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Summer Again 薄荷之夏 Episode 15 Recap

Lin Nan and Tong Xi went to a place with Wang Yiming and Tao Zhu. Here they played a game and asked Tong Xi to come to them. After the three of them were hiding, Tong Xi opened her eyes and looked for them. They found the arrow on the wall. Tong Xi followed the arrow and saw a fish. As soon as Lin Nan appeared, he introduced this fish to Tong Xi and told Tong Xi that she could not resist her parents at this age. , But you should also have fun in hardship. After Tong Xi listened, she wanted to start a lot. Seeing that Tong Xi was fine, Tong Xi and Lin Nan went to find Wang Yiming and Tao Zhu.

Tao Zhu and Wang Yiming hid in a box. Tao Zhu told Wang Yiming that he had returned to the drama club. Wang Yiming hated iron and steel and did not understand why Tao Zhu had to go back. Tao Zhu explained to Wang Yiming, but Wang Yiming didn’t listen. The atmosphere before the two was not very good. On the way back, Lin Nanyi and Tong Xi felt that Wang Yiming and Tao Zhu were weird, but they didn’t know what happened.

The four of them returned to Tong’s father’s house. They celebrated Tong Xi’s birthday. Lin Nanyi specially made a cake for Tong Xi. At the dinner table, others gave Tong Xi gifts, and Tong Xi asked Lin Nanyi for gifts. When Lin Nan said that he gave a cake, Tong Xi gave up.

When Lin Nan gave Tong Xi home in the evening, he gave Tong Xi two gifts, and Tong Xi was very happy. Tong Xi returned home and found that Tong Ma was sitting on the sofa waiting for her. Tong Xi wanted to ease the atmosphere and introduced her to Tong Ma about the gifts she had received. But Tong Xi was very angry. She also fined Tong Xi and asked Tong Xi why Tong’s mother was very angry when she skipped class, but Tong Xi was also very wronged. Today is her birthday, and Tong’s mother didn’t say a happy birthday to her.

Tong Xi went to class again. Teacher Xu was surprised to see Tong Xi. He thought that Tong Xi would not come to class today. Tong Xi wanted to talk to Teacher Xu, and Teacher Xu agreed.

In the bookstore, Tao Zhu and Wang Yiming were in the bookstore. At this time Ni Xiaowan came. Because there were more people in the bookstore, Ni Xiaowan was particularly comfortable to help Lin Nanyi. Wang Yiming and Tao Zhu couldn’t get used to Ni Xiaowan’s style very much.

Tong Xi complained to Teacher Xu Tong Ma. She felt that Tong Ma did not respect her at all, but Teacher Xu told Tong Xi that Tong Ma really loved her. In addition to being obsessed with dancing, Tong Ma was still reasonable. People, and Tongma moved back to Xihai for the sake of Tong Xi. At the beginning, Teacher Xu wanted to go back to Xihai.

She didn’t want to take the students anymore. It was Tongma who found Teacher Xu and begged for Teacher Xu, and then Teacher Xu agreed. Teacher Xu also gave Tong Xi a gift. It was Tong Ma’s birthday gift to Tong Xi. After Tong Xi opened it, she found that it was Qinghe’s cartoon. Tong Xi burst into tears. She thought of getting along with Tong Ma before. What happened, I felt even more sad.

Tong Xi went to the bookstore to look for Lin Nanyi. When Tong Xi was here, Ni Xiaowan left. Tong Xi showed Lin Nan the gift Tong Ma gave her. Lin Nanyi found out that it was made to order and told Tong Xi Tong Ma really loves her, Tong Xi now understands that she decided to participate in the art festival just to make Tong Ma happy.

In the drama club, a girl was guilty of appendicitis, but tomorrow is the art festival. If the rehearsal tonight is not good, it will be very troublesome, so Xu Ao put Tao Zhu on top, Tao Zhu is especially happy.
When Tao Zhu went to participate in the art festival selection, Tong Xi, Lin Nanyi and Wang Yiming also went to cheer Tao Zhu. Tao Zhu performed very well and infected the audience.

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