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Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 Episode 8 Recap

For tomorrow’s dinner, Sun Lei taught Luo Qianyi about the relationship between the characters at the dinner. Luo Qianyi’s head was very loud. After memorizing the character information, Sun Lei asked Luo Qianyi to try on the clothes. As a result, Luo Qianyi moved casually and the clothes were torn. Sun Lei Can’t help but laugh, saying that Luo Qianyi is not fat without eating. The dress for the party was torn, so I could only buy it the next day.

Early in the morning, Sun Lei took Luo Qianyi to go shopping to buy clothes and shoes, while Huo Youxi saw Qi Fan performing, so he didn’t go to the dinner party and went to see it alone. During the concert, Qi Fan kept calling Luo Qianyi before taking the stage, hoping that she would come to listen to her concert. Luo Qianyi never answered, and Qi Fan was very disappointed.

After Qi Fan finished playing, he saw Huo Youxi. Qi Fan thought that Luo Qianyi was here with him, and kept looking at the door. Huo Youxi saw that Qi Fan was overly concerned about Luo Qianyi, so he deliberately said that Luo Qianyi and Huo Youze were going to the dinner party. See friends. The circle should be quite happy, and don’t want to stay with Qi Fan anymore.

After Sun Lei and Luo Qianyi bought clothes, they brought Luo Qianyi to do hairstyle. Luo Qianyi asked Sun Lei if she liked Huo Youze, saying that she could see Sun Lei’s feelings for Huo Youze, but her feelings for Huo Youze were unclear. Luo Qianyi asked Sun Leixi if she didn’t want to leave. Sun Lei said that if love is like talking about business, then she will win.

Unfortunately, love is not about talking about business. Huo Youze learned about Yuhang’s investigation of Luo Qianyi. He came to Yuhang while changing the dressing. He spoke to Yuhang. He didn’t want Yuhang to investigate Luo Qianyi in private. Yuhang wanted to see Luo Qianyi. Luo Qianyi was still preparing for the dinner. Rejected Yuhang.

Luo Qianyi and Sun Lei arrived at the dinner, and Sun Lei reminded Luo Qianyi that this is her first appearance after losing her memory, and there will definitely be many people paying attention to Luo Qianyi. Li Weixin enthusiastically entertained Luo Qianyi. He cared about Luo Qianyi’s body and said that he would help introduce the best brain doctor.

He hoped that Luo Qianyi could restore her memory as soon as possible. Li Weixin said that he would not be able to participate in the charity party of Colorful Night this year. , But the money he promised before will still be donated. Sun Lei was relieved. Li Weixin invited Luo Qianyi to the stage to say a few words, so as to build momentum for charitable donations, Luo Qianyi agreed without thinking about it. Sun Lei was a little worried that Luo Qianyi could not speak. After Luo Qianyi took the stage, she saw Yuhang also coming.

Luo Qianyi calmed down. She talked about her true feelings since her amnesia, and said sincerely that she was also from the mountainous area. She hoped that the Colorful Project could help more mountain children. Although this speech was very naive, but sincere, This speech won applause from the audience. After Luo Qianyi stepped down, Yuhang took Luo Qianyi aside and told her about her suspicions, hoping to contact other people who knew Luo Qianyi to find out the truth. Before the two of them had made it clear, Sun Lei came over and took Luo Qianyi away. She had some Dissatisfied that Luo Qianyi and Yuhang were too close, and asked Luo Qianyi and Yuhang what is the relationship, Luo Qianyi was a little angry that Sun Lei followed herself.

Sun Lei said that Luo Qianyi can hate herself, but she has no choice. She has things she must do. Luo Qianyi does not hate Sun Lei, and if Sun Lei wants to leave by herself, she can go, but Sun Lei said Luo Qianyi cannot leave. Huo Youze, although he had selfishness, Huo Youze never intended to love others. Luo Qianyi looked at the lost Sun Lei and said that she and Yuhang were just friends. After Sun Lei got the answer, she let Luo Qianyi go first and make up for herself. Makeup.

As soon as Luo Qianyi walked out of the bathroom, she heard the drunk Xiao Ding in the men’s bathroom next door talking to Li En about Luo Qianyi’s gossip. Xiao Ding said that Luo Qianyi was not a good woman, and that she was in high position by coloring, but Luo Qianyi was angry. Directly rushed into the men’s bathroom to make Xiaoding apologize, and started hitting Xiaoding.

Li En took a mobile phone to make a video. When people around heard the movement, they also came to watch the excitement. Yuhang rushed to pull Luo Qianyi away, Xiaoding was angry. Saying that Yuhang and Luo Qianyi have a leg, and wanting to expose Luo Qianyi, Sun Lei rushed to tell Xiaoding to shut up. Huo Youze also came, watching Li En’s video, and punched him up. After doing this, he put Luo Qianyi is gone.

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