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Love Is Beautiful 对你的爱很美 Episode 5 Recap

When Wang Xiaomi went home and learned that Wang Dashan and Luo Qing had been reconciled as before, she was relieved. Luo Yufeng quietly asked Wang Xiaomi about his biological father. Wang Xiaomi was also worried that Luo Yufeng would blackmail each other, so she didn’t know if she asked her three questions.

Wang Dashan watched Ke Lei’s talk show on his mobile phone, and when he heard his jokes making fun of children, he didn’t get angry. While his parents were away, Wang Xiaomi went home and searched for evidence that Ke Lei was his biological father. Luo Qing rushed back to stew the soup ahead of time. She guessed what Wang Xiaomi was looking for and persuaded her to give up as soon as possible. Wang Xiaomi found nothing but complained that Luo Qing did not stay.

Next point is a token of love. When Wang Dashan came home from get off work, he was very happy to have the meal cooked by Luo Qing himself for the first time. The family laughed and talked after dinner. As usual, he turned the spoon to decide who would do the dishes.

Luo Yufeng didn’t find any clues. He went home and started looking for Luo Qing’s previous photos. From the back of the photo, he found a group photo of five people, but the photo was too blurry. Wang Xiaomi stayed up all night and went to Luo Yufeng’s house to find out the news. Luo Yufeng found out the photo. Wang Xiaomi recognized at a glance that it was Ke Lei who was holding Luo Qing. Luo Yufeng also suspected that Ke Lei and Luo Qing had an abnormal relationship. Wang Xiaomi took the picture to find Chen Mu and Xiaolu. They still didn’t believe that Ke Lei was Wang Xiaomi’s biological father.

Luo Qing saw that the Wang Dashan store was very busy, and took the initiative to help. Wang Dashan didn’t want her to be affected by it, so he forced her out. Luo Qing gave Wang Dashan a kiss from the crowd, and Wang Dashan felt happy. Luo Qing clearly remembered that after they got married that year, Wang Dashan secretly ligatured in order to fulfill his promise to treat their mother and daughter wholeheartedly. Luo Qing was moved beyond recognition.

Luo Qing wanted Chen Mu to take Wang Xiaomi on a business trip to Tibet, and promised to bear all the expenses. Chen Mu couldn’t do anything about it, because Wang Xiaomi was already trapped in Ke Lei and couldn’t help himself. Luo Qing went home and asked Mr. Wang Xiaomi to question her. She is not allowed to investigate this matter again, otherwise her peaceful life will be messed up again. Wang Xiaomi is not reconciled and does not want to remain in the dark. She wants to find out all the secrets, mother and daughter. If they don’t agree with each other, the quarrel will be violent, and they will finally break up.

Luo Qing watched Wang Xiaomi leave home in anger. She hurriedly called Wang Dashan for help. Wang Dashan came to Ke Lei’s bar and saw Wang Xiaomi was listening to Ke Lei’s narratives attentively. Ke Lei was talking about his embarrassment at home. The audience was amused and laughed. Wang Dashan gritted his teeth with anger. Wang Xiaomi hurriedly confessed to his mistake with a smiling face. Wang Dashan left without looking back.

Wang Xiaomi knew that she was in trouble, so she hurriedly called her grandmother Luo Yufeng for help. Wang Dashan rushed home angrily, and Wang Xiaomi followed him back. Luo Qing learned the whole story and gave Wang Xiaomi a lesson. Wang Xiaomi had to admit that she provided the material, and Chen Mu wrote Wang Dashan’s story into a paragraph.

Luo Yufeng came afterwards, she was so angry that she yelled at Ke Lei, and Wang Xiaomi repeatedly promised that she would not recognize Ke Lei. Luo Yufeng bitterly persuaded Wang Dashan, arranging the facts around the bend to make sense, Wang Dashan was so disoriented, Luo Qing hurriedly persuaded Wang Dashan to return to the room.

Luo Yufeng became curious and forced Wang Xiaomi to go to the bar to peek at Ke Lei. The talk show in the second half began, and Ke Lei took the stage to perform and talked about Luo Yufeng’s jokes. Luo Yufeng couldn’t bear it and rushed to the stage to find Ke Lei’s theory.

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