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Summer Again 薄荷之夏 Episode 11 Recap

Teacher Jia made a summary of the open class, saying that he was quite satisfied with the open class just now. Tong Xi was not deliberate. At this time, someone told Teacher Jia that the director wanted him, and Teacher Jia would leave the classroom first, and Ni Xiaowan came. When I arrived next to Tong Xi, I asked Tong Xi if he hated herself so that he would paint so ugly.

Tong Xi could not speak. At this time Lin Nan and Tong Xi spoke, and Tong Xi bravely stood up and said She doesn’t know how to draw. She asked other classmates to help her draw the blackboard newspaper. Tong Xi also said that she wrote the mysterious letter. She is willing to accept everyone’s accusations. She doesn’t want to be a goddess anymore. She wants to do it. Back to herself, the classmates were surprised.

Because of this, Tong Xi doesn’t eat much anymore. Tao Zhu is very worried about Tong Xi, but Tong Xi has already figured out that she just wants to be who she is. Whether you like her or not, she will let everyone Seeing the real her, and she believed that true friends would not care about her image, Tong Xi wanted to understand, so she regained her cheerfulness, Tao Zhu and the others let go.

Wang Yiming didn’t expect Tao Zhu to know Tong Xi’s true face a long time ago. He asked Tao Zhu why he didn’t tell him. Tao Zhu didn’t think it was a big deal. At this time, Wang Yiming suddenly reacted. It turned out that Tao Zhu didn’t write two letters. The letter above was written to him by Tao Zhu. Wang Yiming was very happy. Tao Zhu couldn’t explain it clearly and didn’t want to say more.

When Tao Zhu went to the drama club, those people asked her about Tong Xi. They were all watching the drama. Tao Zhu could not understand their faces and left the drama club. Tong Xi and Lin Nanyi are in the bookstore. Lin Nanyi is still worried about Tong Xi, afraid of what will happen to Tong Xi, but Tong Xi is really cheerful, but she always feels that Ni Xiaowan is targeting herself, Lin Nanyi told Tong Xi that she Before coming, Ni Xiaowan had always been the most popular girl in the class. After knowing the reason, Tong Xi planned to explain clearly to Ni Xiaowan.

In the evening, Tong Xi told Qinghe about it. Qinghe said that Tong Xi was jealous. Tong Xi firmly refused to admit it. The two talked about Lin Nanyi again. Tong Xi said she was very angry with Lin Nanyi. I wrote many letters to Lin Nanyi before, but Lin Nanyi didn’t reply.

As soon as Ni Xiaowan went home, Dad Ni said that Ni Xiaowan would not come back soon to help her brother review his homework. Ni Xiaowan also found out that her brother was using her pen. Ni Xiaowan was very angry, but Dad Ni thought it was nothing. Of course, Ni Xiaowan was angry upstairs. .

Qin Keer talked ill of Tong Xi to Sun Jieping in the toilet. Suddenly Qin Keer had a stomachache. She found out that she had come to her aunt and her pants were still dirty. Sun Jieping didn’t know what to do. At this time, Tong Xi went from the toilet next to her. They all knew that Tong Xi had heard what she said just now, but they didn’t expect that Tong Xi was not angry and even lent her dance pants to Qin Keer.

When Tong Xi went to the dance class, Teacher Xu found that Tong Xi did not wear dancing pants. When Tong Xi was at a loss, Teacher Xu gave Tong Xi a pair of dancing pants, and Tong Xi was very happy.

Tao Zhu ran into Xu Ao on the road. She greeted Xu Ao, but Xu Ao obviously did not want to talk to her. Tao Zhu asked Xu Ao about drama, but Xu Ao said that there might not be a suitable role for Tao Zhu. Tao Zhu was sad. Obviously before Xu Ao said that she had a role for her, Tao Zhu talked about this, but Xu Ao didn’t even explain, Tao Zhu was very sad.

It’s a long holiday soon. Tong Xi has already decided to go to Dacheng. She is going to Qinghe’s signing event. Tong Xi wants Tao Zhu and Wang Yiming to accompany her, but neither of them can go, so Tong Xi goes to find With Lin Nanyi, Lin Nanyi agreed to Tong Xi.

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