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Summer Again 薄荷之夏 Episode 12 Recap

Tong Xi and Wei Ze went to Qinghe’s signing event. When Wei Ze went to help Tong Xi buy drinks, Tong Xi wandered around. When she went downstairs, she accidentally fell down. Fortunately, Lin Nanyi was beside her. But when Lin Nan wore Ultraman clothes, Tong Xi didn’t recognize Lin Nanyi. Lin Nanyi’s arm was injured in order to protect Tong Xi.

Lin Nan is Qinghe. He didn’t want the notice to discover his true face, so he brought a male cock to the show. Qinghe’s book fans were very disappointed. Tao Zhu saw the broadcast, she was also very disappointed, but she was also quite disappointed. I was sad that I did not go to the signing event. At this time, Mia came and asked Tao Zhu to go to the terrace. There was a surprise. Tao Zhu went to the terrace. Unexpectedly, Wang Yiming set up a simple signing event for Tao Zhu. Wang Yiming pretended to be Qinghe He also signed Tao Zhu’s name, fulfilling Tao Zhu’s dream.

When it came time to sign, Tong Xi was very excited. She also signed an extra copy and wanted to give it to Lin Nanyi. Lin Nan was very happy when he was in the head of the chicken, and Tong Xi took a photo with Lin Nanyi. Other fans admire Tong Xi very much.

When Qinghe signed his signature, he also wrote a special number on each page. Qinghe needed to draw lots so book fans could make requests. As a result, Qinghe got Wei Ze. Although Wei Ze didn’t have any wishes, Tong Xi wanted to see Qinghe. I asked Wei Ze to help me look at Qinghe’s face. Under the veil of the curtain, Qinghe took off his headgear. Wei Ze discovered that it was Lin Nanyi. Wei Ze was stunned on the spot, Wei Ze After coming off the stage, he described Qinghe’s face to Tong Xi.

After the signing event, Tong Xi waited for Qinghe from the side door of the bookstore, because she guessed that Qinghe would come out from here, just when Tong Xi was going to the bathroom, Tong Xi gave Wei Ze the bag in her hand, and after Tong Xi left, As soon as Lin Nan came out, Lin Nan asked Wei Ze not to tell Tong Xi his identity, and Wei Ze agreed.

After Tong Xi came back, he found that Lin Nanyi was there. Lin Nanyi said that he had just finished the work. Before Tong Xi said that Qinghe was here to hold a signing meeting, he wanted to come and have a look. Tong Xi felt sorry for Lin Nanyi. , After all, the signing event is over.

When Tong Xi came back, she bought a lot of Qinghe’s surroundings and asked Tao Zhu to pick it up. Tao Zhu was very happy. In the evening, Tong Xi went to Tao Zhu’s house. She told Tao Zhu that she felt that Wei Ze was really different from what she had imagined. After she and Wei Ze attended the signing meeting before, she took Lin Nanyi and her friends. After eating, Wei Ze always had a sense of superiority in a big city. Lin Nanyi was a little unhappy.

Tong Xi was a little unhappy when he heard what Wei Ze said. Tong Xi told Tao Zhu what Wei Ze said. Tao Zhu had a bad impression of Wei Ze, and Tong Xi felt the same way, and Lin Nanyi’s position in her heart improved. While talking, Tao Zhu asked Tong Xi if she had any special feelings for Lin Nanyi. Tong Xi denied it. She still thought she and Lin Nan were friends, Tao Zhu didn’t say anything else.

Tao Zhu was gloomy because of Xu Ao’s affairs. Wang Yiming was worried about Tao Zhu and planned to take Tao Zhu to learn basketball. Tao Zhu scored a goal without expecting it for the first time. Tao Zhu was very happy. Tao Zhu found out that Wang Yiming had been obedient to himself recently, and thought Wang Yiming had done something sorry. Wang Yiming denied it. Wang Yiming also asked Tao Zhu how he likes a person. Tao Zhu was particularly surprised. He didn’t expect Wang Yiming to finally open up. .

Tong Xi originally wanted to ask Lin Nanyi how she felt when she received her gift. She went to the Mint Garden without Lin Nanyi, but found that Lin Nanyi was Qinghe, and Tong Xi was greatly shocked.

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