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Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 Episode 10 Recap

Huo Youze once asked the people in the detective office to look for survivors after the snow disaster. The people in the detective office said that they did not find other survivors after the snow disaster, and suggested Huo Youze not to search anymore. If Huo Youze still wants to continue to investigate, then Starting from the investigation of the missing persons, it was just more difficult. Just like finding a needle in a haystack, Huo Youze hesitated and chose to let this matter stop there and not continue the investigation.

Luo Qianyi went to the flower shop to find Yuhang, Yuhang teased Luo Qianyi a few words, stretched out one of Luo Qianyi’s hair, and said that he was looking for money and the doctor asked for her physical examination data. He wanted to find out whether the previous Luo Qianyi and the current she were.

For the same person, Luo Qianyi felt that Yuhang was a little bit overwhelmed, but Yuhang asked Luo Qianyi to think about why she forgot to play the violin, but still remembered how to speak Japanese, and there were many doubts. Luo Qianyi returned to the car and asked Huo Youze why she speaks Japanese. Huo Youze took Luo Qianyi to a Japanese food store.

As soon as he entered the door, the waiter of the Japanese food store recognized Luo Qianyi and said that Luo Qianyi hadn’t been here for a long time, Huo Youze explained She once worked in this Japanese food store, and the waiter also confirmed that Luo Qianyi learned Japanese very quickly. After listening to the explanation, Luo Qianyi was relieved, and she and Huo Youze ate in the store. Luo Qianyi saw that there was a guitar in the store. , I took the guitar and started to sing. Luo Qianyi seemed to be good at playing and singing. After singing a song, Luo Qianyi’s mind flashed a lot of memories.

Huo Youxi ran into Qi Fan who was drunk on the street. Qi Fan was sad for Luo Qianyi and fell to the side of the road with alcohol. Huo Youxi opened a room to take in Qi Fan. Qi Fan woke up the next morning to see Huo Youxi. Only wrapped in a quilt was shocked, thinking that she had a relationship with Huo Youxi last night, but Huo Youxi opened the quilt to reveal her clothes, saying that she scared Qi Fan, and that Qi Fan would have breakfast with herself, otherwise Just tell Luo Qianyi what happened last night.

Luo Qianyi and Huo Youze talked about Huo Youxi. Huo Youze said that his relationship with Huo Youxi was not good, because Huo Youze asked his parents to attend his graduation ceremony. As a result, there was a car accident on the road. Huo Youze’s parents died. Huo Youxi was in grief and angered Huo Youze. People can’t live in harmony from now on. And this time because of Luo Qianyi, Huo Youxi was able to stay at home for so long.

Huo Youze went to the company for a meeting. Sun Lei suggested that Luo Qianyi attend the Colorful Night. This was the correct strategy, but Huo Youze said that he should think about it. Luo Qianyi was spotted by two thieves on the street. When Luo Qianyi was chasing the thief, she suddenly remembered the memory of her father. She quickly called Huo Youze and asked him who his father was. Huo Youze asked her to calm down and said he knew him. When she was, she said that she was an orphan, and Huo Youze told Luo Qianyi what he thought of. No matter what it was, he would accompany Luo Qianyi to investigate clearly.

Qi Fan reluctantly accompanied Huo Youxi to have breakfast. Huo Youxi saw that Qi Fan and Luo Qianyi had been together. Qi Fan did not deny it. Huo Youxi said that even if Qi Fan and Luo Qianyi had fallen in love, now Luo Qianyi and Huo Youze are engaged. Qi Fan is now entangled with her, but Qi Fan said that Luo Qianyi was deceived by Huo Youze, and Luo Qianyi didn’t love Huo Youze at all. When the two were arguing, Qi Fan received Luo Qianyi’s call and left Huo Youxi to find Luo Qianyi.

Luo Qianyi asked Qi Fan about her past and whether he knew about her father. Qi Fan said that Luo Qianyi had never mentioned it before, and invited Luo Qianyi back to her home, saying that her home was all evidence that Luo Qianyi loved him. As long as Luo Qianyi and herself go back and have a look, they must be able to think of everything. Luo Qianyi is a little afraid of Qi Fan and wants Yuhang to help herself, but Yuhang has a car accident on the road.

When Qi Fan was pestering Luo Qianyi, Huo Youze suddenly arrived and pulled Qi Fan away. He said that if Qi Fan entangled again, he would call the police. Qi Fan was not frightened. Huo Youze asked Luo Qianyi why he came to Qi Fan. Luo Qianyi lied. She only met Qi Fan by chance, and she talked to Qi Fan alone again, saying that she hoped that there would be no more accidents before the Seven Color Night, and secretly told Qi Fan that she would come to him again, and Qi Fan was quiet. Huo Youxi saw it. Yuhang arrived in a hurry after the farce was over, but Luo Qianyi had already left.

After returning home, Luo Qianyi admitted that she had asked for Qi Fan on her own initiative. She wanted to learn more about the past. She said that she met a tramp today. The tramp gave her a very familiar feeling. She seemed to know him before. The clips she recalled seemed to be in Japan. She suspected that Huo Youze had concealed something from herself, but Huo Youze said that she did not know Luo Qianyi’s past. She never said that if Luo Qianyi was convinced that it was in Japan, then they would go to Japan to verify, Luo Qianyi He hesitated, saying that he was not very sure. Luo Qianyi gradually calmed down. At this time, she received a dna test report from Yuhang, which showed that she was Luo Qianyi.

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