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Summer Again 薄荷之夏 Episode 16 Recap

After Tao Zhu’s performance, she was about to go backstage, and she heard Xiao Qing and Xu Ao talking. Xu Ao said Tao Zhu was stupid. He wanted Tao Zhu back to get angry with Xiao Qing. Xiao Qing was very happy. She I quarreled with Xu Ao before, but seeing Xu Ao spoiling her so much, she made up with Xu Ao again. Tao Zhu couldn’t listen anymore. She rushed in and accused Xu Ao of doing good things. Tong Xi and Lin Nan heard The movement also rushed in.

After Tao Zhu broke out and announced that she was going to quit the drama club, he rushed out. The three of them went out and met Wang Yiming. Lin Nan simply told Wang Yiming about the matter. Wang Yiming, who was angry, wanted to rush out. Hit Xu Ao in the past.

Tao Zhu found that Wang Yiming had a wound on his face. She guessed that Wang Yiming went to Xu Ao to fight. She took Wang Yiming to find Xu Ao, asked Wang Yiming to apologize to Xu Ao, and also said the good things Xu Ao did. Don’t admit it, Tao Zhu was very angry. She didn’t expect Xu Ao to dare to behave. Tao Zhu angrily beat Xu Ao, and then took Wang Yiming out. After going out, both of them felt very relieved.

Tong Xi worked hard every day to practice dancing. The next day was the art festival. On this day, Tong Xi went to the bookstore after practicing dance. Seeing that Tong Xi was so tired, Lin Nanyi felt sorry for Tong Xi, so he gave Tong Xi one. Gift, at this time Ni Xiaowan came in. Ni Xiaowan used the excuse to borrow books, but she kept watching Tong Xi and Lin Nanyi. Tong Xi found out that Lin Nanyi had given her a pair of dancing shoes. Tong Xi was very happy.

After Ni Xiaowan went home, she found that Ni’s mother was picking up trash again. This time Ni’s mother picked up a skirt. Ni Xiaowan felt very embarrassed. She clamored to throw the skirt out. Ni Xiaowan was very sad. She didn’t understand what Tong Xi wanted. have.

On the day of the art festival, Tong Xi was about to perform on stage. Tong’s father came with flowers. He wanted Ni Xiaowan to help him tell Tong Xi where he was sitting. Ni Xiaowan agreed. When Ni Xiaowan went to find Tong Xi, He also brought porridge to Tong Xi. Ni Xiaowan insisted that Tong Xi drink it. While they were pushing, Ni Xiaowan poured the porridge on Tong Xi’s dancing shoes. Ni Xiaowan also pretended to be particularly innocent, and Tong Xi couldn’t blame Ni Xiaowan. Ni Xiaowan can only go out first.

Tong Xi tried to polish her dancing shoes, but she still couldn’t clean it. She could only put on the new shoes that Lin Nanyi gave her, but it was not suitable for dancing. Because the new shoes were too hard, Tong Xi was dancing on the stage. She fell while jumping, but when she thought of her junior high school participating in the art festival, she took off her shoes and danced barefoot on the stage.

After Tong Xi’s performance, Lin Nan rushed up, Tong Xi Some were unable to walk, Lin Nanyi directly hugged Tong Xi by the princess, and Ni Xiaowan was particularly uncomfortable seeing it. When Tong Xi went home, Lin Nan carried her back home. The two walked on the road very warmly.

Tong Xi went to the hospital to report the results of her performance to Tong Ma, but Tong Ma was very angry when she heard Tong Xi fell. She accused Tong Xi of not being able to dance such a simple dance well, and said that Tong Xi was already so big. She didn’t have a plan for her own life. Tong Xi was sad and wronged. She felt that Tong Xi always cared about ballet. Tong Xi rushed out of the hospital. Tong Xi was still uncomfortable and couldn’t chase Tong Xi.

Tong’s father called Lin Nan. As soon as Lin Nan knew it, he hurried out to find Tong Xi by bicycle, but he didn’t expect that after he left, Tong Xi came to the door. Tong Xi knocked on the door, but no one opened the door. , Tong Xi was very lost, she didn’t know where else she could go.

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