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Summer Again 薄荷之夏 Episode 9 Recap

When Wang Yiming and Lin Nan were eating, Wang Yiming still felt that something was wrong. He was afraid of what would happen to Tao Zhu. At this time, Lin Nan received the call and he went out without eating.

After Tong Xi woke up, Wei Ze explained to Tong Xi why Tong Xi fainted, and he just used Tong Xi’s mobile phone to contact Tong Xi’s classmates, and Wei Ze had to go through the school registration procedures, saying that he had to first After leaving, Tong Xi was especially sensible and let Wei Ze go first. After Wei Ze left, Lin Nan came with something to eat. He didn’t even see Tong Xi’s senior standing in the ward, so he felt worthless for Tong Xi, and made him speak ill of Wei Ze. Tong Xi was very angry. I didn’t want Lin Nanyi to say bad things about Wei Ze, and the two were unhappy.

When Wei Ze went through the registration procedures at the Academic Affairs Office, Ni Xiaowan was listening to him. He knew that Wei Ze and Tong Xi knew each other. After Wei Ze completed the formalities, he found Ni Xiaowan and wanted Ni Xiaowan to take him to find Tong Xi. Ni Xiaowan agreed Once Wei Ze appeared, everyone screamed. Wei Ze went to find Tong Xi, and those people were envious of Tong Xi.

After Tong Xi was very Wei Ze finished speaking, Lin Nan threw a basketball over and asked Wei Ze to play basketball. Wei Ze saw that Lin Nan was not good, so he agreed to Lin Nanyi. The two were equal in strength. In the end, In the first round, Lin Nan won, but Wei Ze injured his arm, Tong Xi has been accusing Lin Nanyi, Lin Nanyi is sad.

When Tong Xi and Wei Ze went to eat, Tong Xi apologized to Wei Ze. She didn’t expect Lin Nanyi to declare war on Wei Ze today, but Wei Ze didn’t care about it, but admired Lin Nanyi very much. He could feel that Lin Nanyi is excellent, so he is very happy to know such a person.

When Lin Nan was cleaning in the bookstore, Wang Yiming had been talking next to him. He also said that Lin Nan was jealous and would provoke Wei Ze today. When Lin Nan didn’t speak, Wang Yiming didn’t care.
When Tong Xi and Wei Ze ate, Wei Ze disliked the environment in the restaurant. In fact, he did not want to come back because he liked the atmosphere of Dacheng better. If it weren’t for the absence of Dacheng’s academic status, he could only When he came back to take the college entrance examination, he felt that Tong Xi should not be comfortable, because there was nothing to say to the students around him, and Tong Xi was silent.

After the two of them had eaten, Tong Xi noticed that Wei Ze had nothing to eat, so she wanted to invite Wei Ze to eat something else. Wei Ze refused, and told Tong Xi not to eat too much. Tong Xi was a little embarrassed. I thought that Wei Ze disliked that he had eaten too much. Wei Ze wanted to visit the Xihai, but he felt that it was no different from what he remembered. Tong Xi remembered the colorful beach where she went with Lin Nan when she was a child. It was very beautiful. , Tong Xi asked Wei Ze to go to Wucai Beach, and Wei Ze agreed.

In the evening, Tong Xi told Tao Zhu about the incident. After the close contact with Wei Ze this time, she felt that Wei Ze was different from what she had imagined. Tao Zhu thought Tong Xi was about to give up, but Tong Xi still didn’t. Willing to give up. At this time Tao Zhu found that Qinghe had been updated, and the two of them read the comics together. Tong Xi sent a message to Qinghe as usual. Unexpectedly, Qinghe returned to her. Tong Xi was very happy, and she kept chatting with Qinghe. .

In class the next day, Tong Xi told Tao Zhu about the incident. Tao Zhu admired Tong Xi. The two chatted about the content in the comics. Tao Zhu wanted to take the initiative, so she made an appointment. Xu Ao is a senior, but Xu Ao rejected Tao Zhu, Tao Zhu was very sad. When Tong Xi was sitting on the seat, Ni Xiaowan came over and said that Tong Xi and Wei Ze were born together, and she supported them very much.

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