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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 23 Recap

After repeated consideration, Ma Tianming made up his mind to confess his past. In front of Bai Julie, he unabashedly talked about his previous dreams, but it was a pity that he was defeated by reality after all, especially the murderer. Although Bai Julie didn’t adapt to Ma Tianming’s identity so quickly, he still thanked him for taking care of him. On the contrary, Xue Ning was not optimistic about this relationship, because Ma Tianming was like a visitor to Bai Julie. His arena was not in the hospital but in the market.

Bai Julie solved Zhang Nana’s misunderstanding of Ma Tianming and promised to catch the real culprit sooner or later. Dean Su took Bai Julie and Zhang Nana to pay homage to Bai Wencheng, and said that he deliberately concealed the late stage liver cancer because he did not want to worry his family, and even privately took care of the people Bai Julie had helped.

Dean Su simply arranged for Bai Julie to go to Hong Kong Mary School for further studies in order to make Bai Julie feel at ease, and stay away from this sad place. Lin Jingshan knew that Ma Tianming was unwilling to give up, and wondered why he didn’t make a stay, but Ma Tianming felt that she was not qualified, and perhaps he could choose to let go to achieve the happiness of the other party.

On the eve of farewell, Cai Likun came to chat with Bai Julie. He believed that memories can help him examine the past, and may also hinder him from looking forward to the future. Instead of immersing himself in the pain of the past, it is better to let go, at least to bring hope to the living. If you want to completely forget something, you must first learn to face it.

The next morning, Bai Julie packed her things and prepared to quietly leave the hospital with Zhang Nana. Unexpectedly, Dean Su and his colleagues had already waited outside, but Ma Tianming hid and did not dare to show up. He witnessed everyone taking a group photo. Cai Likun drove Bai Julie to the dock. Bai Julie told Cai Likun that he already knew his identity and respected him as Dr. Cai and the Communist Party.

Zhang Nana woke up from the nightmare, screaming that she didn’t want to go to Hong Kong, because she still remembered them, Cai Likun also persuaded Bai Julie not to leave. Ma Tianming hurriedly chased to the terminal, but the terminal had stopped checking tickets. Just when he was quite disappointed, Zhang Nana unexpectedly appeared behind him. It turned out that Bai Julie had not left at all, but decided to stay.

That evening, under the leadership of Cai Likun, Ali solemnly swore to formally join the Communist Party. With the outbreak of the Xi’an Incident, all sectors of society are watching the attitudes of Chiang Kai-shek and the Kuomintang. Tao Chengkai still keeps people watching Zhu Tiande, but Zhu Tiande’s condition has never progressed.

Cai Likun continued to treat Zhu Tiande, and Ali told him about the Xi’an Incident, hoping that the Kuomintang and the Communist Party could cooperate, so that Cai Likun would come and go freely in the future. Ma Tianming reprimanded Ali for not knowing nonsense. Now the Kuomintang and Communist Party have joined forces to fight against Japan and they have taken away the Japanese, but they still don’t know what happened.

Ding Siye learned that Ma Tianming used the Qinggang to deal with Qu Rusen, and a driver was at the scene, so he notified Ma Tianming to kill Cai Likun. Ma Tianming is helping Cai Likun to speak, claiming that he is a greedy villain, after all, there are too many things happening in Hengshan Hospital now, and if the driver is killed again, it will inevitably attract attention.

Ma Tianming promised that he would keep an eye on Cai Likun and would never let the news leak out. Ding Siye considered what Ma Tianming said was reasonable and agreed to his proposal for the time being. On the way back, Ali was very angry at Ma Tianming’s betrayal of Cai Likun, and the brothers made all kinds of unpleasant troubles.

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