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Summer Again 薄荷之夏 Episode 14 Recap

After the final exam, the results came down. Tao Zhu was very happy. The notes Ni Xiaowan gave them were quite useful. Ni Xiaowan did a good job on the exam. The teacher finished speaking and announced a holiday. The students were very excited.

The four of Lin Nan went to the bookstore to discuss what to do during the summer vacation. Wang Yiming wanted to have fun, and then copy Lin Nanyi’s homework. Tao Zhu looked down on Wang Yiming very much. At this time, Tong Xi’s cell phone rang, and it was Tong’s mother. The call came, Tong Ma wanted to buy Tong Xi dancing shoes, and asked Tong Xi to go back and buy shoes with her, Tong Xi was helpless.
When Ni Xiaowan returned home, Ni’s mother told Ni Xiaowan that her brother was in the top ten and had a delicious meal tonight.

Ni Xiaowan was also very happy to take out her grades. Ni Xiaowan got the first place in the exam, but Ni’s mother is a little bit There was no response, Ni Xiaowan felt a little sad, and she rushed out of the house. Ni Xiaowan went to Qin Keer. Qin Keer felt strange and was on vacation. Why was Ni Xiaowan still upset? Ni Xiaowan turned the subject off. Ni Xiaowan wanted to go out for dinner with Qin Keer, but Qin Keer is going to meet him tonight. Ni Xiaowan was envious of Qin Keer when her parents were eating and watching Qin Keer’s happy life.

Lin Nan drew the story of the mint necklace. He called Tong Xi and wanted to show Tong Xi his cartoon, but Tong Xi was dancing, and she hung up after a few words. Lin Nan looked at the phone in a daze. Mia came in with her things. Lin Nanyi felt strange. Mia said that Mia sent by Lin Nanyi’s adoptive mother wanted to persuade Lin Nanyi. Although she was an adoptive mother, I should also go back and have a look. Lin Nan didn’t speak. Mia wanted to ask Lin Nan’s biological mother. Lin Nan interrupted and asked Mia’s boyfriend Andre when he would be back. Mia said Andre couldn’t come back in the first half of the year, he should only be back in the second half of the year.

When Tao Zhu and Sun Jieping were talking, Xu Ao came over. Tao Zhu talked very aggressively to Xu Ao. Xu Ao apologized to Tao Zhu. He also wanted to invite Tao Zhu back. Although Tao Zhu could not perform on stage, he hoped Tao Zhu was able to come back to take charge of the logistics work. Tao Zhu carefully observed Xu Ao’s expression when she was talking to herself, and felt that Xu Ao didn’t seem to lie to herself, but she didn’t immediately agree.

Tao Zhu called Tong Xi in the evening. She told Tong Xi about this. Tong Xi felt that Xu Ao was not a good person and did not want Tao Zhu to return to the drama club. Tao Zhu hesitated. She felt that Xu Ao might be real. Needing himself, the two talked, Tong Xi was speechless, Tong Xi fell asleep, Tao Zhu could only give up.

After Tong Xi finished class that day, Teacher Xu asked Tong Xi if she had chosen the dance for the art festival. Tong Xi was surprised that she did not participate in the art festival. Teacher Xu said that Tong’s mother had signed up for her, and Tong Xi didn’t want to participate. Xu The teacher asked her to go back and talk to Tongma.

When Tong Xi weighed, Tong’s mother was very angry. Keeping her shape is the most basic of a ballet dance. When Tong’s mother let Tong Xi eat, she would not let Tong Xi touch high-calorie things. Tong Xi wanted to take a day off. But Tongma refused. She knew that Tong Xi wanted to take advantage of her birthday to have a good day. She felt that Tong Xi’s birthday was her Good Friday. Tong Xi should understand her better and work harder to practice dance. Tong Xi was very angry.

Tongma quarreled. When Lin Nanyi was with Tong’s father, Tong’s father talked about Tong Xi and felt that Tong Xi had been too hard, because Tong’s mother was a ballet dancer before, but afterwards she injured her leg and couldn’t jump anymore. So she imposed her dream on Tong Xi, and Lin Nanyi felt sorry for Tong Xi too.

Tong Xi was in her room at night, and she was practicing how to reject the performance of that art festival. At this time, Lin Nan called and said that she would pick up Tong Xi tomorrow, and Tong Xi agreed.

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