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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 22 Recap

Now that Qu Rusen is dead, and Li Quan has returned to the Party Affairs Investigation Department, Cai Likun tried to get Zhu Tiande to continue typing out the remaining passwords, but no progress was made. When Cai Likun was about to leave, he was almost discovered by Li Quan. Fortunately, Ma Tianming appeared in time to cover up, and at the same time he had doubts about Cai Likun.

The two quarreled over this matter. Cai Likun believed that Ma Tianming did not trust him and there was no need to cooperate. However, Ma Tianming also warned Cai Likun to continue to see Zhu Tiande privately, and he would let the other party never enter the ward. In the end, Cai Likun had to compromise and remind Ma Tianming to be careful in his next actions, because Qu Rusen’s death has made the Kuomintang agents more vigilant.

Due to Qu Rusen’s affair, the reputation of Hengshan Hospital was damaged, the board of directors accountable to President Su and decided to suspend the preparation of the orphanage. Dean Su took the initiative to find Dean Su, hoping that he could give himself an explanation, but Xue Ning said that Xiao Wu was captured by the Special Investigation Department and he could do nothing about it.

On the way back, Dean Su was very worried, and Cai Likun, upon seeing this, suggested that she find someone important to Tao Chengkai. Dean Su had no other choice but to agree to let Ma Tianming try it first, perhaps Tao Chengkai would give Ma Tianming a bit of noodles. In the days that followed, Ma Tianming arranged for Ali to replace Lao Wu as a boiler worker and lived opposite Cai Likun, but Cai Likun felt that Ma Tianming wanted to monitor him.

Ali has already decided to join the Communist Party. When Ma Tianming learned of this, he slapped him severely. Tao Chengkai invited Xue Ning out for coffee, trying to persuade him to join the Party Affairs Investigation Office. Xue Ning declined euphemistically, and begged Tao Chengkai to inform Xiao Wu’s whereabouts, so he learned the address of Lixingshe. In addition, Tao Chengkai also told Xue Ning about Zhu Tiande’s affairs, hoping that he could keep the peace of Hengshan Hospital.

Xue Ning led a raid on the site of Lixingshe and successfully rescued Xiao Wu. Ali informed Cai Likun of the incident and eased the relationship between him and Ma Tianming by the way. The Japanese promised to support Ding Siye as the boss of Shanghai Beach on the premise of helping them in the opium business. As Ma Tianming’s drug addiction became more and more serious, Ma Tianming begged Ding Siye to let him take his younger brother to rehab. To the refusal of Ding Siye.

Taking advantage of Ding Siye and others not paying attention, Ma Tianliang took the initiative to reveal to Ma Tianliang the location of Zhang Nana, and that Ding Siye would go to Gongrong Wharf to unload the goods at 10 o’clock tomorrow night, which was full of opium smuggled and sold by him. Ma Tianming immediately told Xue Ning the news and asked him to find a way to rescue Zhang Nana.

That night, not long after Ding Siye’s opium arrived at the dock, he saw Xue Ning coming with a police officer to detain the workers and all the opium on the spot. Ding Siye invited Xue Ning to meet, and wanted him to return the opium to himself. Xue Ning wanted Zhang Nana in exchange, and finally forced Ding Siye to agree.

Because Zhang Nana was worried about Bai Wencheng from beginning to end, Xue Ning took the initiative to take her to see Bai Julie. Seeing Zhang Nana standing in front of her intact, Bai Julie finally lost her heart, and was a little sad. The two agreed not to be separated again. Ma Tianming was shocked when he learned that Xue Ning had exchanged ten tons of soot for Zhang Nana, and then thanked him. Xue Ning thinks that Ma Tianming is a good boy, but he has no future with Ma Tianming. In fact, Ma Tianming knows that Xue Ning is hard-hearted and has helped his brother with practical actions. Now he plans to confess the truth to Bai Julie.

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