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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 21 Recap

Qu Rusen entered Zhu Tiande’s ward for investigation, and happened to be bumped into by Lin Jingshan, so she informed Ma Tianming of the matter. Cai Likun drove Dean Su to go out for business and took the initiative to borrow the English version of “Count of Monte Cristo” from Dean Su. Then he cracked the four-digit code against the content of the book and passed it on to Tian Chujun in time. Since Citibank’s password should have at least ten digits, there are still six digits missing. Tian Chujun was worried about exposure, so he decided to abandon the Chunlai Tea Shop and find another contact point to inform Cai Likun to pay attention to newspaper advertisements in the near future.

Bai Julie has gradually woke up, but she is still in a state of depression, Lin Jingshan advised her to live a good life, after all, there are still many people caring. Bai Julie wondered if Lin Jingshan had ever thought about it. Lin Jingshan thought that she was asked to have her abdomen by Nakamura, saying that she had been so close to death, but rashly thinking will only punish others, not completely free.

Ma Tianming and Cai Likun were kidnapped, and the mastermind behind the scenes was Qu Rusen, who even broke their identities on the spot and forced them to hand over their codes. Although Cai Likun resolutely refused to follow, Ma Tianming simply negotiated with Cai Rusen for his life and pretended to take him to the garage. Unexpectedly, he found the notebook in a box with faint numbers on it.

Just as Qu Rusen turned his back, planning to kill Ma Tianming, but Ali suddenly stabbed Qu Rusen from behind. After the incident, Ali followed Ma Tianming back to the ward, just about to untie Cai Likun, but Ma Tianming actually stopped him and asked Cai Likun why he had to conceal the password when he knew it.

Because of Ding Siye, Ali and Ma Tianming quarreled, and even put a pistol against his head to stop Ma Tianming. However, Ma Tianming didn’t care about the consequences, so he immediately called Ding Siye and claimed that he had obtained the password. After saying a few words, Cai Likun actually hung up the phone to remind Ma Tianming that he could not save Ma Tianliang, because now he has the password. Only half the password.

Ma Tianming took the initiative to find the ghost face man, asked him to help with Qu Rusen’s affairs, and specifically instructed him to find a wicked person as a scapegoat. The ghost face man tricked Lao Wu into the suburbs and killed him, disguising him and Qu Rusen to death. Xue Ning received the call and came to the scene and saw the flaws at a glance.

It didn’t take long for the police to find out that both Lao Wu and Qu Rusen were from Hengshan Hospital. Xue Ning realized that something was wrong, and immediately had someone tamper with the investigation records on the spot, and then went to the hospital. Dean Su was shocked when he learned of the incident. He really didn’t believe that Wu would kill Qu Rusen. Xue Ning admitted that Qu Rusen was killed in Hengshan Hospital, and Cai moved to another place. As for the details, it is not easy to disclose.

Ali regretted that he could not prevent Ma Tianming from using the code to save Ma Tianliang, so he personally apologized to Cai Likun, but Cai Likun expressed his understanding and also recounted his own experience. Through this incident, Ali deeply understood the greatness of the Communists, so he proposed to join the Communist Party and was willing to abide by the Communist Party’s discipline.

Privately, Li Quan and Tao Chengkai met to report on Qu Rusen’s death, and the Party Affairs Investigation Department once again won the initiative. The leaders of the two parties were fighting in full swing for this. Xiao Wu was interrogated by the patrol house and the Lixing Agency. He really couldn’t figure out why Lao Wu wanted to kill Qu Rusen. He was reminded by Xue Ning at most. He remembered that Lao Wu was lucky recently, and someone should give him money.

Because Qu Rusen has been resolved, Cai Likun doesn’t need to worry about exposure for the time being. He goes to the ward to visit Zhu Tiande as usual, hoping that the other party will continue to pass the code to himself. Ma Tianming deliberately asked Li Quan about Qu Rusen, but Li Quan didn’t doubt it, but reminded him not to ask too much.

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