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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 47 End Recap

Zheng Qian seemed determined to quit Daydreaming. He asked Mo Xiaobao and Kong Hao to continue to run Daydream Studio. As for his own shares, he would handle it. Zheng Qian found a competitor of Daydream and offered to sell his shares, but he asked the competitor to turn off the app that copied Daydream and wanted to continue to operate Daydream with Kong Hao. The competitor agreed to Zheng Qian’s Conditions, the acquisition of Zheng Qian’s shares.

Kong Hao and Mo Xiaobao came back to their senses and felt that something was wrong with Zheng Gan. After some investigation, they found out that Zheng Gan was going to sell his shares to help Zheng Gan. They decided to transfer the shares of Daydream together with Zheng Gan. , And then help Cheng Xin together.

Cheng’s group building is about to fall, employees run away, people go to the empty building, Cheng Xin looks at the empty office, a little desperate in her heart, after crying for a while, Cheng Xin still refuses to give up, intending to sell the Cheng family’s fortune. Continuing to invest in the stock market, Cheng Xin felt that the Cheng Group’s stock was not saved, but she was still trying to persevere. Father Zheng found that Cheng Group’s stock had risen and quickly told Cheng Xin the news. I told Cheng Xin about Zheng Qian’s selling daydreams.

Cheng Xin hurried to Daydream and asked Zheng Qian. She always felt that Zheng Qian regarded daydreams more seriously than herself, but Zheng Gan took action. Said that Cheng Xin is the most important in his heart. Lin Man was very puzzled when he learned that Zheng Gan could do this to help Cheng Xin. Kong Hao said that Lin Man only saw Cheng Xin’s luck, but did not see Cheng Xin’s contribution. Under Kong Hao’s persuasion , Lin Man was shaken.

Lin Man approached Zheng Qian and said that he was willing to sell Cheng’s shares to Zheng Qian. After the transaction was completed, their company would also withdraw from the competition. Zheng Gan thanked Lin Man for his help. Lin Man said that this might be the last time. She helped Zheng dry. She has already offered to resign and intends to take a good vacation for herself, but she is very happy to meet Zheng Gan and them.

As soon as Lin Man left, Mr. Sun and Mr. Yang Chenguang panicked when they heard the news. Cheng’s stock also began to rise. Both of them put all their net worth on the shares of Cheng’s Group. Mr. Sun himself was unable to protect himself. , I didn’t even care about Yang Chenguang’s little money. On impulse, Yang Chenguang threatened President Sun with a knife, and even jumped to death with President Sun. When Yang Chenguang was desperate, Meng Xixi and Mo Xiaobao came to persuade Yang Chenguang and let Yang Chenguang stayed alive for the child. Yang Chenguang learned that he had a child and had hope, so he gave up suicide, and both Yang Chenguang and Mr. Sun were arrested.

Cheng Jianye was also released. Cheng Xin and Zheng Gan went to the detention center to pick him up. Yao Jiaren also came. Yao Jiaren bid farewell to Cheng Jianye, saying that he had picked up a movie actress No. 1 and was going to shoot in Beijing. If he develops well in the future, he Just not coming back in Beijing, Yao Jiaren left after talking about this. Cheng Jianye looked a little lonely at Yao Jiaren’s back.

Cheng Jianye returned to the Cheng Group to express his gratitude to all shareholders. Liang Shu also apologized to Cheng Jianye. Cheng Jianye told Liang Shu not to blame himself. He was also bewitched for a while. Liang Shu saw that Cheng Jianye ignored the previous suspicion and was very moved. At the shareholders meeting, Cheng Jianye also expressed his gratitude to Zheng Gan.

When Cheng Jianye was about to continue the meeting, Zheng Gan received news from Kong Hao and learned that Chu Yunfei was proposing to Cheng Xin. Zheng Gan quickly left the meeting to stop Chu Yunfei, but it was time to propose. At the scene, Zheng Gan knew that this was a deliberate routine of everyone. Chu Yunfei said that he had lost and voluntarily withdrew from the competition. Zheng Gan took out the ring he had proposed to Cheng Xin at the graduation ceremony and proposed to Cheng Xin again. Cheng Xin also agreed to Zheng Gan’s proposal again, and everyone cheered.

A year later, Cheng Group was on track, Cheng Xin continued to work as a hotel appraiser, and also made a hotel experience group, and the company wanted to invest in Cheng Xin. Cheng Jianye was a little pleased and no longer forced Cheng Xin to come to Cheng. The group has been established, and Yao Jiaren has developed better and better this year. Meng Xixi gave birth to Yang Chenguang’s child and was pregnant with Mo Xiaobao’s child. Mo Xiaobao and Kong Hao also reopened the seafood online shop. Although they did not develop as daydreaming well, they continued to work hard.

Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin received the certificate for more than three months. The two did not plan to have a wedding. Zheng Qian still planned to leave the Cheng Group and start his own business. He believed that his future was in his own hands, even if he lost his white Day dream, but he can start again and create a career of his own again.

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