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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 11 Recap

The sudden appearance of the surging made Dai Xiaoyu feel vengeful in his heart, leading Liu Liangzhou and introducing the surging as his boyfriend. Peng Pai just glanced at Liu Liangzhou and took out from her arms the birthday gift she prepared for Dai Xiaoyu, a car that Dai Xiaoyu once wanted so much. Dai Xiaoyu took the key and threw it directly to Bao Xue. Peng Pai realized that the current Dai Xiaoyu didn’t want to see herself, so she waited in a taxi outside.

When the crowd dissipated, Surging finally saw Dai Xiaoyu, but Dai Xiaoyu just smiled, took Liu Liangzhou’s hand directly, got in a taxi, and surgingly chased after him unwillingly, and watched Dai Xiaoyu walk into Surging’s home. Surging quietly finished a cigarette downstairs, and left Shen Shen. Liu Liangzhou upstairs naturally knew that everything was acting, and he was willing to sink, but he still watched Dai Xiaoyu leave.

The next day Surging came back to Beizhe Nanyuan to look for Dai Xiaoyu, and happened to meet You Shanshan. The two communicated on the matter. You Shanshan persuaded Surging to let Dai Xiaoyu go as soon as possible, and used sharp language to pierce Surging’s hypocrisy, Surging Quiet. Jing looked at You Shanshan, sighed, and left directly.

Bao Xue called Yu Songyang during the filming. She still had work to continue. When Bao Xue finished filming the drama tonight, she discovered that the phone was full of messages from Yu Songyang. The concern in her tone made Bao Xue very concerned. Heartbeat. The two talked for a long time, and then hung up the phone in a gloomy manner. And Yu Songyang drove for three hours to see Bao Xue’s performance in person.

When the drama was over, Bao Xue was moved when she saw Yu Songyang sending flowers. After the end, Yu Songyang and Bao Xue went back to the hotel to pick up their luggage. They encountered an elevator failure. Bao Xue was scared enough. Fortunately, Yu Songyang was calm enough that the two finally got out of the crisis.

Yu Songyang took Bao Xue home, planning to cook a delicious meal for Bao Xue. Bao Xue, who is usually carefree, is rarely shy, nodded and acquiesced, Yu Songyang’s home design is full of sense, Bao Xue is happy walking around, and watching Yu Songyang cooking, Bao Xue is fascinated. The two chatted about their ex and love at the dinner table. In the tone of the conversation between the two, the ambiguous relationship quietly settled.

Feng Xi made a video call to Li Xiang and was hung up. Hearing Li Xiang’s perfunctory tone, Feng Xi collapsed on the sofa in disappointment. As soon as Si Meng was about to turn on the computer, he heard Du Shijun going home, and Du Shijun, who was trapped in the liquor bureau, vomited in a mess. Si Meng had to give up today’s writing plan, picked up a cup of honey water, and stood beside Du Shijun.

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