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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 20 Recap

The Bai Wencheng and his wife rearranged Zhang Nana’s home, which was completely renewed at this time and looked particularly warm. Bai Zhuli saw two pictures in Zhang Nana’s paintings, namely a luxurious house and three people hiding behind the curtains and peeping outside, reminding her of the Zhang family’s killing of the door.

Because of this, Bai Zhuli suddenly understood why Zhang Nana was afraid of Ma Tianming, and realized that something was wrong, and went to Ma Tianming to ask her in person. Facing Bai Julie’s questioning, Ma Tianming was very upset. He refused to admit that he had been to Zhang’s family, but felt that Zhang Nana thought she looked a lot like the murderer, or she had received a major stimulus that caused her memory to be confused.

Although Bai Julie suspects that Ma Tianming has a dual personality, which means that he is a respected doctor in Paris, France, she came to Shanghai to be a murderous murderer. Ma Tianming felt helpless about this, and repeatedly denied that he had a dual personality, hoping to gain Bai Julie’s trust.

Inspector Wu learned that Zhang Nana had appeared in the Bai’s mansion, so he sold the news to Ding Siye. Bai Zhuli promised her mother would go home for dinner, so she bought many gifts with Ma Tianming. However, Bai’s family was ready for the dinner. Bai Wencheng was looking forward to it, so she took Zhang Nana to pick them up. She didn’t expect to meet them halfway. Ding Siye’s men.

This group not only snatched Zhang Nana, but even fired several shots at Bai Chengwen. Although Bai Chengwen was sent to the hospital for rescue, he was still unable to recover and eventually died on the operating table. When Bai Julie heard the bad news about her father’s death, she was immediately saddened. She regretted that Bai Wencheng was involved in it. She also wanted to find the murderer as soon as possible, so she sought Ma Tianming’s help.

Xue Ning learned that Zhang Nana had been abducted, and believed that the matter was related to Wu Tanmu and warned him not to harm others for money. Tanmu wanted to attack Xue Ning from behind but failed, but fell and was stabbed to death by the glass bottle in his hand. After the incident, Xue Ning quickly organized a manpower to sweep Ding Siye’s factory, and still did not find Zhang Nana, but Zhang Nana and Ma Tianliang were locked together at this time. She watched Ma Tianliang become addicted and rolled on the ground and shouted. The whole person shrank into the bed.

Ma Tianming was about to go to Zhu Moli to confess all the truth, but unexpectedly ran into her in the dormitory by cutting her wrists and committing suicide, so he broke in. Fortunately, Cai Likun rescued Bai Julie in time, which made her save her life. Ma Tianming stayed by the bed and couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t think about it. Lin Jingshan believes that Bai Julie is suitable for wind and snow, and the current situation in Shanghai will only get more and more chaotic, so persuading Ma Tianming to take Bai Julie far away and continue to wade in the muddy water will only kill her.

Now Cai Likun has become Dean Su’s driver. He can use his position to frequently enter and exit Zhu Tiande’s ward. At the same time, he finds that the frequency of his finger tapping is very similar to the Morse code. Old Wu was bought by Qu Rusen, so he eavesdropped outside the ward and reported to him at any time. Qu Rusen slipped into Zhu Tiande’s ward at the right time, only to see that he showed no sign of waking up.

Through observations during this period, Cai Likun believed that Zhu Tianming was delivering some kind of information to them, so he had to connect with comrades outside as soon as possible. As for Ma Tianming, he continued to pay attention to Zhu Tiande’s fingers. Old Wu overhears the conversation and immediately informs Qu Rusen to get a reward. Ma Tianming found Tian Chujun, and then took the superior’s instructions back.

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