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Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 Episode 9 Recap

Huo Youze pulled Luo Qianyi into the car and left. Luo Qianyi was a little worried that the incident she had just hit would have a bad effect on Huo Youze, but Huo Youze looked very relaxed, saying that she had just hit someone, and Huo Youze parked the car on the road. At the same time, both of their mobile phones rang, and neither of them wanted to reply, so they threw their phones in the back seat, got out of the car and sat on the side of the road to chat. Luo Qianyi was a little guilty, saying that she thought she could do something for Huo Youze, but it was a pity that she still messed up, but Huo Youze did not blame her.

Both A Chao and Qi Fan saw the video of Luo Qianyi’s beating people. A Chao felt that something was wrong. Based on his understanding of Luo Qianyi, Luo Qianyi would never do anything like this, but Qi Fan was worried about Luo Qianyi and didn’t notice it at all. What was wrong, and wanted to save Luo Qianyi out, but A Chao said that Luo Qianyi didn’t need him to save him, so Qi Fan tried to let go.

Sun Lei looked for Huo Youze and Luo Qianyi everywhere and couldn’t find them, and they didn’t go home. Huo Youxi saw the video of Luo Qianyi hitting people and said that he was very impressed with Luo Qianyi, but Sun Lei still had to do PR for them, which caused a headache. Huo Youxi She said to herself why men like Luo Qianyi and asked Sun Lei if she likes someone who doesn’t like her. Sun Lei sighed and said that Huo Youze’s punch is very handsome. If the heroine is her All right.

The video of Luo Qianyi’s beating spread quickly. The nurses in the hospital were all gossiping about Yuhang. Yuhang refused to say anything. The nurses had to leave. Yuhang found out that Luo Qianyi and Huo Youze had gone to Doctor Qian for a physical examination, so he made an appointment. I met with Dr. Qian and asked if Luo Qianyi had a history of allergies, and hoped to get Luo Qianyi’s test samples. Dr. Qian’s face changed. He had been reminded by Huo Youze that Yuhang was overly concerned about Luo Qianyi’s affairs, and he was down on Yuhang Dismissal order, let him leave.

The beating of Luo Qianyi and Huo Youze was on the cusp of the storm. Sun Lei asked them to disappear for a few days and come back when the heat passed. Huo Youze took Luo Qianyi to the Seven Colors Project in the mountains when it was rare to have free time.

The school under construction took a look, and the students at the school were very excited when they saw Luo Qianyi’s arrival, and they circled around Luo Qianyi. In the evening, teacher He from the school arranged accommodation for the two of them. Suddenly they were in the same room. It was a bit embarrassing. After settling down, Huo Youze said that he had something to tell Luo Qianyi.

Huo Youze said that Luo Qianyi’s nightmare was not actually a nightmare. He told Luo Qianyi what had happened on the snowy mountain and asked Luo Qianyi if she hated herself. Luo Qianyi hesitated and said that he did not hate Huo Youze. He had forgotten all these things he said. For her now, she didn’t feel much. Besides, people made mistakes, and she was all right now.

Sun Lei did not dismiss Xiao Ding, but asked Xiao Ding to make an apology video, and asked Xiao Ding to help stare at Doctor Astronaut, saying that Xiao Ding might be aggrieved in the future, and he would make up for it. On the other hand, Huo Youze and Luo Qianyi spent a few days in the colorful school, getting along more and more harmoniously, and chatting together at night, Huo Youze said that she felt more and more that forgetting everything seemed to be a good thing, because she had forgotten the past to let go of the past.

Burden, the Colorful Project is a responsibility and a glory for him. Although it is charity, it also includes some other things, but he has not dared to say it, but because Luo Qianyi has forgotten everything, these things seem to be simple. Now, Luo Qianyi is like a blessing. Speaking of emotions, Huo Youze approached Luo Qianyi and kissed him, and Luo Qianyi did not refuse.

Huo Youze and Luo Qianyi lived in the school very happily, and even suggested that they would move to the school when things passed, and there would be no need to go to social gatherings in the future. Luo Qianyi worried that Huo Youze would not bear the company, but Huo Youze said that he was willing to hand over the company to Sun Lei. Luo Qianyi also liked the life here, so she agreed.

The two stayed in school for a few days before returning. On the return trip, Huo Youze received a call from Dr. Qian. Dr. Qian talked about Aerospace’s request for information on Luo Qianyi. Huo Youze opened the release and asked Luo Qianyi if he would mind. Huo Youze agreed with Dr. Qian to cooperate with Yuhang. After a while, Yuhang sent a message about meeting Luo Qianyi. Huo Youze also said that he didn’t mind, and drove Luo Qianyi to see Yuhang.

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