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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 31 Recap

The police investigated that Onion’s lover, Xiaoyue, was the girl who had been reported missing before. At the same time, the glasses sent someone to abduct her. The police came one step late, and Onion’s villa was already empty. Zheng Ke said that Zheng Yixiao’s kidney source had been resolved, and the big guy made Zheng Ke face difficulties and said straightforwardly.

In the evening, Onion head sneaked back to his home, and suddenly, glasses appeared behind him. Spectacles said that he already had the evidence of the onion remittance instalments, and the angry Onion asked the spectacles to return Satsuki to himself. The glasses said that all this is what Mr. Ou meant. No one can escape Yungang before finding out who the ghost is. The glasses threaten Onion Head if he dared to tell the accident three years ago, then the life of Xiaoyue mother and son Will not be guaranteed. Onion reluctantly accepted the conditions of the glasses.

Mr. Ou convened a meeting with Onion Tou and Li Ruosheng. He wanted to redistribute the responsibilities within the group. Glasses recommended Onion to take over the factory of Tieguanyin. However, Onion did not want to offend the glasses. He strongly recommended the glasses to take over the factory. Li Ruosheng saw that Onion Tou had been having troubles recently, he made Onion to have a problem and asked himself for help. Onion was very pleased after hearing it.

Li Ruosheng told Mu Qing that the onion head and glasses played a double role in front of Mr. Ou today. Mu Qing said that Onion Tou is willing to abandon Tieguanyin’s factory to the glasses. It must be the glasses that grabbed the handle of Onion Tou. Mu Qing decided that he needs to take precautions now to prevent the combination of glasses and Onion to deal with them.

Mu Qingyue Ou Kexin came out for dinner. Ou Kexin said that Mr. Ou let the glasses send a sum of money to the ghost through the underground bank, and wanted to invite the ghost to Yungang. Ou Kexin said that the ghost is too mysterious, and she has not talked about other news about the ghost so far. Mu Qing said that investigating the transfer path of the glasses underground bank may be a new breakthrough. Mr. Ou told the glasses to leave the factory alone for the time being, and instead seize the time to catch the inner ghost before the ghost comes to Yungang.

Onion could not restrain his miss for Satsuki. He asked Glasses to arrange for him to meet with Satsuki, otherwise he would not do anything for them. Glasses reluctantly agreed to meet Satsuki three days later. Afterwards, Onion Tou pleaded with Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing to help him rescue Xiaoyue. He said that the man with glasses is cruel and that cooperating with glasses is no different from seeking skin with a tiger.

Glasses brought an onion head to see Xiaoyue, and Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng also followed behind the glasses car. Later, the glasses went to a cafe, but Onion did not see Xiaoyue himself. It turned out that the glasses only allowed Onion to meet Xiaoyue’s video. The angry Onion reprimanded the glasses for not being creditworthy.

The glasses said that it can only be done now. Video meet, unless Onion agrees to cooperate with him. Soon, Onion saw the Xiaoyue he was thinking of through the video. He greeted Xiaoyue with warmth and showed his true feelings. At this time, Mu Qing outside the cafe called Honor to ask him to help check the IP address of Oniontou Video. He also deliberately called Honor an “old man”, so Li Ruosheng on the side was not suspicious.

Glory asked Zheng Ke to check the IP address of Oniontou video, but the glasses forcibly interrupted the video call between Oniontou and Xiaoyue, and Zheng Ke was unsuccessful. Glory sent a text message to tell Mu Qing that it still takes time, and Mu Qing gave Oniontou. Calling to pretend to talk about business matters, in fact, let Onion continue to video with Xiaoyue, delaying time.

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