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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 10 Recap

Feng Xi and Zhao Henan communicated about the kitchen, and Zhao Henan nodded affirming that this is the first appearance of his team and must be ready. On the other hand, Bao Xue discovered the existence of Lu Zheng as soon as he came back, and only after communicating with Dai Xiaoyu did he realize that Lu was Bai Jinghui’s suitor. Bao Xue was extremely happy, thinking that her grandma’s partner had a candidate and settled down, Bao Xue was very relieved.

In the middle of the night, when Zhao Henan prepared the things for the back kitchen and walked out, he discovered that Feng Xi was still preparing to open the business. The takeaway platform needs to be taken care of, and You Shanshan’s friends take care of them one by one. Feng Xi is so busy and dizzy. Zhao Henan opens a small stove for the boss, but when the noodles are brought out, Feng Xi has fallen asleep on the desktop.

The Beizhanyuanyuan opened, and Bao Xue hurried back from the crew to attend the opening ceremony, accidentally rammed into Yu Songyang’s car, and the two met again full of accidents. After the people came to Qi, the ribbon-cutting ceremony finally began. Si Meng finally arrived with the family. Feng Xi led the group into the position, and Du Shijun found out that he had seen You Shanshan at a dinner table.

Returning to Chai Yong’s dinner, You Shanshan noticed that Chai Yong was very enthusiastic about Dai Xiaoyu, and the intimate distance between the two gradually narrowed. After a round of toasts, You Shanshan advised Dai Xiaoyu to get away from Chai Yong to avoid the future. Involuntary. Dai Xiaoyu nodded, feeling a little in his heart.

You Shanshan led Dai Xiaoyu to meet with friends, and Du Shijun remembered that he had already met Feng Xi three at the dinner. After the wine table passed one table after another, You Shanshan led the sisters to get to know their friends. After the crowd dissipated, You Shanshan, Dai Xiaoyu and Bao Xue praised Feng Xi’s busy results these days. Xi nodded shyly. Even if You Shanshan gave herself a vacation, Feng Xi insisted on reporting early in the morning the next day.

Talking about the past with the surging, You Shanshan does not agree with Dai Xiaoyu’s compensation for taking away the surging. Although Dai Xiaoyu always emphasizes his five years of youth, from Yu Youshanshan’s point of view, this is undoubtedly a clear code for herself. Price. Dai Xiaoyu understands Pengpai’s personality, and now Pengpai has been looking for herself. You Shanshan advised Dai Xiaoyu and Pengpai to end. Under You Shanshan’s bitter heart, Dai Xiaoyu finally made up his mind.

Bao Xue brought Bai Jinghui and Lu Zheng to the restaurant, and You Shanshan came in person and gave a solemn hospitality. When Bao Xue returned home, Liu Liangzhou sent a special product and asked whether Dai Xiaoyu had mentioned that Liu Liangzhou was going to celebrate Dai Xiaoyu’s birthday. After Bao Xue’s confirmation, Liu Liangzhou’s mouth appeared with a small smile. .

Bao Xue and Yu Songyang made a video call. When they learned that Yu Songyang was climbing, Bao Xue actually became nervous, and when she learned that Yu Songyang could not come together on Dai Xiaoyu’s birthday, Bao Xue realized that she was lost again. When everything came back to him, The deer of love has begun to ram into Bao Xue’s heart…

Liu Liangzhou celebrated the birthday of the two of them. The whole room was sitting in the restaurant in the north of the South Corridor. Everyone began to question the relationship between the two. Liu Liangzhou took out the custom-made bracelet, and Dai Xiaoyu took the bracelet with a smile. Bao Xue was by the side. Making a fuss, You Shanshan helped Dai Xiaoyu out of the siege and changed the subject. The atmosphere reached a climax for a while, and a strange man pushed the door in. Dai Xiaoyu looked cold when he saw it. Everyone turned their heads and looked at the surging sound at the door.

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