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Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 Episode 13 Recap

Luo Qianyi quietly came to the piano room and found the real Luo Qianyi’s diary. On the other side, the real Luo Qianyi suddenly appeared and found A Chao.

Huo Youxi felt a little disappointed when she saw Luo Qianyi’s indifferent look back again, and she used to think that if Luo Qianyi couldn’t remember what happened before, she could treat it as if it had never happened. She said she couldn’t control the previous things, hope Luo Qianyi should not do things that I am sorry for Huo Youze in the future. Luo Qianyi reassures her that the person she loves is Huo Youze. Luo Qianyi left after talking. After Huo Youze got up, Huo Youxi asked him if he had talked with Luo Qianyi about the past. Huo Youze didn’t know how to answer, and he also found that Luo Qianyi didn’t bring the mobile phone he bought for her.

Yuhang helped Luo Qianyi buy a new mobile phone and asked her why she refused to call the police and still do these things. Luo Qianyi said that if the police arrested Huo Youze, she would not be happy. She looked through the real Luo Qianyi’s photos on the hard drive. , Imitated her expression, and learned some previous information through Luo Qianyi’s diary. Luo Qianyi went to A Chao again and said that he had remembered the past and said that he planned to resume his career. However, A Chao said that Luo Qianyi could not play the violin now, and it was difficult to come back.

Luo Qianyi asked if A Chao really believed in herself. Forgot how to play the violin, what if you are not Luo Qianyi? A Chao seemed to understand something, but what the fake Luo Qianyi didn’t know was that the real Luo Qianyi was in A Chao’s studio at this time, listening to her conversation with Chao. The fake Luo Qianyi told A Chao that he wanted to do a performance to make Huo Youze scared and figure out what Huo Youze did to him.

Luo Qianyi’s announcement of her comeback shocked the media. Huo Youze quickly called A Chao after learning about it. A Chao said that it was Luo Qianyi’s own decision. She did not bring her mobile phone. She has gone home now. Huo Youze went home and wanted to ask questions. A clear. As soon as Huo Youze entered the house, he heard a familiar violin sound. He became nervous and hurried to the piano room. He found that the things he put away in the piano room had been taken out by the fake Luo Qianyi. Huo Youze asked her why she was unilaterally.

Announcing the comeback, the fake Luo Qianyi said that this does not require consultation, but only notified Huo Youze, and the colorful night is not Huo Youze alone, but also has his own share. The fake Luo Qianyi asked Huo Youze to keep saying that he loved herself, but why didn’t he want to watch him return to the way he was before, and also asked him whether he loves herself or not.

Huo Youze persuaded her to stop, saying that such a performance was meaningless, but the fake Luo Qianyi said that she was not acting. She was Luo Qianyi. At this time, Sun Lei called and asked him how to respond to the public. Huo Youze said that she was sure that Luo Qianyi would not attend. After hanging up the phone, Huo Youze looked at the fake Luo Qianyi and said that she didn’t need to play anyone. After finishing the colorful night, he had something to tell her that the fake Luo Qianyi once again emphasized that she was Luo Qianyi.

Qi Fan and Huo Youxi met and said that he was a little worried about Luo Qianyi’s situation. Huo Youxi told Qi Fan about the conversation between him and Luo Qianyi, saying that Luo Qianyi personally admitted that he loved Huo Youze. Qi Fan couldn’t believe it, so he met Luo Qianyi that day. Huo Youxi was told about the incident, and Huo Youxi persuaded Qi Fan to put down Luo Qianyi. The two were chatting and suddenly saw the news of Luo Qianyi’s comeback.

Qi Fan ran back to the studio and asked A Chao. A Chao said that if Qi Fan really loves Luo Qianyi, he will consider Luo Qianyi’s public image. If he wants to meet, he will go to the scene to confirm on the colorful night. In order to be able to participate in the Colorful Night, Qi Fan went to Huo Youxi for help and promised that he would not do anything out of the ordinary. He just wanted to see Luo Qianyi again.

Huo Youze drank wine all night. When he was eating breakfast in the morning, Huo Youxi suddenly asked Huo Youze if he had bought herself a ticket to let her return to the UK. Huo Youze was tough and must leave Huo Youxi. An old Japanese police officer suddenly came to China. He seemed to know the fake Luo Qianyi. This time he came to investigate the matter.

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