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Love Is Beautiful 对你的爱很美 Episode 4 Recap

Wang Dashan came in and called Luo Yufeng a mother. Luo Qing took out the marriage certificate. Luo Yufeng was stunned. Wang Dashan took out the jade bracelet left by his grandmother. Luo Yufeng couldn’t put it down, put the jade bracelet away on the spot, and Luo Yufeng learned that Wang Dashan was open. The beef noodle restaurant asked him to make a bowl of beef noodles on the spot. Wang Xiaomi felt that his grandmother was less reliable than his mother.

Luo Yufeng took out the jade bracelet early in the morning and asked Luo Qing to return it to Wang Dashan. Luo Qing promised to buy her a better jade bracelet. Wang Xiaomi went out early without eating rice. Wang Dashan did not allow her to go to the bar to see Ke Lei. Wang Xiaomi promised to love him alone and advised him to go home to live tonight. Luo Qing called Chen Mu to meet at the first time and learned that he was in a bar with Ke Lei on the manuscript. Wang Xiaomi asked him to resign to Ke Lei. Chen Mu was worried and hurried to see Wang Xiaomi.

Wang Dashan asked a friend about his family’s immigration abroad. The friend saw that he had something on his mind and advised him not to avoid it. Wang Dashan said inconvenience and had to leave first. Chen Mu came to the beach on time to see Wang Xiaomi. Wang Xiaomi told the whole story. Chen Mu didn’t believe it at all. He believed Luo Qing was making up a story and persuaded Wang Xiaomi to go home as soon as possible.

Wang Xiaomi told her best friend Xiaolu about the incident. Xiaolu wanted to introduce Luo Qing to the psychiatrist. Although Wang Xiaomi repeatedly assured that Ke Lei was her biological father and explained that Wang Dashan’s blood type was not in harmony with her, Xiaolu just didn’t believe it. Ke Lei broadcasted a live talk show on the Internet. His parents watched it on their mobile phones at home. Meimei rushed to help cast the screen on the TV and served them some tea.

Ke Lei talked about the influence of the parents of the original family on their children, expressing love to their parents in public, and the parents were moved to tears. The hairdressing and hairdressing information reported this situation to Ke Lei. Xiaolu carefully searched for Ke Lei’s information on the Internet, and persuaded Wang Xiaomi to recognize Ke Lei, the father of the diamond king’s fifth son, and he would be able to rise to the top. Wang Xiaomi was immediately tempted.

Luo Qing’s clothing store is opposite Wang Dashan’s noodle shop. Wang Dashan wanted to give Luo Qing beef noodles, but he didn’t dare to enter. Wang Xiaomi saw this scene and persuaded Luo Qing to give Wang Dashan a step. Luo Qing generously came to the restaurant for dinner, and after Wang Dashan was busy with her personally, Luo Qing asked him to accompany him by the side.

Wang Xiaomi was in a dilemma. She came to the beach alone to relax. She accidentally saw Chen Mu handing out flyers here. Chen Mu knew that she was still worrying about her life experience and advised her to think about Wang Dashan and not let Wang Dashan be harmed. Wang Xiaomi worried about this happiness Chen Mu felt that the most critical factor was her, and Wang Xiaomi was lost in thought.

After the noodle shop closed, Wang Dashan came to the shop to find Luo Qing. Luo Qing returned the jade bracelet to him. Wang Dashan refused and never divorced. He finally figured it out. As long as he has a good life, whatever others say, Wang Dashan is worried that Ke Lei and Luo Qing’s old relationship will return. He feels that it is not as good as Ke Lei.

If Luo Qing was not pregnant, he might not marry him. Wang Dashan thinks Ke Lei is more suitable to be Wang Xiaomi’s father, Luo Qing Feeling that no one can do better than Wang Dashan, Wang Dashan worried that Wang Xiaomi would not think so. Luo Qing promised that Wang Xiaomi would love Wang Dashan as always, and even took the opportunity to kiss him before Wang Dashan felt relieved.

For the first time, Wang Xiaomi cooked a table of dishes. Luo Qing and Wang Dashan came home very late. They were full of praise for Wang Xiaomi. Wang Xiaomi expressed her attitude on the spot. She only had Wang Dashan as a father. Wang Dashan was moved to tears. In my eyes, the family of three happily finished the meal.

Ke Lei and Mei Mei were about to go to sea to relax. Seeing Gao Sen taking his son to join in the fun from a distance, Ke Lei evaded him and hurriedly started the cruise. When Meimei saw Gao Sen’s child crying and making trouble, she discussed with Ke Lei about having children. Ke Lei didn’t want children. She felt it was too troublesome to raise children. She just wanted to live a happy life easily. Meimei suddenly wanted her own children. , Ke Lei quickly turned off the topic.

On the weekend, Wang Dashan cooked Wang Xiaomi’s food, Luo Qing hugged him from behind, and the two of them had endless love stories. Luo Yufeng suddenly came to comfort Wang Dashan, repeatedly claiming that he missed him very much, and persuaded him to relax, and said that there is only one son-in-law in this family. If Luo Qing is not good to Wang Dashan, she will break away from Luo Qing and Wang Dashan will go. Buy groceries and let the mother and daughter wait at home. Luo Qing returned the jade bracelet to Luo Yufeng, and Luo Yufeng hurriedly put it on his wrist. Wang Dashan involuntarily came to the outside of Ke Lei’s bar, with mixed feelings in his heart.

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