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Love Is Beautiful 对你的爱很美 Episode 3 Recap

After the bar closed, Ke Lei didn’t want to go home to face his parents’ urging marriage and birth. He was in a daze at the bar alone, and Meimei came to accompany him. It was late at night and Wang Dashan couldn’t sleep. The more he thought about it, the more depressed he became. He went to the street barbecue stall to drink a lot of alcohol. He drank a lot of alcohol in one breath. The boss saw that he was on his mind, so he gave him a plate of peanuts and sat down. Talk to him.

Luo Qing and Wang Xiaomi sat downstairs. The mother and daughter talked together. Luo Qing told Wang Xiaomin the story between her and Wang Dashan in detail. Wang Dashan vomited bitterness to the boss through Jiu Jin. He clearly remembered what happened more than 20 years ago. He fell in love with Luo Qing at first sight and thought she was like Hepburn, so he directed and acted in a play. Wang Dashan stopped at the intersection.

Luo Qing came home late at night. Luo Qing mistakenly thought that he had robbed him, so he pulled out the axe and slab from his bag. Wang Dashan showed her his heart. Luo Qing immediately decided to marry him at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning and repeatedly explained his stomach. She was pregnant with someone else’s child, Wang Dashan didn’t care, and promised to see or leave tomorrow, and the two got married in this way.

The boss kindly persuaded Wang Dashan and promised to introduce a widow to him. Wang Dashan couldn’t let Luo Qing and Wang Xiaomi go, and the boss had to give up. After listening to the story of Luo Qing and Wang Dashan, Wang Xiaomi still didn’t want to finish, so she curiously inquired about the emotional entanglement between Luo Qing and Ke Lei. Luo Qing and Ke Lei both loved dancing. The two of them flirted with each other, and soon fell in love. Soon after, Luo Qing became pregnant, and Ke Lei couldn’t give her a stable home, so Luo Qing broke up in angrily.

After Luo Qing and Wang Dashan got married, Wang Dashan wholeheartedly treated her and Wang Xiaomi, and had no regrets for 23 years. Both Wang Xiaomi and Luo Qing felt that Wang Dashan was great. The more Wang Dashan speaks, the more sad he is. He has no friends in his life. The only one who speaks in his heart is his wife Luo Qing. Now Luo Qing and Wang Xiaomi are about to not belong to him. Wang Dashan feels unprecedented emptiness and helplessness. The boss desperately comforts him and accompanies him. He drank his sorrows through wine.

Wang Dashan came home very late. Seeing that there was no one in the house, he felt very strange. He packed his luggage overnight and wanted to leave, but he didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye. He wanted to wait for Luo Qing and Wang Xiaomi to return. Luo Qing and Wang Xiaomi went home quickly. Wang Dashan and them left and wanted to give Ke Leiteng a place. Luo Qing was furious and called him a waste of money. Luo Qing admitted that he was not willing to Wang Dashan and let him choose which course to go. Wang Dashan felt ashamed. He felt that he couldn’t compete with Ke Lei, and Wang Xiaomi was still Ke Lei’s biological daughter. He felt like an outsider and resolutely left home with a suitcase.

Wang Xiaomi followed, and followed Wang Dashan to the beef noodle shop. Wang Xiaomi wanted to accompany Wang Dashan to shop on the ground here. Wang Dashan was very touched, but he still cruelly sent Wang Xiaomi to go to Ke Lei to have a good life. Wang Xiaomi wanted to eat Wang Dashan. Wang Dashan hurried to prepare the beef noodles made.

Wang Dashan watched Wang Xiaomi devouring noodles and was full of compassion and love. Wang Xiaomi advised him not to think and promise not to leave Wang Dashan. Wang Xiaomi felt that his mother had always spoken improperly and suspected that she was lying. Wang Xiaomi tried his best to make Wang Dashan happy, Wang Dashan Worried that Luo Qing would dump him, Wang Xiaomi vowed to always stand by his side and promised that Luo Qing would not leave such a good husband like Wang Dashan.

Wang Dashan wanted to know Wang Xiaomi’s true thoughts on this matter. Wang Xiaomi admitted that when she first knew that Ke Lei was her biological father, she was a little excited, but compared to Wang Dashan’s love over the years, Wang Dashan felt very much. With relief, Luo Qing hid aside and heard clearly.

Luo Qing came to see her mother Luo Yufeng for a showdown overnight. Luo Yufeng was stunned and complained that Luo Qing had kept it from her for so many years, and Luo Yufeng repeatedly praised Wang Dashan. Wang Dashan and Wang Xiaomi went home together. The father and daughter continued this topic. Wang Dashan admitted that he only loved Luo Qing and Wang Xiaomi in his entire life, and that Wang Xiaomi’s biological father did not exist. Wang Xiaomi turned out the picture of Ke Lei, but Wang Dashan didn’t want to look at him. Wang Dashan remembered the day when he and Luo Qing received the marriage certificate, he followed Luo Qing home to see Luo Yufeng.

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