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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 46 Recap

Cheng Xin came to the board of directors and asked the shareholders to calm down and cheer up the shareholders. I hope you can tide over the difficulties together, and the gambling agreement signed before is still valid. She has arranged a press conference to clarify to the outside world that Zhou Jian is The first to respond to Cheng Xin, with Zhou Jian taking the lead, the other shareholders have nothing to say. After the meeting, Uncle Liang went to Mr. Sun to question, Mr. Sun revealed his true face, and Uncle Liang was very angry. Zheng Qian accompanied Cheng Xin to a press conference. Cheng Xin disclosed the financial statements of the Cheng Group and clarified the rumors to the outside world.

Kong Haochen was very surprised when he met Lin Man during a run. The two had breakfast together. Lin Man asked everyone about the latest situation and was a little surprised to learn that Zheng Qian was helping the Cheng Group. She also asked Kong Hao not to tell others about his return. , Kong Hao heard Lin Man call and said he wanted to copy the Cheng Shi. Zheng Qian also discovered that a financial institution was maliciously shorting the Cheng Group and was struggling with this. Kong Hao confided in Lin Man and learned that Lin Man was really shorting the Cheng Group. Lin Man even said that he would bankrupt the Cheng Group within a month. After Kong Hao went back, he told Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin about the incident. Zheng Gan wanted to find Lin Man to intercede, but Cheng Xin stopped him, saying that Lin Man had always liked him. What if he took the opportunity to make a request? .

Just when the two of them were at a loss, Yao Jiaren came suddenly. Cheng Xin ridiculed her when she saw Yao Jiaren. Yao Jiaren didn’t want to argue with Cheng Xin, so she gave Cheng Xin the trust account that Cheng Jianye gave to Cheng Xin. The trust account was owned by Cheng Jianye. With cash, Cheng Xin could use the money to save the Cheng Group. Cheng Xin was a little touched. She always thought that Yao Jiaren disappeared after Cheng Jianye’s accident. She was a ruthless and unrighteous person. Only now did she know that Yao Jiaren really treated Cheng Jianye. After Cheng Xin got the money, Zheng Gan suggested that she use the money to invest in the stock market to fight against institutions. With this money, Cheng Group’s stock price began to rise, but shareholders still did not have confidence and were ready to take advantage of the price. Take the opportunity to sell the stock when it rebounds.

Although the stock price started to rise, the root of the problem was the institution’s shorting of the Cheng Group. In desperation, Cheng Xin had to ask Lin Man to come out for a talk. She was willing to buy Lin Man’s stock at a premium of 6%. , But Linman not only wants to make money for the company, but also has an antagonism with the Cheng Group. She just wants to see the Cheng Group go bankrupt. Lin Man also said that if Cheng Xin surrendered Zheng Gan to her, he would let the process group go. Cheng Xin felt that Lin Man was really unreasonable and rejected Lin Man’s request.

Just after the phone call with Lin Man, the people in the company started to make trouble in the company because they couldn’t pay their wages. Cheng Xin went back to appease the employees and promised to pay them wages next week. In order to pay employees, Cheng Xin sold the car dealership she had been operating. Three weeks later, Lin Man had not shorted the Cheng Group, which made Mr. Sun anxious. He continued to add funds to bring down the Cheng Group. Lin Man advised him not to be anxious, but Mr. Sun insisted on adding more funds. Lin Man could only agree.

Zheng Gan approached Chu Yunfei, hoping that he could provide some funds to help the Cheng Group, but Chu Yunfei said that the mall is like a battlefield, and he cannot use Tenda’s money to take risks, and he also blamed Zheng Gan for holding Cheng Xin to the Cheng Group. The position of chairman now hurt Cheng Xin. Chu Yunfei said that he did not have that great ability to save the Cheng Group, but he could let Cheng Xin live a carefree life before. If Zheng Qian left Cheng Xin , He helped Cheng Xin himself, Zheng Gan was very disappointed with Chu Yunfei and felt that he didn’t understand Cheng Xin at all. Cheng Xin even sold the property to raise money, but Zheng Gan stopped her. Zheng Qian returned to the Daydream Studio upset, and met Mo Xiaobao and Kong Hao arguing again, and Zheng Gan said in a fit of anger.

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