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Summer Again 薄荷之夏 Episode 7 Recap

When Tong Xi came to school, Tao Zhu told her about Qinghe’s new cartoon, saying that the heroine in it was very similar to Tong Xi. Tong Xi was very stunned, but she still pretended to be calm and said it was just a coincidence.

It’s another year-round mail delivery activity. Xihai Middle School has an unwritten rule that every time the school canteen will sell black cat stationery, you can receive a reply as long as you write to someone you like, Tao When Zhu told Tong Xi about this, Tong Xi pretended not to care, but after school, Tong Xi quietly went to the canteen to buy black cat stationery. What Tong Xi did not expect was that Lin Nanyi was behind. Look at her.

Tong Xi only bought two pieces of stationery. She was a little entangled. She didn’t know whether to write to Qinghe or Wei Ze. Tong Xi thought for a long time and still didn’t decide.

When Tong Xi and Tong Ma were eating in the morning, Tong Ma told Tong Xi to study hard. After all, Tong Xi had to take a good dance school exam, and Tong Ma asked their teacher to talk about Tong Xi’s future plans on Monday. While packing her schoolbag for Tong Xi, she unexpectedly found a letter written by Tong Xi.

When Tong Xi and the others were in the experimental class, Tao Zhu found that Tong Xi was serious, and Tong Xi was also helpless. This was for Tong’s mother. At this time, Ni Xiaowan gave Lin Nanyi her black cat stationery very freely. Xi was not very happy. When Lin Nan said to help them bring the book to the classroom, Tong Xi also refused. As soon as Tong Xi and Lin Nan left, Tao Zhu and Wang Yiming felt that Tong Xi and Lin Nanyi were not right. .

As soon as Tong Xi and Lin Nan returned to the classroom, Tong Xi was unhappy with Lin Nan. Lin Nan coaxed Tong Xi and asked Tong Xi to manage his emotions. Tong Xi’s next class is a computer class. When Tong Xi was in class, she thought about the morning. It was a letter Tong Xi wrote to Wei Ze. She also lied to Tong’s mother that she wanted to ask Wei Ze about dancing. Tong Ma was very angry and accused Tong Xi, but Tong Xi was speechless. When Tong Xi was in class, he planned to use the computer to write an e-mail to Wei Ze. When Tong Xi wrote the e-mail, Ni Xiaowan saw it, and Ni Xiaowan took the picture.

After Wang Yiming returned home, he found a piece of letter paper in his book. After opening it, he found that it was Tao Zhu’s font. Wang Yiming was quite embarrassed, but Tao Zhu did not send the letter to Wang Yiming, Tao Zhu My letter is gone, and I am particularly anxious.

When Lin Nanyi was in the bookstore, Ni Xiaowan came. She was here to send Lin Nanyi a letter, because she wanted Lin Nanyi to reply to her letter, but Lin Nanyi refused Ni Xiaowan’s letter and gave him the letter Ni Xiaowan had previously written to him. It was returned to Ni Xiaowan. Ni Xiaowan was particularly embarrassed. After coming out of the bookstore, Ni Xiaowan decided to send the email that Tong Xi wrote before.

Because Wang Yiming received Tao Zhu’s letter, Wang Yiming screamed at Lin Nan. At this time, Wang Yiming turned on his mobile phone and the group was spreading the letter written by Tong Xi. Lin Nan also saw it. He hurried to find Tong Xi. Lin Nan told Tong Xi about the letter. Tong Xi was very sad. Tong’s mother was going to see Teacher Jia on Monday. She was afraid that Teacher Jia would find this and tell her, and she was also afraid that her classmates would find out more about her.

Goddess loopholes, Lin Nan asked Tong Xi why she wanted to be a goddess. Tong Xi said that she had never been treated like this when she was in Dacheng. Those people regarded her as buddies, so she wanted to enjoy such treatment, Lin Nan She persuaded Tong Xi to face her classmates with her true face. Although Tong Xi was sad, she also made up her mind to face her classmates with her true face.

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