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Summer Again 薄荷之夏 Episode 10 Recap

Tong Xi went to Wucai Beach, but she did not see Wei Ze. Tong Xi thought that Wei Ze disliked her being late and left first. At this time, Tong Xi received a call from Wei Ze. Wei Ze said he was leaving, Tong Xi She hurried to the station. At the station, she caught up with Wei Ze. Wei Ze said that he was going back to take an exam. He would not come back if it weren’t for the college entrance examination. Wei Ze didn’t want to stay here either. It’s a small town, and he looks at Tong Xi very comfortable here, he is very worried about Tong Xi, but Tong Xi is still very different from before. He likes Tong Xi now, because Tong Xi has become more like a white swan. Up.

When Lin Nanyi was in the bookstore, Ni Xiaowan came, and she wanted to make up for Lin Nanyi’s lesson today, because Lin Nanyi came to attend the class, but Lin Nanyi refused her, Ni Xiaowan followed Lin Nanyi and said she I feel that Tong Xi and Wei Ze match well, and the two of them want to see Blue Tears together. Lin Nan didn’t feel good about it. He dumped Ni Xiaowan and went to Wucai Beach by himself. I didn’t expect Tong Xi to be here alone, Lin Nan.

As soon as she sneered at Tong Xi, Tong Xi started fighting with Lin Nan, and the unhappiness was wiped out. When the two were sitting together, Tong Xi told Lin Nan how she really felt in her heart. In fact, today Wei Ze said that she can’t watch Blue Tears with her. She was still relieved. She felt that she was not the real woman in front of Wei Ze. Lin Nanyi told Tong Xi to be true to herself. Tong Xi felt Lin Nanyi made a lot of sense. When the two were talking, their classmates came. Seeing the two together, they showed ambiguous smiles. Someone told Ni Xiaowan the news, and Ni Xiaowan was very angry.

In the evening, Tong Xi told Qinghe about today’s affairs as usual. Qinghe returned to Tong Xi’s news and asked if Tong Xi had a good impression of Lin Nanyi, but Tong Xi hurriedly denied it, saying that she and Lin Nan As long as he is just a good friend, Qinghe is not happy, but Tong Xi always thinks that, Qinghe can’t say much.

Because of what Lin Nan said to Tong Xi, Tong Xi intends to show everyone her true face. When Tong Xi was in school, Tao Zhu told Tong Xi what happened last night. Last night she saw Xu Ao and Xiao Qing together, and she also knew that her letter was with Wang Yiming, and Wang Yiming even refused. She and Tao Zhu are not in a good mood, and the atmosphere between her and Wang Yiming is also a bit strange.
Soon Teacher Jia will have a public class.

This public class is not only a personal promotion of Mr. Jia, but also related to the reputation of Xihai Middle School. Therefore, the dean of the teacher specifically instructed Mr. Jia. In class, Mr. Jia wants to let him Ni Xiaowan came to the stage to paint the illustrations in the book. After Ni Xiaowan stood up, she recommended Tong Xi and said that Tong Xi’s paintings are particularly good. Lin Nan knew that Tong Xi was not good at painting, so he thought of helping Tong Xi, but teacher Jia Refused.

After Tong Xi came to the stage, he drew a very ugly picture. The students laughed at Tong Xi. Teacher Jia’s public class received an image. After class, Tong Xi was called to the office by Teacher Jia. The classmates were discussing this matter. They thought that Tong Xi was pretending to be before, but now Tong Xi can’t go on pretending, and there are many people watching good shows.

Because of this accident, Teacher Jia was criticized by the director. After the director left, Tong Xi apologized to Teacher Jia and told Teacher Jia that she did not paint the blackboard newspaper before, but Lin Nan helped her paint it. At this time, in the classroom, Ni Xiaowan said that Tong Xi had deliberately messed up Teacher Jia’s public class. The classmates all thought that Tao Zhu supported Tong Xi and quarreled with Ni Xiaowan.

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