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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 12 Recap

Bao Xue admired Yu Songyang’s love for extreme activities. Yu Songyang pursued extraordinary happiness, but Bao Xue still had fear in her heart. In this way, Yu Songyang decided to take Bao Xue to experience the excitement. Bao Xue was sitting on a motorcycle with a winding mountain road in front of him. Yu Songyang was skating on an extreme skateboard. The two of them shuttled through the mountain road. After the incident, Bao Xue had a new perspective on Yu Songyang.

Du Shijun took over the sushi prepared by the secretary, which will be the benefit of the company in the future, but when he walked out of the office, he discovered that everyone else was eating shredded pork with fish flavor. Du Shijun looked at his secretary and suddenly realized something.

As soon as Lu Zheng received a call from Bai Jinghui at the vegetable market, he heard Bai Jinghui say that he had a stomachache. Lu Zheng went home anxiously, and gave Bai Jinghui a check. He was afraid that Bai Jinghui had a myocardial infarction, and he was relieved by an explanation.

Du Shijun saw the secretary Wei Lan walk into the office again. It turned out that Wei Lan was bothering for his internship. Wei Lan’s assessment was rejected by Du Shijun, but Wei Lan’s work ability was far inferior to her social scheming. Du Shijun felt that her decision was not wrong and would not make changes. Wei Lan reluctantly walked out of the office.

When Bao Xue learned that Liu Liangzhou’s studio was shooting Zhang Yishan’s poster, she went to her head with idiot enthusiasm, and hurriedly pulled Dai Xiaoyu to the studio, finally catching up with Zhang Yishan. The closing of the star shooting made Liu Liangzhou put on a precious film camera. The group couldn’t understand Liu Liangzhou’s thoughts at all, only Yu Songyang agreed with Liu Liangzhou.

Du Shijun accompanies the customer to dinner at the North Zhenanyuan. Who knows that Wei Lan suddenly walked in. Du Shijun knew at a glance that Wei Lan had deliberately met him by chance and took the opportunity to show himself. After the dinner was over, Wei Lan really took advantage of today’s game to ask Du Shijun for credit, hoping that Du Shijun could keep herself. But Wei Lan’s move happened to be what Du Shijun disgusted most. Du Shijun, who was drunk and refused, put on his coat and turned to leave.

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