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Unforgettable Love 贺先生的恋恋不忘 Episode 12 Recap

President He and Aunt He studied the future development trend of the bracelet. Aunt He said she was here to arrange the 30th anniversary celebration. He Qiaoyan said that she would take her wife with him this year, but Aunt He said that she might not even have a basic dance. Yes, but Mr. He completely believes in Yiyue and just learns, and tells Auntie not to underestimate her.

After He Qiaoyan returned home to discuss the dinner with Yiyue, but Yiyue didn’t want to go. She felt that she was wearing a tight-fitting tights that couldn’t catch her breath. It didn’t mean anything, but He Qiaoyan didn’t think she was right now. The identity should accompany him to participate. He also used the radical technique to excite Doctor Qin, saying whether she was afraid that she would not know how to dance, and as expected, she could not stand the excitement, and agreed to learn to dance.

On the second day, Mr. He invited a dance teacher and designer to teach her for Dr. Qin. He also managed her figure and practiced a day’s dance. He Qiaoyan prepared her dinner with vegetables and a glass of milk, but Qin The doctor couldn’t eat it and needed high-calorie food to comfort her soul. He wanted to eat hot pot, so Mr. He found pictures of hot pot on the Internet for her to watch and eat. Yiyue worked very hard in dancing upstairs.

Mr. He received a call and found the driver of the accident in Tongcheng, and Mr. He hurried out. After seeing Mr. He hurriedly ran out, Yi Yue let the teachers rest, and also asked Ruo Fei to eat hot pot. Aunt Liu also told Dr. Qin about Driver Zhang while cleaning the house. At this time, Ruofei sent a message that he had just planted a hot pot near the company and asked Yiyuelai to wait for him.

On the way to find Zhang Cheng, He Qiaoyan suddenly learned that he had run away again, and then was very angry when she came to Wen’s to find Wen Gu and just ran into Yiyue who was waiting for Ruo Fei. Then Ruo Fei came in to send information to Wen Gu and said He missed her mouth and said that she was eating hot pot and milk tea with Yiyue.

He asked Yiyue if she was dancing, but Yiyue disagrees, but Mr. He felt that her previous efforts were in vain, but Yiyue felt that her job was Xiaobao, it shouldn’t involve so many areas that she doesn’t touch. She also feels that Mr. He’s personal affairs are beyond her control. When Mr. He heard this, he felt disappointed in Yiyue’s words and left angrily. Afterwards, Wen Gu told Yiyue about his brother-in-law. It turned out that Mr. He had endured so much by himself, and he brought the He Group out of the crisis step by step and regained its glory.

When eating hot pot, Yi Yue was always absent-minded. He felt that Mr. He had a hard time doing it back then. She wanted to do something for Mr. He, so she decided to help Mr. He Qiaoyan and went all out to learn to dance. After returning, she found He Qiaoyan and asked him to confiscated all his snacks. While Yiyue was practicing dancing in her room, He Qiaoyan saw that she knew nothing, so she took the initiative to teach her and teach her. Yiyue let her go, took off her high heels, and was accompanied by joy. The music jumped up, and He Qiaoyan laughed.

At the beginning of the banquet, President He also intimately told Yiyue that he had specifically instructed the back kitchen to increase the amount, and the buffet was enough for Yiyue. After entering the banquet hall, President He was like everyone introducing his wife Qin Yiyue, and he finished the dance together. There was nothing wrong with the dance. He Qiaoyan also thanked Yiyue for being with him. Of course, Mr. He also prepared a surprise for Yiyue. He changed into flat shoes and jumped with Yiyue. It was very cheerful.

But she didn’t expect that the aunt sent an invitation to Lin Wei, Lin’s child, and she came.

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