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Summer Again 薄荷之夏 Episode 8 Recap

Because Tong Xi’s letter was passed out by Ni Xiaowan, it caused everyone’s discussion and felt that Tong Xi’s usual image was not very similar. Lin Nanyi, Tong Xi and Tao Zhu discussed countermeasures, and they decided to let Tao Zhu replace Tong Xi. , The disguise was written by Tao Zhu. Tong Xi was still conscientious, but at present this is the best way. After everyone knows that it was written by Tao Zhu, fewer people pay attention to this letter.

After Tong Ma and Teacher Jia had finished talking, Tong Xi was in a panic. I don’t know what Tong Ma and Teacher Jia talked about. When Lin Nan found that Tong Xi was in a bad mood, she persuaded Tong Xi, but Tong Xi still didn’t understand. I don’t know. Why do everyone know that when she wrote the letter, everyone laughed at her, and after knowing that it was written by Tao Zhu, no one paid any attention. Lin Nanyi comforted Tong Xi, and Tong Xi felt that Lin Nanyi said what Lin Nanyi said.

Makes sense. When Lin Nan went to read his comments, he found a letter written by Tong Xi. Unexpectedly, Tong Xi added a black cat letter to Wei Ze when he wrote to him. Lin Nanyi was very angry, Lin Nan Yi was entangled in telling Tong Xi that he was Qinghe. Lin Nan received a call from the editor before he thought about it. The editor wanted to arrange a separate signing event for Lin Nanyi and also arranged for him to appear. , So Lin Nanyi postponed the time to confess to Tong Xi, he planned to let Tong Xi find out through signing.

Tong Xi’s email to Wei Ze, Wei Ze has already received, and Wei Ze will return to Xihai, Tong Xi is very happy.

Time passed by. With the update of Qinghe, everyone felt that the heroine of Qinghe’s comics became more and more like Tong Xi. Tao Zhu thought that Tong Xi sent her selfie to Qing He, but Tong Xi I haven’t read Qinghe’s cartoons for the past few days. Wei Ze is coming back, and the quiz is coming. She doesn’t have time to read Qinghe’s cartoons. Lin Nanyi is listening to the conversation between the two and feels a little bit uneasy. happy.

When Lin Nanyi and Tong Xi were walking together, they found that Tong Xi was still maintaining her goddess persona. Lin Nan asked Tong Xi why. Tong Xi said she wanted to take her time, but Lin Nanyi directly dismantled her. , Saying that she was because Wei Ze was coming back soon, Tong Xi smiled embarrassedly, Lin Nanyi was even more unhappy, let Tong Xi think clearly.

When Tao Zhu was practicing in the drama club, she saw Xiao Qing sweeping the floor. Tao Zhu also encouraged Xiao Qing. When Tao Zhu was too nervous, Tao Zhu always squatted. Xu Ao came. , He comforted Tao Zhu, who liked Xu Ao even more.

Because Wang Yiming couldn’t understand, he went to Lin Nan to talk about it, saying that Tao Zhu wrote him a confession letter by hand, but wrote another letter to Xu Ao on the Internet, and Tong Xi was also losing weight for seniors. Lin Nanyi felt that Tao Zhu and Tong Xi were crazy because of their seniors.
When Tong Xi and Tao Zhu were in class, Wei Ze came to Xihai. He sent a message to Tong Xi as soon as he got off the plane.

Tong Xi and Tao Zhu quickly pretended to be sick and applied to go to the bathroom. In the bathroom, Tong Xi changed clothes. , And then Tong Xi left school. She planned that Wei Ze would come back after a meal, and Tao Zhu would not go back to class anymore. She had to practice her lines well. Because Tao Zhu and Tong Xi never came back, Wang Yiming was very worried about the two of them. He kept sending messages to Tao Zhu, but Tao Zhu did not return him. Wang Yiming wanted to go out to find Tao Zhu, but Lin Nanyi stopped him.

When Tong Xi went to pick up Wei Ze, Tong Xi fainted as soon as she saw Wei Ze. Wei Ze could only take Tong Xi to the hospital. When Tong Xi was in a coma, she kept thinking on her phone, Wei Ze After thinking about it, Tong Xi’s phone was picked up.

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