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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 25 Recap

The second lieutenant’s condition was much more serious than expected, and Cai Likun judged that his onset time had been at least twenty hours. Ma Tianming asked why Tao Chengkai wanted to deceive them. Tao Chengkai said that Lieutenant indeed had a fever since last night, but everyone thought he had pneumonia, so he missed the best time.

The second lieutenant died in shock due to the rapid development of his illness. Cai Likun called Ma Tianming and asked him to let Tao Chengkai burn down the things the second lieutenant had touched. All people who had contacted the second lieutenant must be isolated. Ma Tianming urged Cai Likun to come out quickly, but Cai Likun refused. If they don’t find a solution to the bacteria as soon as possible, it will be useless even if an expert comes. Ma Tianming has been persuading Cai Likun to come out.

Cai Likun said that he decided to inoculate bacteria on his body. As a communist, he died for his compatriots. As a doctor, he sacrificed to pursue his faith and career. He has no regrets. Ma Tianming was very sad, Cai Likun apologized to him, saying that during this period of time, he did not treat Ma Tianming properly for Zhu Tiande’s affairs. If he really can’t get out, he will ask Zhu Tiande’s affairs to him.

Cai Likun stayed inside, and Tao Chengkai asked Ma Tianming who he was. Ma Tianming was so speechless for the first time. Instead of investigating who Cai Likun was at this time, Tao Chengkai had better urge those experts to arrive earlier. Cai Likun took off the isolation suit, injected himself with bacteria, and then called Ma Tianming, saying that he could buy up to three days for the experts. After hanging up, Cai Likun devoted himself to the development of serum.

Bai Zhuli and Dean Su treated Zhu Tiande. Bai Zhuli asked about Ma Tianming and Cai Likun. Dean Su only assumed that they had gone to the home of ordinary patients and said that they would know when they came back. Ma Tianming returned to the hospital and told Ali about Cai Likun, saying that Cai Likun had entrusted Zhu Tiande’s affairs to them, and when they asked for the password, Ali went to report to the organization. Ali wanted to rush to Cai Likun’s side very much.

Ma Tianming said that his heart was severely isolated in Cai Likun, and he didn’t want to watch all this. They had to ask for the password as soon as possible. Ma Tianming came to Zhu Tiande’s ward and said that Cai Likun could not return for the time being. He didn’t know how long he could stay here, and hoped that Zhu Tiande would tell him the password quickly. Zhu Tiande handed it a bit, but soon there was no more movement.

The panel of experts arrived, and their opinions were the same as Cai Likun’s inference that the ensign was infected with a highly contagious Bacillus anthracis. Tao Chengkai organized a meeting with the experts. Ma Tianming called Cai Likun. Cai Likun said that he had begun to show flu symptoms. He tried to extract the virus strain from the blood samples he had received for cultivation, but the results were not satisfactory. Experts did not expect that this kind of bacteria is so destructive, which makes Ma Tianming even more worried.

At the same time, the Japanese also attached great importance to the KMT’s infiltration of the laboratory. Nakamura specifically asked Kobayashi to pay attention to whether there were similar patients in recent hospitals and clinics. Kobayashi immediately remembered the visits of Ma Tianming and Cai Likun. After Xiaolin went back, he asked Ma Tianming about their visit, and Ma Tianming made an excuse to go over it.

In the evening, Ma Tianming and Ali came to the ward and told Zhu Tiande about Cai Likun’s infection. They said that they didn’t know how much time they had left in the hospital and hoped that Zhu Tiande could cooperate in handing them the password. When Zhu Tiande heard Ma Tianming’s words, he passed the password to them in a spirited manner.

However, as soon as Ma Tianming left, Tao Chengkai and Li Quan pointed their guns at them. It turned out that Tao Chengkai had long been suspicious of the relationship between Ma Tianming and Cai Likun, so he installed monitoring equipment to eavesdrop on the conversation between the two and ascertain their true identities.

Ma Tianming is now relaxed. He knows that this day will come sooner or later, but he didn’t expect to come so early, but he promised Cai Likun’s thing that he must complete it. Under the intimidation of Li Quan and Tao Chengkai, Ma Tianming had to hand over the code to Tao Chengkai, saying that they could not decipher it at all. Tao Chengkai said that Ma Tianming underestimated them.

At this moment, a man in black broke out, wounded Li Quan and took the code. At the same time, Xiao Lin entered Zhu Tiande’s room and injected him with medicine. Ma Tianming and Tao Chengkai rushed up when they heard the alarm and found that Zhu Tiande was dead. Ma Tianming tried his best to rescue Zhu Tiande, Tao Chengkai suspected that Ma Tianming killed Zhu Tiande. Ma Tianming was guilty and it was not clear.

Tao Chengkai analyzed that it was the same gang who snatched the code and killed Zhu Tiande, and the murderer was still in the hospital. Upon seeing this, Ma Tianming suggested that they lied to others that Zhu Tiande was not dead, so that the murderer would come to verify, and they could follow the vine to find out the real murderer.

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