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Remembrance of Things Past (2021) 我在他乡挺好的

Remembrance of Things Past (2021)
Other Title: 我在他乡挺好的, Wo Zai Ta Xiang Ting Hao De, I’m fine in a foreign country

Genres: Friendship, Romance, Life, Drama
Guo Shuang
Li Mo
Hunan TV, Mango TV, Mango TV
Release Date: 
July 19, 2021
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  • Zhou Yu Tong ass Qiao Xi Chen
  • Ren Su Xi
  • Sun Qian as Xu Yan
  • Bai Yu Fan as Jian Yi Fan
  • Kido Ma as Ou Yang
  • Dai Yun Fan as Lin Rui

A story of young men and women born in the 80’s and 90’s who meet in Beijing. Through their struggles in the metropolis, they hold on to their dreams and experience various tests in life, career, and love.
Smart and motivated, Qiao Xichen (Zhou Yutong) has gone all the way from a small town to complete her studies n Beijing and work diligently in the corporate world. Life was good. However, the sudden death of Hu Jingjing comes as a shock. Qiao Xichen grieves the loss of a dear friend together with her bestie Xu Yan and Hu Jingjing’s older cousin Ji Nanjia as they continue on with their lives carrying Hu Jingjing in their hearts.

At work, Jian Yifan (Bai Yufan) is the new man put in a leadership position to announce a mass layoff. At this time, an unexpected situation arises in a project that Qiao Xichen is responsible for. Given her own efforts and the help off her colleagues, Qiao Xichen manages to smooth over the difficulties and also gets into a relationship with Jian Yifan.

When her boss returns, Qiao Xichen is transferred out of her position yet she does not panic nor does she become impatient since she is simply focused on doing her job well. In the meantime, Ji Nanjia’s company is facing an operational crisis due to changes in market demand which leads her to explore new business opportunities. Xu Yan decides to stay in Beijing for her boyfriend whose a Beijing native, yet their relationship hits the rocks due to their differences in consumption methods. With every challenge that comes in their lives, all three ladies learn to understand the meaning of optimism, hard work, diligence and steadfastness as they walk towards a new beginning.

“I’m good in a foreign country” is an urban topical drama directed by Li Mo, starring Zhou Yutong, Bai Yufan, Sun Qian, Ma Sichao, Jin Jing, Tai Le, and Ren Suxi. The play tells the story of a couple of young men and women born in the 80s and 90s who met in Beijing. With dreams, they wandered in this big city and experienced various tests of life, career, and feelings.

Qiao Xichen, who was smart and motivated all the way from a small town to Beijing, went to school and work. She works diligently and earnestly, and she has a good daily life. The sudden death of her friend Hu Jingjing broke her peaceful life. Qiao Xichen, together with his best friend Xu Yan and Hu Jingjing’s cousin Ji Nanjia, faced Hu Jingjing’s departure and continued to live with nostalgia for her. Qiao Xichen’s company airborne leader Jian Yifan and announced the layoffs. At the same time, the project she was in charge of was unexpectedly.

With her own efforts and the help of colleagues, she successfully tided over the difficulties and walked with Jian Yifan. After the return of the former boss, Qiao Xichen was transferred from the core position. She was not rushed, did her job well, and found a new career direction. Ji Nanjia’s company has an operational crisis due to changes in market demand. She has explored new business opportunities in her life and moved to a new peak in her career.

At the same time, she reaped her sincere love. Xu Yan stayed in Beijing for her local boyfriend, but broke up with her boyfriend due to differences in consumption concepts. She finally woke up, abandoned the pursuit of vanity, and looked for real life value. All three of them understood the meaning of optimism, hard work, diligence and practicality, and moved towards a new life.

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