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Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 Episode 7 Recap

Luo Qianyi came out of the hospital and saw Huo Youxi crying secretly. Luo Qianyi was very guilty. She stepped forward to apologize to Huo Youxi and wanted to explain to Huo Youxi what happened yesterday. Huo Youxi said that she had had a boyfriend before and beat herself. Huo Youxi last night She was also shocked by Huo Youze. She had never seen Huo Youze like that last night. Huo Youxi said that Luo Qianyi and Luo Qianyi were like two people before.

Luo Qianyi used to be a goddess 24 hours a day, and she would sit down and play games like this. . When Yuhang saw Luo Qianyi talking with Huo Youxi, he didn’t bother him. Sun Lei saw it. Sun Lei asked Yuhang to give the inspection report to himself. He also asked Yuhang if he was too close to Luo Qianyi. Yuhang felt a little bit too close. It’s funny, saying that she and Luo Qianyi are just friends, and she told Sun Lei not to devote her youth to other people’s husbands.

Huo Youze was busy returning to the company to deal with the matter and was discharged early. Sun Lei drove Huo Youze back to the company. Huo Youze said that Xiaoding had not given him any news for several days, but instead gave the news to Sun Lei. Sun Lei said that Huo Youze was injured and he was injured.

Taking these trivial things over, Sun Lei couldn’t help telling that Luo Qianyi had other men, and asked Huo Youze why he didn’t tell him about it. Huo Youze said that he knew about it a long time ago, and he knew that Sun Lei had treated him His mind, so he couldn’t bear to let Sun Lei do these things, and he didn’t want Sun Lei to pursue these things.

Luo Qianyi apologized and made a meal for Huo Youze. He also said that he didn’t plan to take violin lessons. Huo Youze naturally agreed and let Luo Qianyi not have to worry about recovering his memory. Huo Youxi regretted that he couldn’t see Qi Fan anymore, and Luo Qianyi didn’t want to let him Huo Youxi and Qi Fan got too close and said that Qi Fan already has a girlfriend.

After dinner, Huo Youze talked with Luo Qianyi. He told Luo Qianyi not to feel sorry. He used to do something wrong by himself. He hurt Luo Qianyi and only made Luo Qianyi afraid of herself from the bottom of his heart. He did it wrong, and Luo Qianyi wanted it in the future. You can live any kind of life, and she won’t stop her anymore, Luo Qianyi was a little touched.

Although A Chao refused to let Qi Fan go to class, Qi Fan still went to Huo Youze’s house without giving up, saying that Luo Qianyi would tell him in person that Huo Youze brought Qi Fan to the piano room, and directly asked Qi Fan not to come. Qi Fan refused to show weakness, saying that Luo Qianyi loved herself from beginning to end, and he was also the person who loved Luo Qianyi the most. Huo Youze said that Luo Qianyi certainly does not love him now.

For Luo Qianyi who has lost his memory, both Qi Fan and Huo Youze have known each other not long ago. People, Qi Fan’s aggressive attitude will only make Luo Qianyi afraid. Qi Fan threatens Huo Youze. If he doesn’t let him see Luo Qianyi, he will shake everything Huo Youze does, but Huo Youze takes out Qi Fan to teach Luo Qianyi. In the intimate video of the violin, if Qi Fan really did this, outsiders would only think that Qi Fan was harassing Luo Qianyi. Qi Fan was defeated and had to leave.

Yuhang and Luo Qianyi met and asked her about what happened that day. Luo Qianyi refused to say more, saying that she was in a trance after coming back. She didn’t feel like she was living her own life. She didn’t really like the previous self. The two went to the arcade shop for a while. Yuhang was surprised by Luo Xianyi’s superb gaming skills and proficient Japanese. The two also met Li Weixin, the biggest donor behind Colorful Night. Li Weixin is also a fan of Luo Xianyi, and Li Weixin invited Li Weixin. Luo Qianyi attended the dinner tomorrow. Luo Qianyi agreed in a vague way.

Sun Lei was very angry when she went back. But since Luo Qianyi agreed, she can’t neglect Li Weixin. Luo Qianyi learned that the Colorful Project was to help children in poor mountainous areas, and she was from After coming out of the impoverished mountainous area, he also actively participated in this charity party. Huo Youze was unable to attend the dinner because of other things, so he asked Sun Lei to accompany Luo Qianyi.

Yuhang went to the Department of Neurology and asked Dr. Liu about amnesia. Dr. Liu said that if the cerebellum of the person with amnesia is not damaged, he should not forget to play the violin, otherwise he should not even be able to pick up his chopsticks, and Yuhang called again. At that time, Luo Qianyi was in the hospital where she was staying in Japan and found out that she had no brain damage other than memory loss.

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