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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 45 Recap

While Zheng Gan was still persuading Cheng Xin, Uncle Liang also entered the office and said that he gave Chu Yunfei the documents in the new area. They were very optimistic about the land in the new area. The land was sold by Mr. Sun and Uncle Liang. It took half an hour. There was a meeting to discuss whether to buy this piece of land. The shareholders were very optimistic about that piece of land.

Liang Shu was afraid that Zheng Qian would influence Cheng Xin’s decision, so he asked Zheng Qian to go to the Administration Department to direct the filming of the promotional video, but Zheng Gan still caught up. At the meeting, they put forward different opinions. They said that they had investigated the land-selling company. It was a shell company, and the annual turnover was only a few thousand yuan. It is a bit strange for such a company to sell land, Cheng Xin He hesitated, and could only adjourn the meeting first, saying that he would think about it again.

After returning to the office, Cheng Xin asked Zheng Qian why he wanted to sing against him. Zheng Qian also felt that it was a good project, but the Cheng Group should seek stability and be wary of people around him. Cheng Xin was a little angry. Saying that Uncle Liang has treated him well for more than 20 years, no one should doubt Uncle Liang. Chu Yunfei went to Uncle Liang again for compensation, but Uncle Liang took the opportunity to provoke Chu Yunfei and Zheng Gan, and asked Chu Yunfei to persuade Cheng Xin to buy the land. As long as Chu Yunfei’s persuasion was successful, he and the shareholders would help. Chu Yunfei spoke and gave the compensation to Chu Yunfei. After Liang Shu persuaded Chu Yunfei, he asked Mr. Sun to release the news, letting Cheng Xin know that Hongshuo also wanted the land.

Chu Yunfei led Cheng Xin out to relax, talked about the land, and shared some experience of being a boss with Cheng Xin. He said that a company will always have different opinions. To be a boss is to stick to your own ideas and Principles, and the rapid changes in the market, is to seize the opportunity and sail against the current, otherwise you will not advance or retreat. After Cheng Xin returned home, Zheng’s father persuaded Cheng Xin not to be too aggressive and opposed buying the land. Cheng Xin misunderstood what Zheng Gan meant and felt that Zheng Gan did not believe in his own abilities. Cheng Xin knew that Hongshuo wanted it too. After all, the land could not sit still, but she concealed it from Zheng Gan.

Yao Jiaren went to Daydream to find Zheng Qian and told him that the Cheng group had Mr. Sun, and asked Zheng Qian to quickly find the inner ghost of the Cheng group. She guessed that the ghost’s position was not low. The more Zheng Qian listened, the more frustrated and suspected Uncle Liang. I was worried that Cheng Xin had bought the land behind his back. Zheng Qian wanted to stop Cheng Xin, but it was still a step too late. Cheng Xin had already bought the land. Zheng Gan was a little angry and felt that Cheng Xin was too arbitrary, but Cheng Xin hoped that Zheng Qian would support her. The two quarreled and broke up.

Yang Chenguang ran into Mengxixi when he was shopping with Mr. Liu. He stepped forward to greet Mengxixi. Mengxixi didn’t want to say more to Yang Chenguang. Yang Chenguang said that he wanted to compensate for the embarrassment and he was about to become a rich man soon. Secretly telling Mengxi Xi that it will not be long before the Cheng Group’s share price will fall sharply. You can make a fortune by selling the house and buying the bottom. After Meng Xixi went back, he talked to Mo Xiaobao about the matter. Although Mo Xiaobao was dubious, he was still a little worried and planned to find time to talk to Zheng Gan about this matter.

It didn’t take long for something happened to the land in the new area. The state issued a policy to prohibit companies from buying land in the new area. The Cheng Group was in crisis again. Uncle Liang didn’t know about the policy, so he was also dealt with by Mr. Sun. There was soon news on the Internet that Uncle Liang was a ghost in the Cheng group. Cheng Xin learned that it was a little unbelievable. Zheng Gan thought about it and decided to fight with poison. The Cheng Group’s share price fell precipitously, and shareholders were panicked and wanted to sell their shares.

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