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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 43 Recap

After Daydream Studio switched to selling seafood, the neighbors and friends of Mo Xiaobao’s parents were very interested in this online sales platform, so that the supply of their online store could be dealt with.

After Zheng Gan took Cheng Xin home, Chu Yun flew to Zheng’s house to visit Cheng Xin. Cheng Xin asked Chu Yunfei whether the company was going to elect an acting chairman. Chu Yunfei told Cheng Xin not to worry about these things, but the company’s affairs Give it to him and Uncle Liang, Cheng Xin just needs to be the former little princess with peace of mind, but Zheng Qian disagrees, saying that Cheng Xin is Cheng Jianye’s daughter and should help Cheng Xin return to the Cheng Group at this time, Chu Yun Fei said that he was Cheng Xin’s boyfriend, and he thought he was capable of helping Cheng Xin handle everything.

At this time Lin Man called Zheng Gan and asked him to come out to meet. Zheng Gan went to see Lin Man. As soon as he sat down, Lin Man confessed to him, but Zheng Qian rejected Lin Man, saying that even if there was no Cheng Xin , They will not be together, Lin Man disappointed to bid farewell to Zheng Gan. Kong Hao wanted to wait for Lin Man to come and run at night. After waiting to see Lin Man did not come, Kong Hao called and asked to find out that Lin Man had been promoted to Hong Kong. He hurried to take a taxi to the airport, but Lin Man had already left.

Yao Jiaren dumped the reporter and went to the detention center to visit Cheng Jianye. Cheng Jianye was a little guilty because Yao Jiaren was also caught in a turmoil because of her own affairs. Yao Jiaren said that she was a little tired after becoming famous. She just took this opportunity to take a good rest. Cheng Jianye asked Yao Jiaren to find a man to take care of her like an account of the funeral, so he was relieved. Yao Jiaren comforted Cheng Jianye that things would get better, but Cheng Jianye felt that Mr. Sun always hated him, and Cheng Xin didn’t change things. The situation of the Cheng Group It will be difficult.

Mr. Sun contacted Yao Jiaren. Yao Jiaren didn’t want to bother with Mr. Sun. But thinking about Cheng Jianye’s affairs, she still agreed to meet Mr. Sun for dinner. Mr. Sun was plotting against Yao Jiaren. Yao Jiaren dealt with him, saying that she needs a support in the entertainment industry. , But she is not a casual person. She and Cheng Jianye are also in love with Cheng Jianye. She hopes to take time with Mr. Sun. Mr. Sun finds it very interesting, so she agrees to Yao Jiaren’s proposal.

The Cheng Group is about to elect the acting chairman. Zheng Gan is determined to help Cheng Xin sit as acting chairman. Cheng Xin feels a little confused. The shareholders of the Cheng Group felt that Cheng Xin was difficult to be a major task, and they all nominated Uncle Liang as acting chairman. Cheng Xin regained self-confidence through Zheng Qian’s encouragement and decided to return to the company to run for acting chairman.

She called Uncle Liang and said He wanted to convene a general meeting of shareholders. Uncle Liang felt a little nervous, but on the surface he still said that he would fully support Cheng Xin’s return to the Cheng Group. The next day, Uncle Liang came to the shareholders meeting and talked about it. All the shareholders talked about it. They felt that Cheng Xin had no experience and could not manage the company. Cheng Xin knew that he had no experience, so Zheng’s father decided to make up for Cheng Xin and let Zheng Qian be an assistant teacher. Cheng Xinya has made up his knowledge of economics and management for a few days, but the effect is not very good.

Father Zheng was a little disappointed. He felt that Cheng Xin had no concept of corporate management, and rote memorization could not cope with the shareholders of the Cheng Group. Cheng Xin was also a little discouraged, but Zheng Gan said that Cheng Xin might not be comfortable with Zheng’s father’s duck-filling education method, and then enlightened Cheng Xin, saying that since she had no experience, she would use sincerity to impress shareholders. After Cheng Xin learned a lot of theoretical knowledge, Zheng Gan asked her to recite the Cheng Group’s annual reports over the past few years, so as to better communicate with shareholders.

Tengda stopped Yao Jiaren’s talk show before. Cheng Jianye had promised to help Tengda pay liquidated damages. Now Cheng Jianye had an accident, and Tengda’s funding loopholes could not be filled, so Chu Yunfei went to Uncle Liang to ask for money, but Uncle Liang said that he would wait for an agent. The chairman can only approve the money after he takes office. He also said that Cheng Xin would also run for the acting chairman. Chu Yunfei felt that Zheng Qian encouraged Cheng Xin and Cheng Xin wanted to run.

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