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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 18 Recap

Commander Mei requested that the hospital be equipped with a suite-sized bed, but the facilities of Hengshan Hospital were the same. Tianming deliberately approached Commander Mei’s adjutant to talk to him about the Xiaoyanglou. Sure enough, Commander Mei ignored Chen Zhengyuan’s explanation and obstruction, insisting on occupying the building for his own use, and even pretending to be a senior in the military in front of Tao Chengkai, and thus clashed with Li Quan.

When the two groups were holding guns and confronting each other, Dean Su showed up in time, and finally, with her mediation, the fierce battle was finally quelled. Before leaving, Commander Mei snarled harsh words. If Zhu Tiande hadn’t moved out, he would have set the small western-style building on fire. Ma Tianming informed Cai Likun of this matter and thought that Zhu Tiande could be transferred to him.

Just as Dean Su blamed Chen Zhengyuan for provoke Commander Mei, the small foreign building suddenly caught fire, and everyone rushed to fight the fire. Ma Tianming took risks to rescue Zhu Tiande. As the opponent was sent to the emergency room, he gradually passed out. Li Quan suspected Commander Mei, but Tao Chengkai thought all this was too coincidental. Therefore, he suspected that they deliberately used Commander Mei’s words to secretly transfer the patients, so that the suspicion could be removed, and it would also create disputes between the warlord and the Kuomintang.

Since the small western-style building was burned to the point where no one can live, Commander Mei no longer cares about the problems in the ward. Chen Zhengyuan took him for a medical examination. He happened to meet Tao Chengkai when he was out, and the atmosphere fell into anxiety again. When Ma Tianming saw this, he hid, and then persuaded Tao Chengkai not to care about with Commander May. Now the top priority is to find a suitable ward for Zhu Tiande.

Ma Tianming recommends the room on the top floor of the inpatient department, because there is a large enough space, the key is that the next ward is unoccupied and it is quieter and suitable for recuperation. Tao Chengkai hesitated a little, so he asked Ma Tianming to take him to see the ward environment first, only to find the ventilation duct on the ceiling.

At this time, the abnormal noise coming from the pipe attracted Tao Chengkai’s attention. Ma Tianming was very nervous and quickly found an excuse to get over. Fortunately, Tao Chengkai considered repeatedly and decided to keep Zhu Tiande in Hengshan Hospital for treatment. Ma Tianming was temporarily relieved. As Cai Likun injured his arm, Ma Tianming replaced him in treating Zhu Tiande.

At the same time, Xue Ning took the initiative to find Niu Er and forced him to tell the content of his previous transaction with Wu Tan. However, Niu Er was too cunning and refused to cooperate. Before he could finish speaking, he was shot and killed. Xue Ning chased it out, but unfortunately there was no sign of the suspicious person. Instead, a paper bag was found in Niu Er’s room, containing the 20,000 yuan that Dean Su had lost.

After leaving Niu Erjia, Xue Ning personally went to the hospital and took out Zhang Nana’s photo to verify with Bai Julie, thus learning Zhuzhu’s true identity. Ma Tianming saw that Xue Ning made Bai Julie swear that it had nothing to do with A Cai’s death. She just wanted to take the murder on her own body. She didn’t expect that Bai Julie would take the initiative to admit it, but she never regretted it. At least she guaranteed Zhang Nana’s safety. Children get happiness.

Bai Zhuli was about to surrender with Xue Ning, but Xue Ning was nowhere to be seen. Before leaving, he asked a nurse to take care of Zhang Nana. Xue Ning mixed into Bai’s house as a mover, and saw that Zhang Nana was deeply loved by the Bai Wencheng and his wife. She was very pleased about this. At the same time, she instructed Zhang Nana to live well in the Bai’s house and she would catch the murderer as soon as possible.

Instead of killing Ma Tianliang, Ding Siye asked his subordinates to give him frequent injections of morphine, which caused him to become addicted to drugs and eventually became a puppet at the mercy of others. Originally, Ma Tianming and Xue Ning agreed to meet at a good time, but when he was off work, he met the ghost-faced man and was forcibly taken away by the other party. Even Ali was in the car.

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