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Summer Again 薄荷之夏 Episode 13 Recap

Because Tong Xi discovered that Lin Nanyi was Qinghe, Tong Xi regretted that she had done so many stupid things before, and was angry with herself. There were so many clues in front of her, why didn’t she guess Lin Nanyi was Qinghe, Tong Xi also She was very angry. Lin Nanyi asked her to be her true self before, but she never expected Lin Nanyi to lie to herself for so long, and she never wanted to see Lin Nanyi again.
When class was in that day, the teacher told them that it was about to expire and that subjects would be divided after the end of the term. Let the students think about it.

Tao Zhu asked Tong Xi what he wanted to learn, but Tong Xi didn’t want to talk. At this time, Lin Nanyi still wanted to talk to Tong Xi, Tong Xi ran away quickly, Lin Nanyi always tried to talk to Tong Xi, but Tong Xi ran away.

When Lin Nanyi was in the bookstore, Wang Yiming and Tao Zhu were also there. They saw the anomaly between Lin Nanyi and Tong Xi and asked if Lin Nanyi made Tong Xi angry. Lin Nanyi did not speak. At this time Ni Xiaowan came, and Wang Yiming and Tao Zhu hurried out. After going out, the two began to discuss the relationship between Lin Nanyi and Tong Xi. Tao Zhu felt that the relationship between Lin Nanyi and Tong Xi was not easy, but there were always other people who came in. It was Wei Ze before, but now it is. Ni Xiaowan, since they have found out, they decided to take care of this matter and help Lin Nanyi and Tong Xi stay together.

After Ni Xiaowan went home, she had been thinking about the conversation with Lin Nanyi this afternoon. Ni Xiaowan asked Lin Nanyi and Tong Xi for a semester, why the relationship has become so good, Lin Nanyi said that Tong Xi is more kind, Ni Xiaowan I think Lin Nanyi likes kind girls, so she decides to be more friendly to Tong Xi in the future.

Lin Nanyi thought for a long time, and decided to apologize to the children’s shoes online. After all, Tong Xi ignored him in normal life. Lin Nanyi apologized to Tong Xi sincerely, but Tong Xi blacked Lin Nanyi. Lin Nan A bit uncomfortable.

When she was in school, Tong Xi was talking to Tao Zhu. Although the summer vacation was approaching, Tong’s mother had arranged lessons for Tong Xi long ago. Tong Xi was very uncomfortable. At this time, Ni Xiaowan came, and she wrote her Tong Xi’s notes were given to Tong Xi, and she went to Lin Nanyi to help Lin Nanyi with her homework. Tong Xi was surprised, but she did not expect that Ni Xiaowan would give her notes to Tong Xi.

In class, Lin Nanyi passed a small note to Tong Xi. Tong Xi directly told Lin Nanyi to shut up. Tao Zhu and Wang Yiming discovered the contradiction between the two. They decided to help Lin Nanyi and Tong Xi, so Tao Zhu pretended to come to his aunt, and Wang Yiming also said that he had a basketball game, so Lin Nanyi and Tong Xi were on duty.

After school, Tong Xi and Lin Nanyi were on duty together. Tao Zhu and Wang Yiming were watching. At first they had a good atmosphere, but then they quarreled. Wang Yiming and Tao Zhu wanted to help them. The door was locked directly. After Wang Yiming and Tao Zhu locked the door, they ran away. The two felt that they had done a very good thing. When they were happy, they even threw the key away.

Lin Nanyi and Tong Xi were in the classroom. Lin Nan told Tong Xi about his career as Qinghe. Tong Xi didn’t think there was anything, just felt ashamed. She had given Qinghe a lot of shame before. As soon as Lin Nan solved Tong Xi, the knot between the two of them was solved, and now they were thinking about how to get out. Lin Nan went straight out of the window. Tong Xi didn’t expect Lin Nan to think of this method early in the morning. Angrily want to fight Lin Nanyi. Tao Zhu also thought that Lin Nanyi and Tong Xi could turn the window, so he didn’t worry about them. When they went to eat, they ran into Xu Ao.

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