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Love Is Beautiful 对你的爱很美 Episode 1 Recap

What is happiness? Everyone has a different understanding. Wang Dashan runs a beef noodle restaurant. He is devoted to his work and feels that this is happiness. His wife Luo Qing is a fashion buyer. He walks in major fashion stores every day, paying attention to the pulse of fashion. She enjoys it. Wang Dashan’s daughter Wang Xiaomi is about to graduate from university. She has no intention of looking for a job or taking a postgraduate entrance examination. She is obsessed with talk shows. Her grandmother Luo Yufeng is obsessed with live delivery, and she never gets tired of it.

Ke Lei ran a big bar called “Thunder”. He was drowsy early in the morning. His parents traveled far and wide to see him. Fortunately, his girlfriend Meimei was washing her face in the bathroom and brushing her teeth. Ke Lei pushed her mother to the first floor and reminded him. Meimei packed up everything and left as soon as possible. Meimei didn’t want to be sneaky anymore, let alone being called to and fro. She was stubborn on the bed and wouldn’t leave. She wanted to disclose their relationship. Ke Lei didn’t want to be urged by his parents to get married. He begged Meimei bitterly. Cooperate, but Meimei just didn’t buy it. His father suddenly broke in and saw Meimei in disheveled clothes, he was shocked.

Ke Lei lied that Meimei was a real estate worker. Her father was unwilling and yelled at Ke Lei. When her mother heard the news, Meimei changed her clothes and walked out generously. Ke Lei had to admit that Meimei was his girlfriend. The parents were happy in their hearts and greeted Meimei enthusiastically for a meal together, urging them to get married and have children as soon as possible, and Ke Lei was miserable.

Chen Mu Newspaper reporter, he is Wang Xiaomi’s hairpin, and he often takes pictures of cattle from all over the world to show Wang Dashan. Wang Dashan treats him as a good brother. Wang Xiaomi performed a talk show for her parents, but she was satirized by her mother Luo Qing. Wang Xiaomi was very upset and went to Chen Mu for comfort. Wang Dashan complained about Luo Qing. He was worried that Wang Xiaomi and Chen Mu were in love. Luo Qing felt that they were very good friends, but Wang Dashan felt that no one was worthy of his daughter Wang Xiaomi.

Wang Xiaomi brought Chen Mu and his girlfriend Xiaolu to the bar. Ke Lei performed an impromptu talk show. Wang Xiaomi was amused and laughed, but Chen Mu acted disdainfully and wrote a talk show on the spot. Wang Xiaomi searched the web for Ke Lei’s jokes. Wang Dashan was amused. Luo Qing felt that this was not a serious industry. He urged Wang Xiaomi to hurry up to review postgraduate entrance examinations or find a job. He didn’t expect Wang Xiaomi to sign up for the opening of the bar tonight. Invite Wang Dashan and Luo Qing to join in.

Wang Xiaomi came to the bar early, and Ke Lei encouraged her not to be nervous. Wang Xiaomi solemnly introduced Chen Mu as her behind-the-scenes writer. Ke Lei invited Chen Mu to write a story and promised to pay a generous reward. Today is Father’s Day, and the theme of the talk show tonight is fatherly love. Wang Dashan and Luo Qing arrived at the bar on time. Wang Xiaomi introduced Wang Dashan and his beef noodles with great affection, which won warm applause and cheers from the audience.

At the end of the performance, Ke Lei came on stage to give Wang Xiaomi a gift. Luo Qing recognized that Ke Lei was her ex-husband. It is indispensable to say that when she came to the stage, Wang Xiaomi would go and Wang Dashan had to follow him home. When Ke Lei returned to the stage, he was puzzled by only seeing Wang Xiaomi’s back. As soon as Wang Xiaomi went home, she was furious and argued with Luo Qing. Luo Qing resolutely refused to allow her to go to the bar again. Wang Dashan tried his best to relieve Wang Xiaomi. Luo Qing didn’t buy it at all, and yelled at Wang Dashan.

Wang Xiaomi gritted her teeth with anger and admitted to her face that she didn’t like Luo Qing. She picked up her bag and ran out of the house. Wang Dashan chased after him. Wang Xiaomi came to Chen Mu’s house in one breath and complained to him. Chen Mu also felt that Luo Qing’s behavior was too strange, and advised Wang Xiaomi to go home quickly, otherwise he would be misunderstood by Wang Dashan. Unexpectedly, Wang Dashan was guarding downstairs and always paying attention. Follow the actions of Chen Mu and Wang Xiaomi.

Chen Mu hurriedly went downstairs to invite Wang Dashan up, and persuaded Wang Xiaomi to go to her grandma’s house for a while. Wang Dashan made an idea to let her grandma clean up Luo Qing. Wang Xiaomi felt that it made sense and left Chen Mu’s house obediently. Wang Xiaomi came directly to her grandmother Luo Yufeng’s house, added a lot of fuel and vinegar, and said a lot of bad things about Luo Qing. Luo Yufeng was also very angry. Wang Dashan promised to persuade Luo Qing as soon as possible to let Wang Xiaomi stay at her grandma’s house.

When Wang Dashan settled down Wang Xiaomi, he called Luo Qing to inform Luo Yufeng that Wang Xiaomi was not allowed to go out, or she would set her house on fire. Luo Yufeng would not buy it at all, and threatened to release Wang Xiaomi, Luo Qingqi To be speechless.

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