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Love Is Beautiful 对你的爱很美 Episode 6 Recap

Luo Yufeng publicly condemned Ke Lei for violating human rights. Ke Lei repeatedly explained that this was the material provided by Wang Xiaomi. It was only processed, and there was no fabricating or slander. Moreover, the talk show was an art form. Shouting, Ke Lei was neither overbearing nor overbearing. He needed a lawyer to negotiate with Luo Yufeng, and Wang Xiaomi forced Luo Yufeng out.

Luo Yufeng learned that Ke Lei’s stories were written by Chen Mu, and that Chen Mu also collected 8,000 yuan in copyright. Luo Yufeng forced Wang Xiaomi and Chen Mu to collect 8,000 yuan on the spot, and then returned to the bar to return the copyright fee. Ke Lei, Ke Lei refused to accept, and even told Luo Yufeng to disrupt public order, so that the security guards sent Luo Yufeng, Wang Xiaomi and Chen Mu out.

Wang Xiaomi was furious, picked up the wine bottle and slammed it on the back of Ke Lei’s head. The blood flowed down immediately, and Gao Sen hurried to the side when he saw it. Ke Lei yelled at Wang Xiaomi, scolding her for being raised by others. Chen Mu couldn’t bear it. He blurted out that Ke Lei was Wang Xiaomi’s father. Ke Lei didn’t believe him at all, and he spoke rudely to them. Wang Xiaomi hurriedly picked up his grandmother and left.

As soon as Wang Xiaomi went out, she scolded Chen Mu into a bloody spray, accusing him of not betraying the privacy of their home for money, and Chen Mu was speechless. Wang Xiaomi and Luo Yufeng went home in embarrassment. Wang Dashan learned that they were angry at the Ke Lei Bar and was annoyed to find Ke Lei to settle the account. Luo Yufeng knew that he did not dare, and deliberately used the aggressive method, Wang Dashan had to give up.

Meimei helped Ke Lei treat the wound, Gao Sen fanned the flames and persuaded Ke Lei to call the police to deal with it. Luo Yufeng persuaded Wang Dashan to calm down. Luo Qing complained that Luo Yufeng should not cause trouble. Luo Yufeng regretted that he should not go to the bar to see Ke Lei, and repeatedly confessed to Wang Dashan. Wang Dashan learned that Wang Xiaomi had smashed Ke Lei with a wine bottle and reminded her not to be impulsive in the future. That night, Luo Yufeng slept in the living room, worried that Wang Dashan would go to Ke Lei to fight on impulse. She fell asleep shortly after lying down.

Ke Lei’s driver asked for leave to go home to take care of his mother suffering from lung cancer. The treatment cost was as high as 200,000 yuan. He only had 20,000 yuan. Ke Lei promised to lend him 200,000 yuan. The driver was grateful to him. Wang Dashan tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep. He wanted to find Ke Lei overnight, but Luo Qing found out that Luo Yufeng also woke up from his dream and stayed in the living room. Wang Dashan had no choice but to give up.

Wang Dashan came to see Mr. Li early in the morning, and Mr. Li also complained for him and asked him to find Ke Lei and squat to the end. Chen Mu and Xiaolu brought Wang Xiaomi to the beach to relax. Wang Xiaomi spread all his anger on Chen Mu, and Xiaolu complained that Chen Mu shouldn’t tell the mystery of his life experience. The farce that took place in the Ke Lei Bar was quickly posted on the Internet. Netizens had different opinions. Wang Dashan was so angry that he secretly hid a kitchen knife and wanted to find a chance to find Ke Lei.

Ke Lei saw the online video and wanted to restore his reputation as soon as possible. Gao Sen worried that it would affect the bar’s business. Meimei watched the online video, she was very dissatisfied, and Ke Lei desperately made her happy, but she just couldn’t let it go. That night, Ke Lei talked about a talk show in a bar, clarified the rumors on the Internet, and tried his best to dispel the relationship between Wang Xiaomi and him.

Xiaolu saw Ke Lei’s video and worried that Wang Xiaomi was angry when she saw it. She immediately called Chen Mu. Chen Mu had already taken Ke Lei off. Ke Lei’s driver disappeared with 200,000 yuan. The ID he had left was a fake. Ke Lei was speechless. Gao Sen persuaded Ke Lei to be more careful in the future. Xiaolu brought Wang Xiaomi to Ke Lei and insisted that Wang Xiaomi was the daughter of Ke Lei and Luo Qing. Ke Lei didn’t know Luo Qing, and believed that they wanted to touch porcelain. He cursed Wang Xiaomi and Wang Xiaomi walked away in anger.

Gao Sen believed that Wang Xiaomi wanted to blackmail Ke Lei and persuaded him to go out and hide. That night, Ke Lei discussed with the audience the ugliness of human nature, and told him about his experience of being cheated of money and being recognized as relatives. He wanted to seek the audience’s understanding. Luo Yufeng watched Ke Lei’s video and scolded Ke Lei with anger, Luo Qing hurriedly turned off the video, Wang Dashan hid aside and sulked.

Kolyyo Gosen went out to drink, and soon became unconscious. Gosen hurriedly called for a car. The more Wang Dashan thought about it, the more angry he got. He drove to the entrance of the Ke Lei Bar overnight and saw Gao Sen holding Ke Lei out. He wanted to go to Ke Lei to settle the account. Gao Sen mistakenly thought he was the driver of Didi, so he pushed Ke Lei up without saying anything. In the car, Ke Lei urged him to drive quickly, Wang Dashan had to pull Ke Lei on the road.

Wang Xiaomi went home in despair and shut herself into the room. Luo Qing came to comfort her, and Wang Xiaomi told her what Ke Lei had done, and then hugged Luo Qing and wailed. Luo Qing tried her best to comfort her and persuade her to only recognize the king. Dashan, don’t take Ke Lei to heart. Wang Xiaomi was so traumatized by Ke Lei’s words that she was so sad that she could not make a living, and Luo Qing could only apologize again and again. Wang Xiaomi asked Luo Yufeng that her mother’s original name was Tang Jing, who was changed to Luo Qing when she married Wang Dashan. She immediately understood everything.

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