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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 24 Recap

Cai Likun asked Ali to complete the first task assigned to him by the organization, and went to the post office to send a telegram. Ali said that he would complete the task. The informant went to the patrol room to look for Xue Ning, saying that Niu Er and Wu Tanmu died tragically one after another, and he felt very unsafe. Xue Ning said Wu Tanmu was killed on duty, and then spent money to send him away. Nakamura found Ding Siye and said that there are a lot of opium out of the market. Recently, many people have died due to overdose of opium.

Everyone is talking about these opiums being spread from Ding Siye. Ding Siye naturally refused to admit that Nakamura didn’t care, but asked how he thought about it. Nakamura hoped that Ding Siye would help them smuggle and sell heroin. Ding Siye said that he was only familiar with smoke and soil. Nakamura pointed out that the smoke soil is very harmful, so that if you continue to kill people, you will find Ding Siye’s head sooner or later. Xiao Si hid outside the door and listened to all their conversations.

Ma Tianming turned Zhu Tiande over, not wanting Zhu Tiande to apnea in an emergency. Fortunately, Bai Julie heard the alarm and rushed to treat Zhu Tiande in time, and Zhu Tiande turned the crisis into peace. Bai Julie blamed Ma Tianming for being a fake doctor, what should I do if the patient is treated badly. Ma Tianming asked her jokingly if she was worried about herself. Bai Zhuli said that she would apply to Dean Su to treat Zhu Tiande together, and would never let this happen again.

Xiao Si took the initiative to find Ding Siye and said that he had a way to reduce the toxicity of the smoke. Ding Siye still didn’t believe him. Xiao Si also said that he had wanted to understand one thing during this period, and that he had to rely on himself for everything. Tao Chengkai found Xue Ning, and he also talked about the recent death of opium inhalation. This matter is no secret within the Kuomintang, but it involves a lot. Tao Cheng persuaded Xue Ning to join him in investigating the drug trafficking of the Japanese, and they should unite in the face of national justice.

In the evening, Ma Tianming dreamed that he was taking Xiaosi out for drug rehabilitation and was discovered by Ding Siye. Ding Siye fired at him regardless of his begging for mercy. Ma Tianming was awakened and washed his face, and Dean Su found him and asked him to follow the emergency room.

Ma Tianming found various reasons to refuse, and offered to at least let Bai Zhuli go with Zhi, but Dean Su directly refused. Dean Su said that Cai Likun would send him, and Ma Tianming felt relieved instantly. Cai Likun took Ma Tianming to the address where the patient was, but found that the people here were fully armed and everyone was wearing isolation gowns.

Cai Likun realized that something was wrong and said that this person is definitely not a common cold, and it is likely to be a highly contagious bacterial infection. Ma Tianming suddenly became nervous. Cai Likun told him that this was because someone didn’t want them to go back alive. If they really encounter infectious bacteria, he and Ma Tianming must have one person to leave here. Ma Tianming didn’t want to stay here. He still had to save Xiaosi. Cai Likun said that the biggest problem now is which one of them can leave.

Things were as expected by Cai Likun. It was one of Tao Chengkai’s men who fell ill this time. Tao Chengkai told them that the lieutenant had returned from the Northeast. In the past few years, the Japanese had set up laboratories in the Northeast on the grounds of purifying water, but they found that Chinese prisoners were often sent there, and they still did not return.

In order to investigate the truth clearly, the lieutenant took the initiative to ask Ying to mix with the identities of ordinary people into the laboratory, but did not want to find that they were doing bacterial experiments. Later the lieutenant broke into their laboratory and got a fever when he came back. Now they have summoned experts from all over the country. Tao Chengkai went to answer the phone. Cai Likun told Ma Tianming that the lieutenant should have a fever caused by this infectious bacteria.

This is because the Japanese are preparing for the germ warfare. They must get the serum as soon as possible before they can enter the study. Otherwise, Shanghai 3 million. The common people are in danger. Ma Tianming doesn’t want to be infected with these things, what if they can’t work out a cure. Cai Likun asked him if the infected person were Ali, Xiaosi, Bai Julie and Zhang Nana, would he still think so.

After Tao Chengkai came back, he said that he had read Cai Likun’s resume and that he had experience involved in infectious diseases, so he was recruited. Now the expert has to rely on him for the flight delay due to the weather. Cai Likun suddenly proposed that Ma Tianming is not suitable for entering the ward now. He can replace Ma Tianming in to monitor the patient’s condition, and Ma Tianming will provide remote guidance via telephone.

Tao Chengkai asked him how he got into the doctor’s style. Isn’t he a silk merchant. Cai Likun said that he had worked in a plantation and had a basis for injections and experiments. Ma Tianming also promised that Cai Likun had the ability, and Tao Chengkai had to agree.

Ma Tianming sent Cai Likun in. Cai Likun said that if he failed to come out, he asked Ma Tianming to continue to complete the task of Zhu Tiande and the funds. Ma Tianming hugged Cai Likun tightly and said that he met him again today. When he was leaving, Ma Tianming asked Cai Likun to come back, and asked him to come back for his wife and children.

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