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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 44 Recap

Recently, Zheng Qian is not in the Daydream Studio, but Kong Hao and Mo Xiaobao have managed the online platform very well, with a lot of orders, and many agricultural and sideline products want to enter the platform. Zheng Qian said that as long as quality control is done, To ensure quality and cost-effectiveness, you can go online on the platform, and Mo Xiaobao and Kong Hao agreed.

Chu Yunfei asked Cheng Xin to go out for dinner. Cheng Xin had been carrying his knowledge and was a little cold towards Chu Yunfei. Upon seeing this, Chu Yunfei persuaded Cheng Xin to hand over the company to Uncle Liang instead of competing for the acting chairman. He believes that Cheng Xin has this ability, but now is not a good time. He does not want Cheng Xin to work so hard. He wants Cheng Xin to always be a carefree and happy little princess, but Cheng Xin says that people are It will change. She doesn’t want to be a little princess anymore. She knows that she is not good enough, but she wants to work hard to get the recognition of the shareholders, and she also wants to do something for the Cheng Group. Even if she fails in the end, she has tried hard. There is no regret.

Zheng Gan compiled a list of shareholders of the Cheng Group, and took Cheng Xin to visit one by one, trying to canvass for Cheng Xin, but these shareholders avoided seeing them. Zheng Qian hopes to find a breakthrough, otherwise there is no hope of continuing to look for it. Cheng Xin saw a familiar name on the list, Zhou Jian. Zhou Jian was the one who started his business with Cheng Jianye and Uncle Liang at that time. After the business was successful, Zhou Jian took a stake and retired. If he could get his support, his chances of winning would be increased. Those shareholders evaded Cheng Xin and all went to Uncle Liang’s dinner. Everyone said they only trusted Uncle Liang and didn’t believe in Cheng Xin.

Cheng Xin and Zheng Gan went to the cigar club where Zhou Jian often visited. Cheng Xin heard that Zhou Jian had a weird temper, so she asked Zheng Gan to wait for herself outside and talk to Zhou Jian by herself. When Zheng Gan was waiting for Cheng Xin outside, he ran into Chu Yunfei. Chu Yunfei was a little angry when he saw Zheng Gan, and asked why Zheng Gan encouraged Cheng Xin to become chairman, saying that Zheng Gan did this to harm Cheng Xin and the Chengs. The group can protect Cheng Xin. The two disagreeed and quarreled and almost moved their hands. Fortunately, Cheng Xin came out to stop the two. Chu Yunfei drove away, and Zheng Gan didn’t say much about what just happened. Just ask how Cheng Xin and Zhou Jian were talking.

Cheng Xin said that Zhou Jian also felt that it would be better for Uncle Liang to be the chairman. Cheng Xin was a little discouraged. Zheng Gan felt that he would use extraordinary means in a very limited time, and used a plan to pull Zhou Jian to the Daydream Studio, and wanted to continue to persuade Zhou Jian. Zhou Jian was unmoved by Cheng Xin’s plea. Cheng Xin moved Zhou Jian and said that she was willing to sign a gambling agreement with Zhou Jian. If the shareholders’ interests were damaged, she would use Cheng’s private property to compensate. Jian smiled and said that Cheng Xin was too much like Cheng Jianye.

When Yao Jiaren went to visit Cheng Jianye, Cheng Jianye also made an appointment with Lawyer Tang and said that he had to deal with some things. Yao Jiaren and Mr. Sun have been very close recently. She intentionally or unconsciously mentioned the resources of the Cheng Group. Mr. Sun asked her to learn how to ride horses, saying that if she had learned it, she would tell her a secret about the resources of the Cheng Group. Yao Jiaren learned to ride horses obediently. Mr. Sun was happy and said that the Cheng Group had his own people. As long as Yao Jiaren was obedient, he would use the resources of the Cheng Group to praise Yao Jiaren.

The general meeting of shareholders is about to begin. Zheng Qian accompanied Cheng Xin to the Cheng Group. Shareholders persuaded Cheng Xin to give up, but Cheng Xin said that she would not give up. He also raised several company problems. Shareholders Ask Cheng Xin if there is any solution, but Cheng Xin’s answer is not very good.

At this time, Zhou Jian came and said good things for Cheng Xin, let the shareholders give Cheng Xin a chance, and let Cheng Xin tell others about the bet. Shareholders, the shareholders saw Cheng had the courage to sign the gambling agreement, and their hearts were a little shaken. With the help of Lao Zhou, Cheng Xin successfully became the acting chairman. Mr. Sun was surprised to learn that Uncle Liang had lost to Cheng Xin, but Cheng Jianye would be imprisoned for another year. Uncle Liang still had a chance to come back. Mr. Sun asked Uncle Liang to sell the land for himself, and he would do his best to help Uncle Liang.

Although Father Zheng was happy that Cheng Xin had succeeded in becoming the acting chairman, he was worried that someone in the Cheng Group would harm Cheng Xin and asked Zheng Qian to be careful. Cheng Xin became the acting chairman of the board. Chu Yunfei took a land transfer document to Cheng Xin and asked Cheng Xin to buy it. Zheng Gan said that if he bought the land, the Cheng Group’s daily operation funds would be insufficient, but Cheng Xin But I think Chu Yunfei’s proposal is good.

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