seven years apart. Lu Zhengan has become the person who knows Lin Yang best, but he has also become the most unlikely person. Lu Zhengan returned to China and became a popular item among major companies. Li Tian, ​​who had always liked him, bought the same flight. As a result, Lu Zhengan ran off as soon as he got off the plane. Li Tian gritted his teeth and chased after him.

The chairman of Yunlang Music, Ma Le, is also Lu Zhengan’s future boss. The two met in a place where birds don’t shit. Lu Zhengan couldn’t get out of the car, and asked Ma Le and Xiaotao to take the luggage back to the company. He went back to pick it up. . Turning his head and hearing Li Tian chasing him, Lu Zhengan ran away quickly. Ma Le thought that Li Tian was an illegitimate meal, and the two quarreled as soon as they met.

Lu Zhengan kept sending messages to Lin Yang, and did not forget to let the driver hurry up, otherwise his wife would really become someone else’s. In Xixi’s bar, Lin Yang drank bottle after bottle of wine, Yao Dan hurriedly helped her get out, and Cao Ling helped the two of them buy sober medicine. As the secretary of the chairman, Lin Yang had to go shopping at the wine bureau. Just thinking about the balance of his bank card, Lin Yang broke his mind to resign. Lin Yang put on a domineering makeup and turned back to the wine bureau. She didn’t have any other abilities, but was able to resist.

Lu Zhengan went to his cousin Shenanke’s house. He came back for Lin Yang. After all, he knew no one here except Lin Yang and Shenanke. Lu Zhengan inquired about Lin Yang’s address from Xie Nanke, and ran over before he even had time to eat. Lu Zhengan kept sending messages to Lin Yang but didn’t get a reply. The drunk Lin Yang met two wretched men and called her the eldest sister. Lin Yang got angry and chased them.

Lu Zhengan thought that Lin Yang was asleep, and said goodnight, leaving with a little regret. Lin Yang returned home drunk, slumped on the sofa for a while, took a hot bath, and muttered to herself in front of the mirror. Although she was 31 years old, her skin was really good. Lin Yang forgot to take her pajamas and could only wear a bath towel and ran to take it. Unexpectedly, she fell and was sent to the hospital to be hospitalized. The bed next door was a lonely old man. Lin Yang was so noisy that he couldn’t sleep and decided to change to a single room.

The incident of Lin Yang’s wrestling became more and more violent in the company, and even his life could not be saved in the mouth of colleagues. Li Tian sneaked back home and was threatened by her sister to report to her brother-in-law’s company, or she would tell her father. Lin Yang lay in the hospital bed and watched the dozens of messages sent by Lu Zhengan, and sighed why college students are so idle now. Xie Nanke said that he had an appointment with a client near Lin Yang’s company and asked her to have a meal.

Lin Yang borrowed cosmetics from the nurse and limped to the restaurant in slippers. Hearing that a young acting secretary has arrived in the company, Lin Yang hasn’t made any waves. Xie Nanke said that he would rush back to the meeting when he received the news, and let Lin Yang’s pigeons be released. He also told her that Lu Zhengan was back and that he might be looking for her in the past two days. Lin Yang couldn’t hide his loss.

Li Tian sent a message to Lu Zhengan that he had joined his brother-in-law’s company. Lu Zhengan found out that this company was Lin Yang’s company, and Li Tian was replacing Lin Yang, so he quickly called. Hearing that Lin Yang was hospitalized, Lu Zhengan ran out anxiously. Lin Yang worked hard for five years and was replaced in just one day. At this time, she was very depressed, and now she has nothing. At the same time, Lu Zhengan called Lin Yang while frantically asking people about Lin Yang’s news, and desperately called Lin Mu.

Lin Yang didn’t say anything when he received Lin’s call. It was always a smooth job and good health. Lin’s mother’s concern as always made Lin Yang’s eyes red, and when she hung up the phone, she heard a “wife” coming from behind her. This was the first meeting between Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang in four years, and it was still unpleasant. Lu Zhengan thought it was not too late this time, but Lin Yang felt a little embarrassed when he was seen by this kid because of his fragile appearance. Lu Zhengan walked to Lin Yang and took her into his arms.

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