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Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 Episode 12 Recap

Luo Qianyi once again called Huo Youze to ask about her family. She said that when she saw a person, she could think of some things on her own. Huo Youze was a little worried and wanted to accompany Luo Qianyi to find that person. Luo Qianyi refused, she said. I called Qi Fan and said he was going to see him at his house. Qi Fan was very happy and quickly sent the address to Luo Qianyi.

When Luo Qianyi arrived at Qi Fan’s house, she had no impression of this home. Qi Fan took Luo Qianyi around and looked around. Luo Qianyi asked Qi Fan if she had anything from her childhood or photos of her childhood. Qi Fan said that Luo Qianyi hardly mentioned her childhood. Regarding the matter, Luo Qianyi drew the flower graffiti for Qi Fan again, and asked Qi Fan if he knew him. Qi Fan said that she had no impression. Luo Qianyi was a little annoyed, and asked Qi Fan if she knew what she was like before. Qi Fan said Luo Qianyi Like freedom, until after meeting Huo Youze and Luo Qianyi approached Huo Youze, both he and A Chao felt that Luo Qianyi was unhappy.

Huo Youze couldn’t contact Luo Qianyi, so he opened the locator to check Luo Qianyi’s location, but he encountered traffic control on the road and couldn’t move forward. Qi Fan asked Luo Qianyi to sit down and talk while eating. When Luo Qianyi saw that Qi Fan’s dishes were sprinkled with sesame seeds, she asked Qi Fan if she had eaten sesame before. Qi Fan said that she used to eat sesame seeds. Luo Qianyi continued to ask if she had any before.

Did she speak Japanese after working in a Japanese food store? Qi Fan said that she had worked part-time, but in a tea restaurant, not a Japanese food store, and Luo Qianyi could only speak a few words in Japanese before, Luo Qianyi Thinking of what happened before, I guessed Huo Youze had been deceiving himself before. Huo Youze came to the door at this time. Luo Qianyi asked Qi Fan to deal with Huo Youze.

Although Huo Youze didn’t break into the door directly, he said that he was waiting for Luo Qianyi to come out at the door. Qi Fan took the opportunity to ask Luo Qianyi and Huo Youze to make a clean break, but Luo Qianyi said that Qi Fan didn’t understand herself at all, so she jumped out of the window and ran away. After Luo Qianyi escaped, Huo Youze called her. Luo Qianyi wondered why Huo Youze always knew her whereabouts. She guessed that Huo Youze had installed a location for her mobile phone and threw it away.

Isolated and helpless Luo Qianyi went to Yuhang’s house. Yuhang looked at Luo Qianyi’s appearance and felt very distressed. Luo Qianyi couldn’t help but burst into tears. After Luo Qianyi calmed down, Luo Qianyi said that she had discovered a lot of things. She felt that she was not Luo Qianyi. Luo Qianyi does not speak Japanese at all, and she can also eat sesame seeds, so Huo Youze arranged all of this. He tried every means to make himself believe that he was Luo Qianyi.

After Yuhang listened to it, he took Luo Qianyi to the dental hospital. He took an X-ray of Luo Qianyi’s tooth and called up the X-ray film taken by Luo Qianyi two years ago. There are many differences between the two reports. Yuhang felt that Huo Youze was very different. It is possible that Luo Qianyi’s physical examination data has been exchanged to deceive herself. The two x-rays have proved that Luo Qianyi is not the same Luo Qianyi before. Yuhang proposed to let Luo Qianyi call the police, but Luo Qianyi refused.

In fact, Huo Youze knew that the current Luo Qianyi was not the previous Luo Qianyi. When she was in Japan, Luo Qianyi was still in a coma and said “Dad, don’t kill me” in Japanese. Huo Youze worried all night, but Luo Qianyi came back casually the next morning. Sun Lei asked her where she had been last night. Luo Qianyi said that she had gone to the bar and remembered many things. Huo Youze looked at Luo Qianyi suspiciously. Huo Youxi saw that the atmosphere of the two was not right, but Sun Lei told Huo Youxi not to ask, letting Huo Youze rest. Before Sun Lei left, Huo Youze suddenly ordered her to announce that Luo Qianyi would not attend the Colorful Night.

Huo Youze had a nightmare. He dreamed that he asked Luo Qianyi if the memories he had remembered were Qi Fan, but Luo Qianyi said that he remembered it, and asked Huo Youze if he didn’t want to remember his previous memories. Luo Qianyi asked Huo Youze not to remember them in the future. If I drink and blame myself again, I will slowly change back to the Luo Qianyi that Huo Youze loves, and let Huo Youze rest assured that he will not return to Qi Fan.

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