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Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 Episode 11 Recap

Yuhang felt that there was a problem with the DNA test report, but the doctor who tested it told him that this was the case. Luo Qianyi called him and said that she had seen the report and she was relieved a lot. Although there are still many doubts, she feels these doubts. They would all be unlocked slowly, and Huo Youze also promised to help her find the past together, Yuhang hung up the phone somewhat lonely.

Huo Youze came to the piano room and put away the photos and trophies about Luo Qianyi. He hugged a violin in his arms, recalling the past of himself and Luo Qianyi, thinking about it and couldn’t help crying, Huo Youze was sad. Yes, put away the last violin. Huo Youxi came to Huo Youze and said that he had seen Qi Fan and Luo Qianyi today.

Huo Youze said that the two of them had known each other very early and he cared about it, but now he has to learn to let go and learn to forget the previous affair, Huo Youxi I was worried that after Luo Qianyi remembered the past, he would not choose Huo Youze, but Huo Youze said that it would wait until then and let Luo Qianyi make a choice.

Huo Youze woke up from the nightmare at night. He was restless and couldn’t help but went to Luo Qianyi’s room. Luo Qianyi did not refuse to sleep next to Luo Qianyi, and Huo Youze fell asleep peacefully. The next morning, Huo Youze said that he was ready to retire, but many things could not be arranged until after the colorful night. Luo Qianyi promised that she would not get into trouble again this time, and also said that she was going to see Yuhang and was in trouble. It’s better for him to make certain things clear for so long.

Luo Qianyi expressed her gratitude to Yuhang and said that she was engaged. Sometimes she did not notice her image in front of Yuhang. She regarded Yuhang as her best friend, but she and Yuhang too close would cause misunderstandings. , It’s not good for Yuhang. When Yuhang saw that Luo Qianyi had sent him a good person card, he couldn’t help but feel aggrieved. He told Luo Qianyi that he would not disturb Luo Qianyi’s life anymore.

Huo Youze went to the company and told Sun Lei that Luo Qianyi wanted to attend the Colorful Night, and asked Sun Lei to help Luo Qianyi. Sun Lei agreed, and when he was about to have a meeting, Huo Youze told Sun Lei that he was going to retire and wanted Sun Lei. Be mentally prepared, Sun Lei was dubious, thinking that Huo Youze was joking. Sun Lei went to find Xiaoding, Xiaoding told Yuhang about Luo Qianyi’s DNA comparison, but Sun Lei felt a little suspicious. Sun Lei went to Doctor Qian again and asked about the situation.

Sun Lei was full of doubts. She approached Huo Youze and asked what happened during this period and what Yuhang was investigating. Huo Youze said that Yuhang suspects Luo Qianyi is not the same person as before, but now that the DNA report comes out, it proves that Yuhang thought too much. Lei also said that she noticed that the wine bottles in Huo Youze’s house were all empty. She keenly noticed that Huo Youze’s condition was not good. Huo Youze said that he was tired and he was also thinking about what he cared about. He made Sun Lei feel relieved. I won’t drink anymore after today, and he will tell Sun Lei some things.

Luo Qianyi saw a lot of flower graffiti on the street. She always felt that these graffiti were familiar. She seemed to understand the meaning of these graffiti. She followed the graffiti to search around, and once again met the tramp the last time, she followed all the way. But she accidentally lost it. She was a little stunned and didn’t know what she was doing. After two steps she saw the tramp again. She was afraid of being discovered by the tramp, so she hurriedly hid, but the tramp took out the knife. , Luo Qianyi suddenly appeared from behind the tramp, she saw the tramp’s face clearly, and suddenly fell into a bad memory, the tramp saw someone passing by and hurriedly ran away.

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