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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 32 Recap

Zheng Ke is still looking for the IP address of Xiaoyue’s video call with Onion. The glasses really couldn’t stand the chirping look of the onion head. They wanted to grab the computer, but they were tightly guarded by the onion head. Onion begged the glasses to let himself and Satsuki speak a few more words. The glasses reluctantly agreed to speak for another minute. At the same time, Zheng Ke speeded up the search for the address, and fortunately succeeded in positioning. Li Ruosheng admired the great god in Mu Qing’s mouth, and was also happy that the pair of lovers, Glasses and Xiaoyue, could still be reunited.

Onion begged the glasses to spare him, and he was already scared as the little Buddha, Dakun, and Tie Guanyin had accidents one after another. But the glasses and glasses cited the example of hunters chasing sika deer, reminding that the onion head will be hunted down once it stops.

Glory reported to Liu Ju that Onion wanted to leave the K-head, so the glasses kidnapped Xiaoyue to threaten him. Glory suggested that Onion should be arrested first. He is a lover and will definitely tell the secrets of K organization for his family. Liu Ju stressed that we must first ensure the safety of Xiaoyue’s mother and child.

Mr. Ou asked Onion and Xiaoyue to take good care of the glasses. After he successfully won the ghost and the group’s business was stable, he asked Onion and Xiaoyue to live a stable life, and counted the ten-year relationship between himself and Onion. Affection. He looked thoughtful after hearing the glasses. Li Ruosheng told Onion Tou that they had found Xiaoyue’s address, but Naihe glasses sent a large number of guards, and now he hastily rescued, only to be wiped out. Mu Qing said that he had a way.

Xiaoyue started to overeating because of a bad mood, and the subordinates of the glasses did not dare to stop her behavior, and continued to order her braised pork. Mu Qing and the others lurked outside the villa where Xiaoyue was detained. He took the opportunity of the takeaway to deliver the food and put the note in. Xiaoyue found the note when she was taking the takeaway.

She took the opportunity of going to the toilet and saw the note saying that she would go outside for a walk later, and then flushed the note away with the toilet. Later, Xiaoyue used the note to signal to go out for a walk, while Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng took the opportunity to knock down the men of the glasses. Xiaoyue obeyed Onion Tou’s arrangement and followed Mu Qing to take refuge.

After the glasses got the news from his subordinates, he was very angry. Mr. Ou asked the glasses to settle the matter quickly. Glasses fiercely led people to Li Ruosheng’s residence to search, Li Ruosheng and Onion Tou pretended to be ignorant. After searching for the glasses, Onion Tou deliberately warned him to take care of Satsuki, otherwise he should look good on the glasses. When the glasses went back to report to Mr. Ou, he felt that Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng were the most suspicious. Mr. Ou agreed with the glasses to continue investigating Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng, but also reminded the glasses to find Xiaoyue as soon as possible.

Xiaoyue was sent to Ou Kexin’s studio by Mu Qing. After Xiaoyue knew that Ou Kexin was Mr. Ou’s daughter, she wanted to leave, but Ou Kexin said she was different from her father. Xiaoyue agreed to hide in Ou Kexin for now. In the evening, Onion hired a boat at the dock and asked Mu Qing to send Xiaoyue there immediately. Mu Qing and Ou Kexin discussed that they were worried that Xiaoyue would be injured when the glasses caught the onion head.

They decided to let Xiaoyue hide in Ou Kexin’s studio first. Onion Tou called again to urge Xiaoyue to leave. Xiaoyue also wanted to be with Onion Tou, but Mu Qing said that now it is all the eyeliner of glasses. If she doesn’t mind Shen Jiang with Onion Tou, she can leave by herself. . After hesitating, Satsuki decided to stay.

The glasses sent someone to stare at the onion. Mr. Ou said that if Xiaoyue appeared, he would bring back both onion and Xiaoyue; if Xiaoyue did not appear, don’t disturb the onion first. In order to do business with the ghost, Mr. Ou agreed that the glasses should continue to stare at Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng. Ou Kexin suggested whether to hand over Xiaoyue to Honor first, but Mu Qing said that this approach was too risky, and he still needed the supply of Onion Head to find the ghost. But Xiaoyue heard the conversation between Mu Qing and Ou Kexin, and Xiaoyue thought that Mu Qing and the others were actually using themselves.

Mu Qing asked Onion to find a girl to test whether there was onion eyeliner around. After the onion was done, it was caught by the men of the glasses. Mu Qing taught Onion to bite his glasses in front of Mr. Ou, thus removing the monitoring of the glasses. Onion said that he was born and died for Mr. Ou for many years, and now he only wants to return to his girlfriend. But Mr. Ou asked Onion if he really wanted to run.

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